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									Characteristics of Included Studies

Study           Topic(s)              Objective(s)         Comparisons      Reference        Search      Included
                                                                            Standard         Years &     Study
                                                                                             Type(s)     Design(s)

Dickersin[26]   Neonatal              To compare           MEDLINE          Trial registry   1966-85     RCT,
1985            hyperbilirubinemia;   searches in          search 1 vs.                      Simple &    CCT
(USA)           intraventricular      MEDLINE to the       Trial registry                    Complex
                hemorrhage in         gold standard        vs. MEDLINE                       search
                newborns              Register of          search 2
                                      Controlled Trials
                                      in perinatal
Poynard[27]     Hepatology (liver     To compare           Handsearch       Handsearch       1966-82     RCT,
1985            diseases)             MEDLARS and          vs. MEDLARS                       Complex     CCT
(USA, France)                         hand searches                                          search
                                      for RCTs.
Bernstein[28]   Hepatology (liver     To re-evaluate       Handsearch       Handsearch       1966-82     RCT,
1988            diseases)             Poynard &            vs. MEDLARS                       Complex     CCT
(USA)                                 Conn’s study                                           search
                                      that compared
                                      MEDLARS and
                                      hand searches
                                      for RCTs.
Brand[29]       Hypertension          To calculate the     Handsearch       Handsearch       1979-96     RCT
1999                                  sensitivity of the   vs. MEDLINE                       Simple &
(USA)                                 publication type                                       Cochrane
                                      Randomized                                             search
                                      Controlled Trial
                                      and of the
                                      search strategy
                                      for identifying
                                      reports of RCTs
                                      in 4 major
Kirpalani[21]   Newborn care          Determine the        Handsearch       Handsearch       1985        RCT,
1989                                  sensitivity,         vs. MEDLINE                       Complex     CCT
(Canada)                              specificity and      search 2                          search
                                      positive             (Amateur
                                      predictive value     search) vs.
                                      of MEDLINE           MEDLINE
                                      searches for         search 1
                                      RCTs of              (Librarian
                                      newborn infant       search)
Hofmans[30]     Acupuncture           To investigate       Meta-analysis    Meta-analysis    1966-1989   RCT
1990                                  publication bias     vs. MEDLINE      references       Simple
(Netherlands)                         by analyzing         vs. Index                         search
                                      references from      Medicus vs.
                                      a meta-analysis.     Gold standard
Gøtzsche[31]    Rheumatoid            To test different    MEDLINE          MEDLINE,         1966-85     RCT,
1991            arthritis             MEDLINE              search 1         pharmaceutical   None &      CCT,
(Denmark)                             search               (comparative     companies,       simple      double-
                                      strategies for       study) vs.       references       search      blind trials
                                      RCTs.                MEDLINE
                                                           search 2
Study           Topic(s)             Objective(s)       Comparisons       Reference          Search        Included
                                                                          Standard           Years &       Study
                                                                                             Type(s)       Design(s)

