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					                    MAYFIELD DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB

                         NEWSLETTER No. 50 – JULY 2009

                              ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

The 25th Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on 21st April 2009 and 55 members
were present.

The following Committee was elected: Sylvia Timberlake (Chairman), Rosemary Rice
(Secretary), Peter Lee (Captain), Chris Pullan (Treasurer), Andrew Barnett, Malcolm
Channing, Keith Jackson, Ron Maclaren, Ann Madden, Roy Smith and Roger Sugden.

Liz Phillips, as one of the earliest members of the Mayfield Club, was asked to present the Club

The Chairman announced that Jean Davies and Dorothy Wharton would be made Hon. Life
members of the club.

There were two questions from the floor:

   1.      Fiona Clark questioned why we needed to keep such a large reserve. The Chairman
           explained that £2000 of these monies had been used for a very successful Jubilee
           Party to which every member had been invited, and a reserve was also needed to
           purchase new equipment and to safeguard against loss of premises.

   2.      Pam Hoskins asked if more could be done to eliminate slow play. Malcolm
           Channing commented that a new “clock” driven by a computer had been trialled on
           a Friday evening and, when some adjustments have been made, it will be trialled on
           a Tuesday evening.

                                   CHAIRMAN’S NOTES

We shall shortly be signing up to remain affiliated to the EBU, a requirement for when P2P
comes in on 1 April 2010. For the first year the club will have to pay an affiliation fee to the
EBU (which will not include the fee for affiliation to Surrey), but will not have to pay for
master points as previously. Members will not have to pay the EBU for membership, which
will be automatic when you are a member of an affiliated club, but for the first year players will
have to pay 29p to the EBU every time they play at an affiliated club. The 29p is capped at 150
plays but the fee will continue to be levied and anything over £5 will be returned after the end
of March (the end of the financial year). Anything under £5 will be kept in an account and can
accumulate or be set against EBU fees for congresses etc. As Surrey have elected not to take a
fee for the first year of P2P there is no more to be added to the 29p. Previous members of
SCBA will automatically continue to be members. The Committee will be working out the
financial effects on the club in due course. It is assumed that from 1 April 2011 Surrey will

introduce a fee to be added to the 29p and of course there may well be an increase from the
EBU as well.

 One area of concern to some members of the Committee is that we will have to send full
details of every member of the club by email. I am not an IT expert but I am reliably informed
that, as this is an insecure way to send data and may contravene the Data Protection Act, such
data should be encrypted before sending. This was brought up at a recent meeting of the EBU
Regional Club Committee but to date there has been no response from the EBU on this. If we
are forced to send data this way we will be asking every member for their permission to do so.
The alternative for members appears to be to become an anonymous member which would
mean missing out on such perks as the diary and the magazine.

Members can look at the EBU web site to appraise themselves further on the implications of
P2P or borrow a detailed report from me. I am sure that most of you have already read enough
in the EBU magazine and Mr Bridge to be aware of the new regime.

Peter Norman
Sadly, just before the Jubilee Party, Peter Norman died after a very short illness. This was the
end of an era as his parents were members of the club before the war as indeed was Peter. His
parents donated the Norman Cup, which is our Championship Trophy so the family is part of
the history of the Club. He will be remembered for his gentlemanly manner at the table and his
frequent thanks to the Committee for the work they put in.

Norman Grant
Norman has spent some time in hospital recently and, although out now, thinks it is doubtful
whether he will be able to travel to the Mayfield in the future. He has been a member for many
years and we wish him well and will be delighted to see him at any time.

Kath Coward
This has been a very special year for Kath as she celebrated her 100th birthday. On your behalf
the Club sent her a card and two orchids. She is certainly our first centenarian and we hope that
she will not be the last. After a spell in a residential home she wanted to be back in her own
home and so returned there where she has assistance to enable her to stay there.

Jubilee party
From all the favourable comments, this event proved to be a great success. Congratulations to
Elizabeth Johnson and her husband Steve who narrowly won the bridge event. Steve was a
very welcome visitor as we were one short when it was discovered that one member was unable
to come as she had just come out of hospital. Steve was on his way to another function but
turned around and saved the day for us so it was fitting that he should go away with a prize.

Cliff Street Trophy
It was felt that as there are some members who only play on a Friday there should be a trophy
for the Friday Champions. This has been designated to be held on the last Friday in March.
Our particular thanks go to Mary Street who donated a cup for the event and which has been
named the Cliff Street Trophy. This is in memory of her husband who for many years was a
member of the Club until his death and was a very successful bridge player, who represented
Surrey on many occasions, won many trophies and was a Grand Master. Lynne Hiorns and
Roger Sugden were the first winners of trophy.

