Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Civil and Environmental Management) by zwd14115


									                                                     Bachelor of Civil Engineering
                                                     (Civil and Environmental Management)
                                                     The Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Civil and      Students who successfully complete this
                                                     Environmental Management) aims to                 program have the opportunity to gain credit
                                                     prepare students for a professional career in     for four courses if they successfully apply to
                                                     Civil Engineering and Environmental               enter the Master of Environmental
                                                     Management with emphasis on project-              Management and Sustainability (LMES),
                                                     based and industry focussed learning for          which they can then complete after
                                                     sustainable development of environment-           graduation from the Bachelor’s degree with
                                                     related infrastructure. All civil engineering     an additional year of full-time study.
                                                     developments must take into account the
                                                     environmental impacts associated with them.       Accelerated three year engineering
                                                     In addition to core civil engineering
                                                     knowledge, graduates from this program will       It is possible to complete this program in less
                                                     have the skills and knowledge to work in          than four years by undertaking courses
                                                     areas such as assessment and remediation          offered during study periods 1, 4 and 7. This
                                                     of contaminated sites, undertaking                accelerated option will be offered by the
                                                     environmental impact assessments and the          program director to students who achieve
                                                     development and implementation of                 outstanding grades in the first year
                                                     environmental management systems for
                                                     major projects.                                   Who will employ me?

                                                     What will I study?                                This degree prepares graduates for careers
                                                                                                       as professional civil engineers in design
                                                     The first two years of the program provide a      consultancies, government agencies, the
                                                     broad base in engineering and science             construction industry or related areas.
                                                     courses needed for civil engineering carers       Graduates are recognised by employers as
                                                     as well as providing hands on experience in       being industry-ready and have consistently
                                                     areas such as concrete technology and             achieved excellent employment outcomes
                                                     surveying, and an introduction to the main        and high commencing salaries, particularly
                                                     specialisations available in civil engineering.   in the areas of construction, project
                                                                                                       management and design consultancy.
                                                     In third year students focus in detail on the
                                                     disciplines of structural, water and              Graduates from the Civil and Environmental
                                                     wastewater, geotechnical and environmental        Management degree will be particularly
                                                     engineering – and their interaction with the      suited to positions in consulting firms with
                                                     environment. Fourth year provides students        environmental specialisations such as
                                                     with the opportunity to specialise in the area    Golder & Associates, PB Consultants,
                                                     of Environmental Management in a civil            Maunsell (and many others) as well as
                                                     engineering context.                              companies such as SA Water, DTEI and
                                                                                                       local government.

University of South Australia CRICOS Provider Number 00121B
                                               Graduates from the civil engineering             valued at $5,000 each per year will be
                                               programs have had a 100 per cent                 awarded to School Leavers with a TER of
                                               employment rate for several years. Previous      90 or above (exclusive of bonus points) who
                                               graduates have found employment with             meet specified equity criteria and are
                                               companies such as, Bardavcol, Built              enrolled full-time in the Bachelor of
                                               Environs, Greenhill Engineers, Connell           Engineering program. The scholarships are
                                               Wagner (now Aurecon), Leed Engineering,          available to School Leavers who have not
                                               and SA Water.                                    previously commenced higher education
                                                                                                and who meet low socio-economic status
                   Your career. Your vision.   Professional Recognition                         criterion. Students must apply for the

SATAC code                  434861             The successful completion of the Bachelor        Scholarships and be able to substantiate
UniSA program code          LBMI               of Engineering (Civil and Environmental          claims of financial hardship. Recipients
CRICOS Code                 067385B            Management) program is designed to meet          must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent
                                               the requirements for graduate membership         Resident.
Program Length: 4 years
                                               of Engineers Australia and comparable
                                               international institutions through the           Why study Engineering at UniSA?
Prerequisites: SACE Stage 2 Mathematical       Washington Accord.
Studies                                                                                         Professional engineering practice
Assumed Knowledge: SACE Stage 2                Honours
Physics                                                                                                Industry based projects
Home Campus: Mawson Lakes                      Students achieving a credit level average at            Strong links with industry
Accepts Special Entry(STAT): Yes
                                               the end of third year will be allowed to enrol          Experienced teaching staff
External Study Available: No
                                               in honours in fourth year. Successful                   Three year accelerated
Part Time Study Available: Yes
TAFE Credit Available: Yes                     completion of the program and the honours                engineering program
Honours Study Available: Yes                   project course may lead to the award of the             Common first year structure
Program Fees: Commonwealth Supported           degree with honours.                                    First year engineering students
Program Fees (International Students Only):                                                             have access to the Experience 1
A$21,800                                       What does it take?                                       Studio technology rich learning
Scholarships Available:                                                                                 hub                  Modern civil engineers understand and                   A wide range of engineering
Year 12 Subject Bonus Points: Bonus points     attempt to minimise the possible effects of              programs
granted for Mathematics (Methods, Studies      development on the natural environment.                 Studying engineering at UniSA is
or Specialist)and selected Science subjects.   They regularly consult with community                    recognised by International
For more information refer to                  representatives on community concerns and                Engineering Alliance, through by     work in multidisciplinary team environments.             the Washington Accord. Further
                                               They therefore require the ability to                    information can be found at:
                                               communicate effectively and to manage          
School of Natural and Built Environments       people and resources.
                                                                                                Further information about studying
                                               Students undertaking this degree should          Engineering at UniSA can be found at:
Further Information                            have an inquiring mind with good verbal and
                                               written communication skills. Students
Sue Jenkin                                     should have an interest in science as well
Program Support Officer                        as social, administrative and management
                                               issues, should enjoy working outdoors, and
T +61 8302 3110                                be prepared to travel.
F +61 8302 5082
suzanne,                    Division of Information Technology,
                                               Engineering and the Environment
                                               Scholarship Scheme
CRICOS provider number 00121B
                                               High Achiever Scholarships: High
The University of South Australia reserves     Achiever Scholarships valued at $5,000
the right to alter, amend or delete any
                                               each will be available to School Leavers
program, fee, course, admission
                                               with a TER of at least 97 or above
requirement, mode of delivery or other
arrangement without prior notice.              (exclusive of bonus points) enrolled full-time
                                               in the first year.
Information correct as at Aug 2009
                                               High Achiever School Leaver Equity
                                               Scholarships: A small number of High
                                               Achiever School Leaver Equity Scholarships

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