Kleijnen[32]    Homeopathy;          To compare         Handsearch        MEDLINE,           1940-91       CCT
1992            ascorbic acid for    electronic and     vs. MEDLINE       EMBASE,            Complex
(Netherlands)   common cold;         handsearching.     vs. EMBASE        Current            search
                gingko biloba for    Are there                            Contents,
                claudication and     differences                          references,
                cerebral             between                              conference
                insufficiency        identified                           proceedings,
                                     articles and                         journals,
                                     other                                personal
                                     publications                         communication,
                                     from non-                            pharmaceutical
                                     indexed                              companies,
                                     sources.                             visiting special
                                                                          libraries, word
                                                                          of mouth
Jadada[33]      Anesthetic; pain     To produce         Handsearch        Handsearch +       1966-92       RCT,
1993                                 estimates of the   vs. MEDLINE       MEDLINE            Complex       CCT
(UK)                                 time involved in   vs.                                  search
                                     identifying RCTs   Supplement
                                     published in       issues
                                     MEDLINE &
                                     Handsearch. To
                                     determine the
                                     sensitivity and
                                     precision of
                                     searches for
                                     RCTs. To
                                     determine the
                                     causes of
                                     missed articles,
                                     combinations of
                                     MEDLINE and
                                     to achieve high
                                     sensitivity at
                                     minimal cost.
Jadadb[34]      Primary care         To refine [13]     Handsearch        Handsearch +       1966-91       RCT
1993                                 search strategy    vs. MEDLINE       MEDLINE            Complex
(UK)                                 to identify more                                        search
                                     reports on pain
Silagy[13]      Primary care         To determine       Handsearch        Handsearch +       1968-91       RCT
1993                                 the number,        vs. MEDLINE       MEDLINE            Complex
(UK)                                 nature, site of                                         search
                                     publication and
                                     feasibility of
Adams[35]       Mental health care   To identify        Handsearch        Key, standard,     1971, 1976,   RCT,
1994                                 sensitivity and    vs. MEDLINE       skilled and        1981, 1986,   CCT
(UK)                                 precision of       search 1          hand searches      1991
                                     MEDLINE and        (standard                            Simple &
                                     handsearch for     search) vs.                          Complex
                                     RCTs.              MEDLINE                              search
                                                        search 2 (key
                                                        search) vs.
                                                        search 3
                                                        skilled search)
Study           Topic(s)             Objective(s)          Comparisons     Reference      Search      Included
                                                                           Standard       Years &     Study
                                                                                          Type(s)     Design(s)

Aker[36]        Manual therapy to    To determine          Chirolars vs.   Chirolars +    1966        RCT
1994            the cervical spine   whether               CINAHL vs.      CINAHL +       onwards
(Canada)                             searching             EMBASE vs.      EMBASE +       Complex
                                     computerized          MEDLINE         MEDLINE        search
                                     databases in
                                     addition to
                                     MEDLINE would
                                     yield further
                                     literature. To
                                     compare the
                                     cost and
                                     efficiency of four
Dickersin[37]   Ophthalmology        To determine          Handsearch      Handsearch +   1988-89     RCT,
1994                                 the sensitivity       vs. MEDLINE     MEDLINE        Cochrane    CCT
(USA)                                and precision of      search 1                       search
                                     MEDLINE               (broad
                                     searches for          search) vs.
                                     randomized            MEDLINE
                                     clinical trials. To   search 2
                                     develop a             (sensitive
                                     register of trials.   search)
Solomon[38]     General surgery      To determine          Handsearch      Handsearch     1990        RCT
1994                                 RCTs in 1990;         vs. MEDLINE                    Simple
(Canada)                             the area,             search 1                       search
                                     country, centers      (publication
                                     involved, are         type + MeSH)
                                     surgeons              vs. MEDLINE
                                     principal             search 2
                                     authors,              (random &
                                     funding, journals     double-blind)
                                     published in,
                                     therapy being
                                     tested & assess
                                     study quality
Tsutani[14]     Japanese             To conduct a          JAPICDOC        JAPICDOC +     Years not   RCT
1994            randomized           comprehensive         vs.             JMEDICINE +    stated
(Japan)         controlled trials    analysis of the       JMEDICINE       JICST-E        Index
                                     content and           vs. JICST-E                    Search?
                                     accessibility of      vs. MEDLINE
                                     three Japanese
                                     databases and
Johnson[39]     No topic (study      To compare the        MEDLINE vs.     NEJM           1990-94     RCT,
1995            designs only)        numbers of            NEJM            database       Simple      other
(USA)                                items retrieved                                      search      trials
                                     from MEDLINE
                                     and full-text
                                     NEJM and
                                     examine the
                                     unique access
                                     points available
                                     in each.
Clarkea[40]     American Society     To compare a          Handsearch      Handsearch     Year not    RCT
1996            of Clinical          handsearch of         vs. CancerLIT                  stated
(UK)            Oncology             the 1,471             search 1 vs.                   Simple
                                     abstracts from        CancerLIT                      search
                                     the 1992 ASCO         search 2 vs.
                                     meeting with an       Handsearch +
                                     indexed               CancerLIT
                                     database to
                                     identify RCTs.
Study           Topic(s)           Objective(s)         Comparisons    Reference      Search     Included
                                                                       Standard       Years &    Study
                                                                                      Type(s)    Design(s)

