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									Health Information
Partnerships: benefits for all

Sarah Greening
Health Information Co-ordinator
West Midlands

   Our health, our care, our say
   Better information, better choices,
    better health
   Choosing Health
   Public Libraries Impact Measures
   For the ultimate benefit of the public
Our health, our care, our
   Health information to those who need it,
    when they need it and in the format they
    need it
   Promoting local projects – healthy living
    services will be available in the community
   Bringing health care into the local
    community and linking it more closely with
    social care
Better information, better
choices, better health
People should:
  – have access to high quality, comprehensive
    information delivered in the way they want
  – receive as much support as they want to
    access and understand information
  – be empowered to ask questions and be
    involved as far as they want in making
    decisions about their health
  – Have access to relevant information in order
    to make choices about their healthcare
Better info, better
   Make information more effective and more
    readily available in their daily lives
   Strengthen partnerships between sectors
   Provide community based support for people
    accessing information
   Make health information more widely available
    in local communities
   The NHS should work with partners to increase
    the frequency and access of healthy living and
    local service information
Choosing Health

Effective partnerships are required to help
  individuals make healthy choices
“The key to success will be effective local
  partnerships led by local government and
  the NHS working to a common purpose &
  reflecting local need….. Success will be a
  narrowing of health inequalities & and
  improvement in health outcomes”
                       Choosing Health Executive Summary
Choosing Health

   Reduce the number of people who
   Reduce obesity / increase exercise
   Support sensible drinking
   Improve sexual health
   Improve mental health and wellbeing
   Tackle health inequalities
New Pharmacy Contracts

   All pharmacies must be able to
    signpost customers to health
    information –
   All pharmacies will host 6 health
    campaigns each year – co-ordinated
    centrally by Public Health and Health
    Promotion staff
    Choose & Book
   Will enable patients to choose a convenient place, date
    and time for their initial hospital appointment
   Information on these hospitals will be provided to GP
    staff and patients at to enable them to
   Patients can either book their appointment electronically
    the GP surgery or they can call a telephone booking
    service or use the internet in the future
   Patient Choice Advisors
   In Public libraries in some areas
   This is a big step in giving patients greater involvement
    in the choices and decisions about their treatment
 Public Libraries Impact
5 Shared Priorities of which one is:
„Promoting healthier communities‟
 Health-related book stock

 Bibliotherapy activities

 Diet, health or healthy living promotions

 Health advice activities within the library

 Partnership work with Primary Care Trusts, Sports
   departments etc.
 Provision of health stock in other languages to reflect
   community need
West Midlands Networks

   West Midlands South:
    – each county has a multi-sector
   Staffordshire & Shropshire:
    – Shropshire - SHAIR
    – North Staffs Health Information Forum
    – South Staffs Health Information Network
   Birmingham & Black Country Health
    Information Network

To initiate networking, partnership
 working and projects which will
 improve the accessibility, quality,
 uptake and relevance of health
 information for the public in South
   To bring together a range of people from all
    sectors with an interest in health information
    for patients, service users, carers and the
   To identify what is already happening in area
    in order to avoid duplication of effort or
   To focus on health priorities relevant to each
    area and in particular to help address
   To support fellow information providers
   To tackle common goals and targets together
Ideas for action
   Health Information Week July 3rd-8th 2006
   Mapping existing resources and projects to
    prevent duplication
   Pharmacy campaigns also in public libraries
   Putting local communities first – using public
    library locations and mobile units
   Information prescriptions
   Choose and book
   Local priorities
 Health Information Week
 Improving access to health information for
  the public
 Partnership working

 Getting to know your local fellow information
 Sharing resources and knowledge
    Health Information Week
Some examples from last year:
   Birmingham & Black Country – many larger libraries
    held health fairs with manned stands including
    complementary health clinics
   Wolverhampton - displays at supermarkets, shopping
    centres, the racecourse, swimming baths, leisure
    centres etc. & competitions on local radio etc.
   Worcestershire – event opened by MP, used
    Comput@bus to target rural areas
   Warwickshire – Health fair with large number of displays
    and also health visitors for blood checks
    Health Information Week
Some more examples from last year:
   Public libraries – large number of poster/leaflet displays
   Health Libraries Week as well – health information for
    NHS staff – promoting the libraries and resources
   Tutorials on health info websites, offered free fruit, ran
   Librarians from different sectors worked together on
    organisation and helped each other manning stands,
    website tutorials, gathering resources etc.
   Voluntary sector resource centres held their own
    promotions or contributed to the public library events
 Health Information Week
    3 rd – 8th July 2006

Who involved?
  Librarians from each sector, PALS, Health
    promotion, Public health, voluntary
    organisations and resource centres
  Contacting the staff groups, introducing main
   contacts in each area to each other,
   facilitating partnership working.
 Health Information Week
Help available centrally:
 HIW Plan (including suggestions for themes)

 Ideas and suggestions

 Recommended websites list

 Recommended leaflets list

 Press release

 A4 Posters

 Diary of events – let me know your events

 Assistance with meeting other peers in your area
 Health Information Week
More information on events and all
 documentation is available on:
  An NHS website of quality-checked
  health and social care information and
  support for the West Midlands public

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