STROMNESS WAR MEMORIAL

Details of the World War dead listed on the Stromness War Memorial, with corrections, unit numbers or
ships, date of death and (when known) age then added :

European War 1914 – 1919
C.S.M. DAVID FLETT               1/10th King’s (Liverpool Scottish), 16th June 1915, age 27.
L/Cpl. HENRY LINKLATER           18th Battalion, A.I.F., 18th August 1915, age 25.
2/Lieut. D. STEWART SPENCE       “A” Battery, 66th Brigade, R.F.A., 13th December 1915, age 23.
2nd Engnr. JOHN S. CLOUSTON      M.M., S.S. “Princess Melita”, 27th April 1916, age 33.
Pte. WILLIAM FINNIE              15th (Central Ontario) Battalion, C.E.F., 29th April 1916, age 19.
Pte. JAMES W. HARVEY             2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers, 12th October 1916, age 31.
Seaman CHARLES KIRKPATRICK       R.N.R., H.M. Trawler “Orsino”, 28 th September 1916, age 20.
Pte. JAMES W. LINKLATER          16th H.L.I., 1st July 1916, age 23.
Sgt. JOHN McINTYRE                             R.F.A.,
A.B. ISAAC MANSON                M.M., S.S. “Arbonne”, 23rd February 1916, age 29.
Pte. JAMES MOWAT                 2nd Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F., 2nd October 1916, age 26.
Pte. WILLIAM S. PORTEOUS         4th Infantry Regiment, S.A.E.F., 12th October 1916, age 37.
Pte. CHARLES ROBB                7th (British Columbia) Battalion, C.E.F., 3rd June 1916, age 23.
Fmn. FRANK S. SHEARER            M.M.R., H.M. Water Tank “Progress”, 21st December 1916, age 28.
Pte. JOHN SIMPSON                1st Royal Scots Fusiliers, 24th July 1916, age 26.
Pte. WILLIAM G. SINCLAIR         R.M.L.I., 2nd Royal Marine Battalion, 13 th November 1916, age 28.
Sergt. DAVID STEVEN              2nd Argylls, 29th October 1916, age 23.
Seaman WILLIAM R.S. STOUT        R.N.R., H.M. Trawler “H.E. Stroud”, 27 th October 1916, age 42.
Pte. SAMUEL WYLIE                7th Seaforths, 12th October 1916, age 25.
Major CHARLES P. ATKIN, M.C.     “B” Battery, 70th Brigade, R.F.A., 23rd November 1917, age 24.
Pte. ROBERT FIDDLER              16th Battalion, A.I.F., 20th May 1917, age 36.
Pte. DAVID C.S. HARVEY           1/4th Seaforths, between 20th–23rd November 1917, age 19.
Pte. CHARLES F. HUTCHISON        648th M.T. Company, R.A.S.C., 29th August 1917, age 25.
Pte. DAVID MATHESON              28th Battalion, A.I.F., 20th September 1917, age 28.
Steward GEORGE ROBB              M.M., S.S. “Don Arturo”, 17th June 1917, age 27.
Pte. GEORGE ROBERTSON            7th (British Columbia) Battalion, C.E.F., 9th April 1917, age 18.
L/Cpl. JAMES W. SINCLAIR         1st Seaforths, 26th February 1917, age 23.
Master JAMES SUTHERLAND          M.M., S.S. “Bulgarin”, 20th January 1917, age 34.
Able Seaman CHARLES TAYLOR       R.N.R. M.M.R., H.M.S. “Tithonus”, 8 th January 1917, age 31.
Lieut. ROBERT W. TAYLOR, M.C.    83rd Brigade R.F.A., 24th October 1917, age 24.
Cpl. ROBERT WILSON               4th Field Coy., Canadian Engineers, C.E.F., 28th January 19178, age 31.
Pte. HERBERT E.S. ANGUS        1st Canadian General Hospital, C.E.F., 19th May 1918, age 25.
P.O. JOHN CHRISTIE             R.N.R.,
Pte. WILLIAM CORRIGALL         30th Battalion, Machine Gun Corps, 11th October 1918 age 29.
Pte. JAMES FIRTH               4th Battalion, Machine Gun Corps, C.E.F., 29th September 1918, age 38.
Pte. JOHN R. GARSON            1/6th Black Watch, 10th April 1918, age 18.
Pte. JOSEPH MATHESON           1st Cameronians, 14th April 1918, age 33.
L/Cpl. Spr. JAMES MILLER       400th Field Company, R.E., 19th May 1918, age 35.
Able Seaman JOHN MOWAT         M.M.R., H.M.S. “Isonzo”, 17th August 1918, age 26.
Sergt. Cpl. JAMES A. MOWAT     Princess Patricia’s C.L.I., C.E.F., 25th September 1918, age 33.
Sergt. Cpl. WILLIAM MOWAT      160th Siege Battery, R.G.A., 2nd September 1918, age 23.
Sergt. Pte. JOHN W. OMAND      1/4th Seaforths, 21st March 1918, age 31.
Pte. ROBERT M. RENDALL         8th Seaforths, 9th June 1918, age 32.
Pte. ALEX. SMITH               1/6th Seaforths, 24th March 1918, age 24.
Pte. JOHN SCOTT                3rd Camerons, 20th July 1918, age 19.
AFTER 1918
Pte. WILLIAM G. CLOUSTON       R.A.S.C., 23rd November 1919, age 42.
Pte. JOHN HARVEY               1/4th Seaforths, 11th January 1919, age 35.
Pte. DAN E. JOHNSTON           Motor Transport, S.A.-A.S.C., 9th July 1919, age 23.
L/Cpl. JOHN JOHNSTON           9th Battalion, C.E.F., 12th July 1920, age 34.
Seaman JOHN E.L. SINCLAIR      H.M. Transport, S.S. “Hamilton”, 10th August 1919, age 25.

