My Body Magic Experience

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					My Body Magic Experience

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Wednesday, 04 November 2009 22:24

I was introduced to the Body Magic by a co worker. I had an event to attend and wanted to look
my best. There was no way I'd get to wear my little black dress by the date of the event. My
friend suggested I try Body Magic, so I did and I FELL IN LOVE! I fell in love with my new
transformed body and that I no longer had to walk out of the house and feel insecure about my
body. I no longer had to pass up on buying a cute top that I love because my belly didn't look
right in it. I no longer had to shop around for a girdle and settle for one that didn't achieve the
results that I knew could be much better. cartoon animal pictures, domain registration.,
Cartoon network game I'd never seen my body look so good in my life. I purchased the garment
as well as some of the nutritional products 5months ago and since then I have lost I've lost 18
pounds. These were benefits that I was told would come, but didn't believe it. I didn't care if they
were lies because I looked so good with the garment on, but to my surprise, my body is
transforming. The measuring tape does not lie. Me needing a smaller size in the garment does
not lie either. Shedding inches and losing weight is a perk of the garment that I am so happy to
experience. I haven't changed what I eat at all. I simply wear my garment daily as
recommended and I've adopted some of the 100% natural nutrition products into my daily
regimen. I'm maintaining my health and can rest assure that if I gain any won't be in
my belly. It will go to my hips, buttocks and breast which are the only areas women need fat in
the first place.