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Intro to IIBA
Purpose of an IIBA Chapter
Discuss Next Steps
  ◘ Confirm level of interest
  ◘ Define a Petition Process
  ◘ Discuss election process and assign temporary
  ◘ Meeting logistics - place, how often, time
  ◘ Gather Volunteer and Membership Information
         The IIBA Vision

“To be the leading world-wide professional
  association that develops & maintains
  standards for the practice of business
     analysis & for the certification of
           Who We Are

The IIBA is an international non-profit
professional association for business
       analysis professionals.
             A Brief History
Inaugural meeting held October 2003
March 2, 2004, First AGM
April 7, 2005, Second AGM
  ◘ Release first version of the Business Analysis
    Body of Knowledge
  ◘ Elect Secretary, VP Marketing & Communications
  ◘ Review and approve amendments to the
    Constitution and Bylaws
            2004 – Statistics
  ◘ Worldwide - 650
  ◘ Our newest addition to the family - Ottawa
    - 46
  ◘ Canada, Chile, India, Iran, Netherlands,
    Saudi Arabia, UK, US
Growth – 30% since December 2004
                         The IIBA Organization
                                                                  Kathleen Barret

     Maureen McVey               Stephanie Hay
       Secretary                   Treasurer

 Mary Simpkins                                                                          Rainy Thiele
                         Gillian McCleary          Louis Molnar                                                  Brenda Kerton
VP Marketing &                                                                          VP Training &
                        VP Special Events          Membership                                                  Body of Knowledge
Communications                                                                          Accreditation

                                                                                                     Cleve Pillifant
Angie Perris                                                                                        Role Delineation
                        Tina Joseph               Glenn Brule              Indy Mitra
                        US Chapters              CDN Chapters              Governace
                     Boston             Ottawa               Winnipeg
                 Alicia Cannon         Tony Rice            Janice Malo                                    Carol
                                                                                                   Qualified Education
           Our Commitment
The IIBA will:
  Define the business analysis profession by
   providing certification & accreditation to
   its members,
  Unifying its practitioners,
  Creating a voice for the profession as a
         IIBA Operational Vision
 Create and develop awareness and recognition of
  the value and contribution of the role of the Business
 Define the Body of Knowledge
 Provide a forum for knowledge sharing and
  contribution to the Body of Knowledge
 Identify the required skills and competencies of a
  qualified Business Analyst
       IIBA Operational Vision
Define training and professional
 development standards

Publicly recognize and certify qualified
 Business Analysts

Build the image and identity of the IIBA as
 the recognized professional association for
 Business Analysts
      The IIBA Value Proposition
 Participate in shaping the profession of Business
  Analysis that is recognized globally and certified
  based on ISO standards
    Career development and enhancement based on global
 Share and leverage Best Practices identified from
  organizations from across the world
 Meet and interact with peers representing both
  public and private sector organizations
 IIBA Members receive the following benefits:
   ◘ Networking opportunities with fellow Business Analysis
   ◘ Opportunity to influence and contribute to the profession and
     service of Business Analysis,
   ◘ Access to forums for sharing your expertise, expressing your
     professional opinion, and building a reputation within the industry
   ◘ Personal Use of Membership Logo and Trademark as a "Member
     of the International Institute of Business Analysis™" .
Chapters advance the mission and objectives of the
  IIBA by promoting professional standards and
  practices at the local level.

Ongoing professional development is a key benefit to
  membership and is supported at the chapter level
  through activities, meetings, and educational
 Volunteers are what keep the IIBA going!
 And as a volunteer you will not only make great
  professional contacts, you will also expand your
  knowledge and develop your leadership skills.
 Positions are available to members and non-
  members on all the committees. Serving on one of
  these committees will provide you with an
  opportunity to actively participate in IIBA and
  contribute to the profession of Business Analysis.
       Define Petition Process
Step 1 - Gauge Interest
Step 2 - Select Location and Date for Kick-Off
Step 3 - Hold Kick-Off Meeting
Step 4 - Complete Chapter Petition
Step 5 - Receive Confirmation of Chapter
 from IIBA
      Complete Chapter Petition
15 Members Minimum
Define Chapters Geographical Boundaries
Submit By-Laws to Corporate Office
IIBA Board of Directors Review Petition
Upon Approval, Charter and $500 Sent to
 New Chapter
            Meeting Logistics
 How Often
 Place
 Time
 Topics
  ◘ Software Vendors
  ◘ Methodology Experts
  ◘ Training Options
       Membership and Volunteers
 How To Join:
   ◘   Individual Membership Application
         ◙   Do not complete credit card information

   ◘   Register Online
         ◙   1. Complete the on-line registration form.
             2. You will automatically receive an email that your registration is being processed.
             3. You will be contacted within 48 hours (or may call directly at 1-800-209-3616) to process your credit card
             payment (IIBA does not accept on-line credit card payments at this time).

   ◘   Mail in Registration Form
         ◙   1. Download the registration form.
             2. Print and complete the form.
             3. Mail to the address on the form.
             4. Either include a cheque payable to The International Institute of Business Analysis, or you will be contacted (or
             may call directly at 1-800-209-3616) to process your credit card payment (IIBA does not accept on-line credit card
             payments at this time).
               IIBA Committees
 Executive Committee – Chapter Oversight

 Communications & Marketing – Increase Awareness

   Special Events
   Governance – Create By-Laws
   Member Services – Increase Membership
   Education & Accreditation
   Body of Knowledge
 Corporate Sponsorship
                      IIBA Chapter Committees
Certification & Accreditation - Cathy Brunsting (
Promoting Business Analysis professionalism through the organization and delivery of educational publications,
seminars, and workshops.

Member Services - Lori Calhoun (
Development and maintenance of Chapter membership plan that assures industry diversity and continued growth.

Programs - John Durman (
Development and delivery of programs relating to business analysis for each scheduled Chapter meeting.

Treasury - Brian Hardy (
Solicitation of input from Board members for the development of financial goals and objectives for the Chapter.

Website & Technology - Yatin Karnik (
Creation and implementation of strategically utilizing the internet to grow membership and provide useful
electronic content.

Governance - Jayson Thaut (
Responsible for the development of a formal governance structure for the Chapter, as well as, providing guidance
on the on-going strategic planning.

Communications/Secretary – Sheila Turnbull (
Responsible for managing email lists and creating newsletter, fact sheet and any communication to members and
potential members.
If you are interested in volunteering, contact any Executive Committee Member.
        THANK YOU!

Your Future is our “Requirement”