Clarkeb[41]     Lancet             To identify the      MEDLINE        Handsearch +   1994       RCT
1996                               numbers of           search 1 vs.   MEDLINE        Cochrane
(UK)                               reports of RCTs      MEDLINE                       search
                                   correctly tagged     search 2 vs.
                                   by the National      MEDLINE
                                   Library of           search 3
                                   Medicine and
                                   the number of
                                   identified by
                                   search and
Jadad[42]       Pain; analgesic    To describe          Handsearch     Handsearch +   1950-90    RCT,
1996            interventions      development,         vs. MEDLINE    MEDLINE        Complex    CCT
(UK and                            methods used                                       search
Canada)                            to identify
                                   eligible RCTs &
                                   management of
                                   information in
                                   pain research
                                   from 1950-90;
                                   estimate time
                                   cost of each
                                   step in the
Hay[43]         Eating disorders   To identify          Handsearch     Handsearch     1981-93    RCT,
1996                               RCTs by              vs. EMBASE                    Complex    CCT
(UK)                               handsearch and       vs. PsycLIT                   search
                                   compare to
                                   MEDLINE &
Jefferson[44]   Vaccine trials     To identify trials   Handsearch     Handsearch     1983-94    RCT,
1996                               in a journal by      vs. MEDLINE                   Cochrane   CCT
(UK)                               handsearch. To                                     search
                                   set up a
                                   database of
Marson[45]      Epilepsy           To compare           Handsearch     Handsearch     1966-93    RCT,
1996                               MEDLINE              vs. MEDLINE                   Simple &   CCT
(UK)                               search                                             Complex
                                   strategies to a                                    search
                                   handsearch. To
                                   look at why
                                   articles missed
                                   in MEDLINE
McDonald[46]    BMJ; Lancet        To handsearch        Handsearch     Handsearch     1948-94    RCT,
1996                               the BMJ and          vs. MEDLINE                   Simple &   CCT
(UK)                               Lancet from                                        Cochrane
                                   1948-94 to                                         search
                                   identify RCTs
                                   and CCTs.
Neal[47]        New Zealand        To identify          Handsearch     Handsearch     1943-95    RCT,
1996            Medical Journal    RCTs; to             vs. MEDLINE                   Cochrane   CCT
(New Zealand)                      document                                           search
                                   of trials and
                                   count the
                                   number in
Study            Topic(s)                Objective(s)         Comparisons       Reference      Search       Included
                                                                                Standard       Years &      Study
                                                                                               Type(s)      Design(s)

