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									                             - Technical & Management Assistance Programme for HKSTP Incubatees
             Access to the Physical and Technological Resources of
                          the City University of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is pleased to
announce that HKSTP incubatees can gain access to the physical and technological
resources of the City University (CityU) by getting the membership of the CityU
Business & Industrial Club (CUBIC).

CUBIC was established in 1993 to establish close links and working relationship
between CityU and the local business and industrial communities. Through this club,
the University could help member companies improve and upgrade their technology
and management expertise, and thus increase their competitiveness in today’s
demanding business environment.

Being the members of CUBIC make HKSTP incubatees eligible to apply for CityU
Library Borrower’s Ticket, Sports Complex User Card and Associate Membership of
CityU Visa Card Programme.

The membership of CUBIC is free while it only takes HK$1,000/year per library card
and HK$1,050/year per sports card. The privileges of being a member of CUBIC and
a holder of CityU library borrower’s ticket, CityU sports card and CityU visa card are
summarized as below:

   Membership fee is waived.
   Eligible to apply for the CityU library card, CityU sports card and CityU visa card at
    a discount/free of charge.
   Get discounts/fee waiver on general courses, seminars, lectures, forums,
    workshops and luncheons organized by CityU.

CityU Library Card
   A discounted annual fee of HK$1,000 per card will be charged. HKSTP sponsors a
    maximum of 75% of the cost up to the limit of fund balance available in individual
    account. Originals of payment proofs are required for HKSTP’s processing of
   Access to the Run Run Shaw Library where houses rich resources including
    books, bound periodicals, videos, serials titles and electronic database.
   Borrow a maximum of 10 items for a period of 30 days.

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CityU Sports Card
   A discounted annual fee of HK$1,050 per card will be charged.
   Access to the various sports and recreational facilities in CityU Sports
    Complex and the Joint Sports Centre in Kowloon Tong.

CityU Visa Card
   Perpetual annual fee waiver
   Access to the City Chinese Restaurant and City Top and enjoy 10% service
    charge waiver during non-peak hours.
   Parking fee discounts.
   More detailed information can be obtained from

You may refer to the homepage of CUBIC (http://www.cityu.edu.hk/tto/cubic)
for more information. The application/nomination form for CityU Sport Complex
User Card and CityU Visa Card (for associated members) can be downloaded
from the section “Member Privileges”. The application form of Library
Borrowers’ Ticket will be sent by mail upon request. Interested incubates can
indicate the request on the attached CUBIC membership application form,
obtainable from the homepage of CUBIC, to speed up the application process.

Completed CUBIC membership application forms, together with the application
form for CityU Sport Complex User Card or Nomination form for CityU Visa
Card, if appropriate, should be submitted to Knowledge Transfer Office, CityU,
Kowloon Tong for processing.

Upon receipt of the application, the Knowledge Transfer Office will contact the
applicants directly if necessary. Please note that the approval of the CityU
visa card is solely the decision of the Hang Seng Bank which will contact
applicants directly after receiving the formal credit card application form.

Enquiries can be directed to:

Ms Fanny Ho
Secretary, CUBIC
Executive Officer, Knowledge Transfer Office
City University of Hong Kong
Tel: 3442 6859
Email: fanny.ho@cityu.edu.hk
Homepage: http://www.cityu.edu.hk/kto/cubic

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                                 HKSTP Technical and Management Assistance Programme for HKSTP Incubatees

        CityU Business and Industrial Club
                                                                                                                           Free by
        Membership Application Form                                                                                       Invitation

                                                                                                              * delete as appropriate
  Name of Applicant (*Dr / Mr / Ms / Miss)



              Company Name

                      Business Address

                            Business Nature

                              Telephone     (Office)                                       (Mobile)


                                            Please tick the appropriate box(es) below if you want to obtain the relevant
                                                  application information for:
                                                     □ 1) CityU Library Borrower’s Ticket ($1,000/year)
  □                                                   □ 2) CityU Sports Complex User Card ($1,050/year)
                                                       □ 3) CityU Visa Card (free)
Ms Fanny Ho
Secretary, CUBIC
                                                               I                                       (name of applicant) hereby
Executive Officer, Knowledge Transfer Office
                                                                     apply for membership of the CityU Business & Industrial
Tel: 3442 6859
                                                                      Club (CUBIC). I confirm that the Information furnished
Email: fanny.ho@cityu.edu.hk
                                                                          above is complete and accurate and it can be used
Homepage: http://www.cityu.edu.hk/kto/cubic
                                                                           by CUBIC for membership related purposes.

                                                                                       Please return this form by post to Knowledge

                                                                   Signature:              Transfer Office, City University of Hong Kong,

                                                                                              Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon or by fax to

                                                                         Date:                   (852) 2265 8028.                       (3.2009)

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