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Corporate Credit Card Application



Petty Cash Guidelines
University staff/students may request reimbursement from petty cash for low value purchases when there is
urgent need, or when a corporate credit card or purchase order is unavailable or inappropriate.

The staff member should complete a petty cash voucher and present it at the campus cashier offices. The
following guidelines apply:

 a) All details on the petty cash voucher are to be completed.
 b) The maximum value of any one payment is $250.
 c) A single purchase exceeding $250 cannot be split into parts below $250 and these parts claimed.
 d) All claims should be supported by appropriate third party documentation, such as a receipt. This supporting
    documentation must clearly indicate the goods/services purchased and the claim should clearly establish
    the justification for the payment. If supporting documentation is not available, claims must be supported by a
    notarised Statutory Declaration.
 e) The claimant should present the petty cash voucher with their Deakin card or other supporting identification.
 f) All petty cash vouchers must be approved by the claimant’s supervisor or manager; such approval to be
    provided according to the expenditure authorisation levels established in the Financial Delegations Policy.
 g) The username of the approving officer must be clearly printed next to the signature.
 h) The claimant should sign the voucher in front of the cashier.

Petty Cash Float Management and Reimbursement Guidelines
For specific purposes, some Faculties, Institutes and other areas (FIOA) are provided with petty cash floats. An
application for a float may be submitted to the Campus Finance Officer. The application must include the
custodian’s name and the necessary approval in accordance with the Financial Delegation. The following
conditions apply to petty cash floats:

a) Under no circumstances should two or more petty cash floats be maintained for a single purpose.
b) Petty cash floats may be used only within the particular FIOA or for a specific project.
c) In accordance with the petty cash guidelines, a single purchase cannot exceed $250.
d) The custodian is responsible for ensuring that the float is reconciled at all times and will periodically be asked
   to sign a petty cash float certification.
e) The petty cash float should be handed over to another authorised custodian in the same FIOA if the specified
   officer takes extended leave or ceases employment with the particular FIOA. The Campus Finance Officer
   should be informed of any change of custodian.

The petty cash float is reimbursed by submitting the completed petty cash float reimbursement form to the cashier
office. The petty cash float reimbursement form should be completed as follows:

a) All details on the petty cash float reimbursement form are to be completed.
b) All claims should be supported by receipts, expense documents etc, which justify the payment and
   subsequent reimbursement. Lost receipts or expense documents are to be supported by a notarised Statutory
c) All float reimbursement claim forms are to be approved in accordance with the Financial Delegation
   (equivalent to reimbursement of staff expenses and corporate credit card acquittals)
d) The custodian must present their Deakin Card with the float reimbursement claim form to the cashier.
e) The custodian should sign the voucher in front of the cashier and obtain the reimbursement.

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