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					                           VISA APPLICATION AGREEMENT

First Name                                     Father’s Name

Family Name                                    Mother’s Name

Gender                                         Spouse’s Name

Nationality                                    Marital Status

Passport No                                    Educational Qualification
Date of Issue                                  Occupation

Place of Issue                                 Languages Spoken

Expiry Date                                    Date of Last Entry in UAE
                                               Date of Last Departure
Place of Birth
                                               from UAE
                                               Port of Last Departure
Date of Birth
                                               from UAE
Arrival Date                                   Departure Date

Arrival Flight                                 Departure Flight
                                               Applicant’s Contact Fax No
Contact Tel No
Applicant’s Residence Address

    Kindly complete all details in BLOCK letters. Any errors in the details or changes to the details after
     the Visa application has been submitted, will render the Visa invalid.
    Your Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry.
    A guaranteed reservation must be made with the hotel in order to process the visa.
    The applicant must stay at the hotel during the entire duration of his/her visit to the UAE. The hotel
     reserves the right to cancel the visa in case the applicant stays elsewhere for whole or part of his/her
     visit to the UAE.
    Visa charges will be incurred at the time of submission. Charges will be applicable even if the visa is
     cancelled or rejected. The hotel does not guarantee the issuance of any visa as this is at the sole
     discretion of the UAE immigrations authority.
    Passport copies must be attached along with a copy of a recent colored photo.
    In case of the reservation being cancelled after visa submission or in case of rejection of the visa
     application, please provide the Credit Card below to be charged.

         o    Card Type:_____ Card Number: ______________________ Exp: ______

         o    Signature of Card Holder:____________________________

    Please note that the visa application will only be submitted after the Credit Card details above have
     been received. The current visa charges are AED 380 per visa. The hotel reserves the right to amend
     this amount without prior notice.
    If you are arriving at an airport in the UAE, other than Dubai International Airport, there will be an
     additional charge of AED 510 for printing, transportation and deposit of original visa.
    Kindly allow a minimum of 7 working days to process the visa.

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