Spoor[48]        Diabetic medicine       To find RCTs in      Handsearch        Handsearch +   1984-94      RCT,
1996                                     Diabetic             vs. MEDLINE       MEDLINE        Simple       CCT
(UK)                                     Medicine from                                         search
                                         1984-94 by
                                         handsearch &
Veldhuyzen       Functional              To evaluate          Handsearch        Handsearch +   Handsearch   RCT
van Zanten[17]   dyspepsia               drug therapy of      vs. MEDLINE       MEDLINE        1980-?
1996                                     functional           search 1                         1966-93
(Canada/                                 dyspepsia and        (dyspepsia &                     p. 661
Australia/                               provide              random
Sweden/USA/                              guidelines for       allocation) vs.
Belgium/                                 trials               MEDLINE
Netherlands)                                                  search 2
                                                              (dyspepsia &
Bara[49]         Airways                 To test the          Handsearch        Handsearch +   1970-95      RCT
1997                                     sensitivity of       vs. MEDLINE       MEDLINE        (select
(UK)                                     handsearching        vs. Gold                         years)
                                         full-text            standard                         Complex
                                         searching for                                         search
                                         the identification
                                         of RCTs.
Bender[50]       Obstetrical             To determine         Handsearch        Handsearch     1985-94      RCT,
1997             anaesthesia             RCTs published       vs. MEDLINE                      Simple &     CCT
(Canada)                                 and their quality.   search 1                         Complex
                                         Compare a            (MeSH) vs.                       search
                                         broad MEDLINE        MEDLINE
                                         search strategy      search 2
                                         to a                 (MeSH + text
                                         handsearch.          terms)
Cullum[51]       Nursing                 To find nursing      Handsearch        Handsearch +   1987-94      RCT,
1997                                     RCTs in nursing      vs. MEDLINE       MEDLINE        None &       CCT, SR
(UK)                                     by developing                                         Cochrane
                                         an electronic                                         search
                                         search strategy
                                         and hand
                                         searching. To
                                         make the RCTs
                                         through the
                                         programme and
                                         by publication in
                                         the Cochrane
                                         controlled trials
                                         register. To
                                         identify existing
Duggan[52]       Journal of              To identify and      Handsearch        Handsearch     1957-94      RCT,
1997             Intellectual            describe all         vs. PsycLIT                      None &       CCT
(UK)             Disability              RCTs. To             vs. MEDLINE                      Cochrane
                 Research                compare the          search 1                         search
                 (learning disability)   ease of              (author
                                         idenfication of      performed)
                                         the RCTs in          vs. MEDLINE
                                         MEDLINE and          search 2
                                         PsycLit.             (based upon
Study            Topic(s)              Objective(s)          Comparisons   Reference      Search        Included
                                                                           Standard       Years &       Study
                                                                                          Type(s)       Design(s)

McDonald[53]     General health        To compare the        Handsearch    Handsearch     1996          RCT,
1997             care                  reports of            vs. MEDLINE                  Simple &      CCT
(UK)                                   controlled trials                                  Cochrane
                                       identified by                                      search
                                       with those
                                       identified by the
                                       Cochrane highly
                                       sensitive search
Pasternack[54]   Medical journals in   To determine          Handsearch    Handsearch +   1954-96       RCT,
1997             Finland               the number of         vs. MEDLINE   MEDLINE        Cochrane      CCT, MA
(Finland)                              RCT, CCT and                                       search
                                       published in
                                       main medical
                                       journals in
                                       Finland. To
                                       assess the
                                       sensitivity and
                                       precision of
                                       handsearch and
Reynolds[55]     General medical       To compare the        Handsearch    Handsearch     1970, 1981,   RCT,
1997             journals              sensitivity and       vs. MEDLINE                  1992          CCT
(USA)                                  yield of              vs. Gold                     Cochrane
                                       electronic            standard                     search
                                       searching and
                                       for randomized
                                       controlled trials
                                       and non-
                                       clinical trials for
                                       11 US general
                                       medical journals
                                       for 1970, 1981,
                                       and 1992.
Smith[56]        Community health      To determine if       Handsearch    Handsearch     1992          RCT,
1997             interventions         RCT                   vs. MEDLINE                  Simple        NRIS
(Canada)                               methodology                                        search
                                       appropriately; to
                                       compare hand
                                       with MEDLINE
                                       search for
Ahmed[57]        Archives of           To handsearch         Handsearch    Handsearch     1959-95       RCT
1998             General               1959-95 of the        vs. MEDLINE                  None
(US)             Psychiatry            Archives of
                                       Psychiatry and
                                       note information
                                       about each RCT
Study         Topic(s)            Objective(s)         Comparisons     Reference      Search        Included
                                                                       Standard       Years &       Study
                                                                                      Type(s)       Design(s)

