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					Health Insurance
Graduate Students
               Presented by
    Courtney Waggoner, CMC, CMIS
          Texas A&M University
 Student Health Services – Patient services
               (979) 458-8310
                 Choosing a Policy
Individual policies - offers significant coverage. However, the plans can be
inflexible and some visits, medications and treatments may not be approved by the

Group coverage - such as that available from your employer, usually offers more
coverage at a lower cost than individual policies. Group coverage is usually
preferable when it is available.

Other policy coverage ranges from only catastrophic illness ("major medical") to
every doctor's visit. Your needs will depend on your health history, the amount of
insurance you can afford, and the needs of your dependents.
Some policies and employer benefits may include provisions for dental care, eye
care and prescription drugs, or additional policies can be purchased to cover these
expenses. Plans should be reviewed for information about in-network and out-of-
network coverage and responsibilities because the coverage in each situation can
vary from company to company.
Keep in mind that these decisions may be made for you if you get health insurance
from your employer, but it is still necessary for you to examine the policy to
understand how you are covered and to determine if you need any additional health
insurance for your particular situation.
   International Students
      Policies must meet TAMU requirements

      International/Student/Graduate Student Plan (use at SHC)

   Graduate Students – non employees (and dependents)
      Graduate Student Plan or Student Plan (use at SHC)

      Personal Policy (examples – Unicare, BCBS, United Healthcare)

   Graduate Students – employees (and dependents)
      Graduate Student Plan (use at SHC)

      Texas A&M 350 or 1250

      Scott and White

      First Care

      Other Benefits available – dental, life, and disability.
     TAMU Graduate Students

Graduate Students – employees (and dependents)
    Graduate Student Plan (use at SHC and PPO)

    Texas A&M 350 or 1250 (PPO)

    Scott and White (HMO must see those providers)

    First Care (HMO must see those providers)

    Other Benefits available – dental, life, AD&D and
         Employee Services

A&M System Building, Suite 1281
200 Technology Way
College Station, TX 77845-3424

Phone: (979) 458-6169
Fax: (979) 458-6168
TAMU Mail Stop: 1116 TAMU
       GSI TAMU Plan Overview
Beech Street PPO
         - In Network and Out of Network Benefits

SHS and MEDCO Prescription Drug Card
  International Plan - $300 / $1000
  Student Plan(s) - $750 / $1500
  Graduate Plan - $750 / $3000
   SHC – $15
   MEDCO - $15/$25/$35      (Walgreens, CVS)

Mental Health Benefits –
  International Plan - $500/$25 co-pay + 20%
  Student Plan(s) - $2000/$25 co-pay + 20%
  Graduate Plan – $2000/$25 co-pay + 20%
                 Benefit Overview
   Pays 100% of covered services received at Student Health
   $100 yearly deductible for services other than office visits.
    $3000 out of pocket maximum for covered services.
   $25 office visit and consultation co-pay + 20%.
   Emergency Room Coverage
   Pregnancy Coverage
   Well Care
   Physical Therapy (limited to after surgery or hospitalization)
   Surgery, Laboratory Test, X-rays
   Ambulance
   Mental Health
   $1000.00 pre-existing condition coverage
     Where to go for heath care
  Student Health Center – TAMU
       On-line appointments Students Only
 Check the Preferred Provider listing of the insurance
   plan you choose to determine which doctor, clinics,
   and hospitals accept your insurance plan
 College Station Medical Center – Emergency Room

 St. Joseph’s Regional Health Center – Emergency
 Urgent Care Centers/Walk – in Care Centers