Second World War 1939 – 1945
Boy WILLIAM G.M. BAKER         RN, HMS Royal Oak, 14th October 1939, age 17.
Pte. WILLIAM BROWN             RA 5th Parachute Regiment, AAC, 27th January 1944, age 20.
Smn. JAMES S. CHALMERS         RN, HMS Calcutta, 1st June 1941, age 18.
Pte. QUEENIE DONALDSON         ATS, 15th September 1943, age 20.
Gdmn. A. STEWART GUY           1st Scots Guards, 15th July 1944, age 22.
Cpl. GEORGINA H. MASON         WAAF, 7th April 1945, age 35.
Smn. WILLIAM MUIR              RN, HMS Charybdis, 23rd October 1943, age 19.
Smn. JAMES PARK                RNR, HMS Cape Howe, 21st June 1940, age 25.
3rd Officer JOHN SUTHERLAND    Australian MN, SS Iron Crown, 4th June 1942, age 26.
Sergt. LEONARD SUTHERLAND      RAFVR, 15 OTU, 27th August 1942, age 21.
Mate WILLIAM A SWANSON         MN, SS Tin How, 11th May 1943, age 36.
F/Sergt. JAMES VELZIAN         178 Squadron, RAF, 7th May 1944, age 19.
Gnr. JAMES WATSON              15 Coast Regiment, RA, 29th May 1941, age 30.
Riggers Mate JOHN SMITH        RN, 6th November 1944, age 44.
Smn. GEORGE KIRKPATRICK        RN, 18th September 1945, age 56.
Born in Stromness, listed on Harray War Memorial
Pte. WILLIAM V. BRUCE            1/5th Seaforths, 13th October 1918, age 19.

Born in Stromness, not listed on any Orkney war memorial
Pte. ALFRED CLOUSTON             47th Battalion, A.I.F., 9th June 1917, age 37.
Pte. JAMES JOHNSTON              2nd Gordons, 26th October 1917, age 23,
Pte. ROBERT W. LINKLATER         11th Battalion, A.I.F., 10th August 1918, age 18.
Pte. JOHN MANSON                 17th Battalion, A.I.F., 3rd May 1917, age 34.

Enlisted in Stromness, not listed on any Orkney war memorial
Pte. ROBERT R. HENDERSON         1st Royal Scots Fusiliers, 28th March 1918, age 25.

Born in Stromness, not listed on any Orkney war memorial
E.A.1 WILLIAM SHEPHERD           RNVR, HMS Dunedin, 24th November 1941, age 36.

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