Gluud[58]     Hepatology          To handsearch        Handsearch      Handsearch +   1985-97       RCT,
1998                              the Journal of       vs. MEDLINE     MEDLINE        Cochrane      CCT
(Denmark)                         Hepatology,                                         search
                                  identify all fully
                                  reported RCTs
                                  and make a
                                  assessment of
                                  their reporting.
Nwosu[59]     Obstetrics &        To develop and       Handsearch      Handsearch +   1975, 1980,   RCT,
1998          gynecology          test a MEDLINE       vs. MEDLINE     MEDLINE        1985, 1990,   CCT
(UK)                              search strategy                                     1995
                                  to identify RCTs                                    Simple
Thomas[15]    Stroke              To determine         MEDLINE vs.     Not stated     Years not     Trials
1998                              the number of        EMBASE vs.                     stated
(UK)                              stroke trials        Biosis vs.                     Complex
                                  identified in 5      DERWENT                        search
                                  different            Drug File vs.
                                  databases, the       SciSEARCH
                                  degree of
                                  duplication and
                                  the number of
                                  unique trials
                                  found in the
Brazier[60]   Pre-hospital care   To identify          MEDLINE vs.     MEDLINE +      1987-97?      RCT,
1999                              RCTs; to             EMBASE          EMBASE         Cochrane      CCT
(UK)                              identify the                                        search
                                  considered in
                                  these RCTs; to
                                  compare the
                                  sensitivity and
                                  precision of the
                                  MEDLINE and
Croft[61]     Journal of the      To handsearch        Handsearch      Handsearch     1990-98       RCT,
1999          Royal Army          the Journal of       vs. MEDLINE                    Cochrane      CCT
(UK)          Medical Corps       the Royal Army                                      search
                                  Medical Corps
                                  for RCT/CCTs
                                  from 1948-1998.
Langham[62]   Emergency           To identify          Handsearch      Handsearch     1948-95       RCT,
1999          medicine            RCTs. To             vs. MEDLINE                    Cochrane      CCT
(UK)                              compare              vs.                            search
                                  motives for          Handsearch
                                  participation in     only
                                  by emergency
                                  professionals; to
                                  with MEDLINE
Study          Topic(s)            Objective(s)       Comparisons    Reference      Search     Included
                                                                     Standard       Years &    Study
                                                                                    Type(s)    Design(s)

MartÍ[63]      General and         To locate all      Handsearch     Handsearch     1971-95    CCT
1999           internal medicine   controlled         vs. MEDLINE                   Cochrane
(Spain)                            clinical trials                                  search
                                   published in
                                   journals of
                                   between 1971
                                   and 1995, to
                                   them, and to
                                   them into the
                                   database of
                                   clinical trials
                                   maintained by
                                   the Cochrane
Schlomer[64]   Nursing             To ascertain       Handsearch     Handsearch     1988-97    RCT,
1999                               whether there      vs. MEDLINE                   Complex    CCT, SR
(Germany)                          are German         vs. CINAHL                    search
                                   RCTs and
                                   reviews in
                                   comparison of
                                   German and
Watsona[65]    Group               To investigate     Handsearch     Handsearch +   1993-94    RCT
1999           psychotherapy       the adequacy of    vs. MEDLINE    MEDLINE +      Complex
(UK)                               MEDLINE and        vs. PsycINFO   PsycINFO       search
                                   PsycINFO in
                                   outcome studies
                                   of group-based
Watsonb[66]    Cognitive therapy   To compare         EMBASE vs.     EMBASE,        1992-96    RCT
1999           for depression      EMBASE,            MEDLINE vs.    MEDLINE +      Complex
(UK)                               MEDLINE and        PsycINFO       PsycINFO       search
                                   PsycINFO in
                                   retrieving RCTs.
                                   To compare
                                   different search
Study           Topic(s)               Objective(s)         Comparisons      Reference    Search      Included
                                                                             Standard     Years &     Study
                                                                                          Type(s)     Design(s)

Bassler[67]     Pediatrics             How many             Handsearch       Handsearch   1970-98     RCT,
2000                                   CCTs are             vs. MEDLINE                   Simple      CCT
(Germany)                              published in 3                                     search
                                       journals in the
                                       past 30 years?
                                       What are the
                                       of these trials
                                       concerning their
                                       quality and their
                                       in MEDLINE?
Adetugbo[68]    Dermatology            To assess            Handsearch       Handsearch   1976-97     RCT,
2000                                   methodological       vs. MEDLINE                   None        CCT
(UK)                                   quality of the
                                       design and
                                       reporting of
Bereczki[69]    Neurology;             To determine if      Handsearch       Handsearch   1950-98     RCT,
2000            neurosurgery ;         a journal not        vs. MEDLINE                   Simple      CCT
(Hungary)       psychiatry; clinical   indexed in           search (family                search
                neurosciences          MEDLINE has          name & first
                                       RCTs or CCTs         initial) vs.
                                       not also             MEDLINE
                                       reported in other    search (family
                                       MEDLINE              name &
                                       publications.        disease
Dumbrigue[70]   Prosthodontics         Evaluate             Handsearch       Handsearch   1988-97     RCT
2000                                   sensitivity,         vs. MEDLINE                   Complex
(USA)                                  specificity and                                    search
                                       precision of
                                       strategies for
Fergusson[20]   Allogeneic blood       Explore type of      MEDLINE vs.      MEDLINE,     1966-96     RCT
2000            transfusion in         literature search    EMBASE           EMBASE,      Simple,
(Canada /       elective surgery       strategy,                             authors +    Complex &
France)                                inclusion or                          references   Cochrane
                                       exclusion of                                       search
                                       abstracts, letters
                                       or conference
                                       the inclusion or
                                       exclusion of
                                       publications; the
                                       effect of trial
                                       quality upon the
                                       results of meta-
                                       analyses and
                                       the inclusion or
                                       exclusion of
Study           Topic(s)              Objective(s)         Comparisons     Reference      Search       Included
                                                                           Standard       Years &      Study
                                                                                          Type(s)      Design(s)

Galandi[71]     General health        To determine         Handsearch      Handsearch     1948-98      RCT
2000            care                  the value of         vs. MEDLINE                    None &
(Germany)                             MEDLINE and          search 1 vs                    Simple
                                      EMBASE for the       MEDLINE                        search
                                      identification of    search 2 vs.
                                      clinical trials      EMBASE
                                      published in         search 1 vs.
                                      German general       EMBASE
                                      health care          search 2
Kennedy[19]     AIDS                  To compare           Handsearch      Handsearch     1987-99      RCT
2000                                  RCTs identified      vs. MEDLINE                    Index
(USA)                                 by MEDLINE           search 1 vs.                   search
                                      with those           MEDLINE
                                      identified           search 2
                                      through a
                                      handsearch of
                                      articles in the
                                      journal AIDS.
Olesen[72]      Scandanavian          To identify all      Handsearch      Handsearch     1955-97      RCT,
2000            Journal of            reports of RCTs      vs. MEDLINE                    None         CCT
(Denmark)       Rheumatology          in a journal and
                                      compare with a
Suarez[3]       Rheumatoid            To compare the       Handsearch      MEDLINE +      1988, 1994   CCT
2000            arthritis, low back   retrieval            vs. MEDLINE     EMBASE         Cochrane
(USA,           pain and              performance of       vs. EMBASE                     search
Canada)         osteoporosis          MEDLINE and
                                      EMBASE for
Avenell[73]     Nutrition             To evaluate the      Handsearch +    Handsearch +   1966-2000    RCT,
2001                                  search plan for      MEDLINE +       MEDLINE +      Complex      CCT
(UK)                                  identifying RCTs     EMBASE +        EMBASE +       search
                                      in nutrition as      CINAHL +        Cinahl +
                                      part of a            CABNAR +        CABNAR +
                                      systematic           BIOSIS +        BIOSIS +
                                      review of            HealthStar      HealthStar
                                      trials in patients
                                      after hip
Eysenbach[74]   Preterm premature     Are searches on      Internet vs.    Included       1998-2000    RCT,
2001            rupture of            the world wide       Systematic      studies of 3   (internet    CCT
(Germany)       membranes;            web useful to        reviews         systematic     search on
                severe mental         identify                             reviews        AltaVista)
                disorders; asthma;    additional                                          Simple
                obstructive sleep     unpublished and                                     search
                apnoea;               ongoing clinical
                retinopathy of        trials. To
                prematurity;          develop and
                respiratory           evaluate a
                distress syndrome     search strategy
                                      for finding trials
                                      on the internet
Helmer[18]      Acupuncture for       To test              Handsearch      Major          No years     RCT
2001            addiction, lipid-     effectiveness of     vs. Major       databases +    listed
(Canada)        lowering drug         systematic           databases vs.   extended       None
                therapy for           search               Extended        search
                coronary heart        strategies to        methods
                disease               identify RCTs.
Study           Topic(s)             Objective(s)        Comparisons        Reference       Search      Included
                                                                            Standard        Years &     Study
                                                                                            Type(s)     Design(s)

Furukawa[75]    Depression;          To examine the      Handsearch         Japanese        1981-2000   RCT
2002            neuroleptics         Cochrane            vs. Trial          registry +      Simple
(Japan, UK)                          Depression,         registry 1 vs.     CCDAN           search
                                     Anxiety and         Trial registry 2
                                     Neurosis Group      vs. Trial
                                     and Cochrane        registry 3
                                     Group’s trial
                                     against a
                                     register of
                                     Japanese trials.
Hopewell[76]    Specialized health   To compare          Handsearch         Handsearch      1970-1999   RCT,
2002            care journals        MEDLINE &           vs. MEDLINE                        Simple      CCT
(UK)                                 hand searches                                          search
                                     to identify
                                     RCTs. To
                                     trials to
                                     CENTRAL and
                                     MEDLINE for
Isaakidis[77]   Disease burden       To evaluate         MEDLINE vs.        MEDLINE +       1966-2000   RCT
2002                                 whether the         CENTRAL vs.        Central +       Simple &
(Greece)                             amount of           African            African Trial   Cochrane
                                     randomised          Published          Registry        search
                                     clinical research   Trials
                                     on various          Register of
                                     medical             the South
                                     conditions is       African
                                     related to the      Cochrane
                                     burden of           Center
                                     disease and
                                     health needs of
                                     the local
                                     populations in
Langham[78]     Critical care        To compare          Handsearch         Handsearch +    1948-95     RCT,
2002                                 handsearching       vs. MEDLINE        MEDLINE         Cochrane    CCT,
(UK)                                 with MEDLINE                                           search      possible
                                     searching                                                          RCT
                                     (employing a
                                     search strategy)
                                     in 15 critical
                                     care journals
                                     and to assess
                                     the quality of
                                     reporting of
Study        Topic(s)         Objective(s)         Comparisons      Reference         Search      Included
                                                                    Standard          Years &     Study
                                                                                      Type(s)     Design(s)

Royle[79]    New reviews in   To determine         CENTRAL vs.      whatever the      Years not   RCT,
2003         CDSR             the sources          MEDLINE vs.      systematic        listed      CCT
(UK)                          currently used in    EMBASE vs.       reviews           Simple
                              Cochrane             Science          searched          search
                              reviews to           Citation
                              search for trials.   Index/Social
                              Measure the          Sciences
                              proportion of        Citation Index
                              trials indexed in
                              4 databases.
                              Analyze RCTs
                              not indexed in
                              MEDLINE or
                              Compare the
                              quality of trials
                              found in CCTR,
                              MEDLINE or
                              EMBASE with
                              those from other
Sampson[1]   Meta-analysis    Does EMBASE          EMBASE vs.       MEDLINE +         1966-2000   RCT
2003                          provide material     MEDLINE          EMBASE +          Simple
(Canada)                      not in MEDLINE                        grey literature   search
                              for meta-

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