   Attendances have been dropping on a Tuesday which is of some concern to the Committee and
   it is hoped that you will all do your best to play as often as possible. There is always scheduled
   to be a host (only last minute illness or a bad memory can sometimes cause there to be a failure
   to provide one) so, if you do not have a partner, do come along and you may start the beginning
   of a new partnership. A fine example of this was in the Men’s Pairs. It was discovered on the
   Friday before the event that both Malcolm Channing and Brian Smith did not have a partner so
   they teamed up and tied in winning the event. Also, if possible could members running a team
   try to avoid playing matches on a Tuesday? I appreciate this is not always possible but it does
   tend to reduce numbers on a Tuesday. Thank you.

                                     FORTHCOMING EVENTS

   Committee & Liz Phillips Cups – Tuesday, 25th August. The ranking determining the split
   between these two events will be decided on the night in order to even out the number of pairs
   in each. It will be either National Master plus or Premier Regional Master plus.
   EBU Simultaneous Pairs - Tuesday 15th September
   Surrey Simultaneous Pairs - Tuesday 22nd September and Friday 25th September
   Pick-up Teams                    - Tuesday 29th September
   Pro-Am                          - Tuesday 20th October
   No Bridge                       - Friday 27th November and Tuesday, 25th December
   Christmas party                 - Tuesday 15th December – NOTE 6.30pm for play at 7.15pm
   Mayfield Cup                    - Tuesday, 29th December

                                CHIEF TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR

                                            LOCAL POINTS

         Below is a list of Local Points sent direct to the EBU for the first six months of 2009

EBU No                  Name        Awards    LPs       EBU No              Name            Awards      LPs

24688      Ulla Adilz                  9      157       407758 Rosemary Lyttle                 7        217
400345 Clive Allum                     1       12       74353    Ron Maclaren                 18        564
400348 Alan Bailey                     9      398       35649    Ann Madden                    6        218
24040      Liz Balnave                 1       18       61797    Laszlo Magos                  1        33
13072      Andrew Barnett              24     390       403255 Liz Martin                      4        120
81205      Tony Belton                 10     186       75393    Maria Martin                  4        120
415277     Adrian Boulding             6      84        42992    Peggy Moir                    1        30
415278     Jacky Boulding              6      84        93592    Dean Morley                  12        380
36176      Philip Brooks               15     335       41571    Roger Morton                 18        605
57039      Malcolm Channing            26     740       404136   Joyce Munns                  10        152
86402      Ann Chapple                 1       10       404137   Trevor Munns                  7        104
90868      Peter Cogliatti             7      108       107448   Loraine Murphy                6        96
40503      Tim Cook                    10     338       12791    Sean O'Neill                  6        228
26403      Mike Cowley                 6      122       22456    John Osborne                  2        40
79081    John Cruickshank          1       15    48856    Adrian Patrick                15     379
76481    Joan Cullen               5      126     46971   Liz Phillips                  11     440
62062    Jean Davies               2      27      72155   Bernard Pike                  10     298
99954    Olivia Dawson             1       10    35309    Shirley Preuveneers            4        77

86028    David Dick                7      228    65457    Malcolm Pryor                  2     105
19037    Gwen Easto                4      56      82891   Chris Pullan                   9     164
33168    David Elvin               1       10    414867   Alan Rainbow                   9     216
64359    John Frosztega            3      150     10669   Rosemary Rice                  7     190
49560    Mae Gayner                2      46      10883   Tony Scouller                  4     150
38516    Norman Grant              1       18    23098    Helen Seymour                  7     127
84700    Peggy Griffin             1       15    107959   Brian Smith                    9     425
53542    Julian Hemsted            4      76     96852    Roy Smith                      8     318
118549   Lynne Hiorns              13     272     12392   Mary Street                    7     235
77334    Bill Hodgkiss             3      195    54755    Roger Sugden                  24     471
24501    Pam Hoskins               1      30      93169   Arun Suri                      5     151
50755    Keith Jackson             9      242    401619   Philip Tilbrook                2        27
414885   Pam Jardine               10     161    25772    John Timberlake               26     777
31677    Elizabeth Johnson         3      98     38625    Sylvia Timberlake             23     560
75259    Audrey Kolbe              3      74      21737   Kerstin Tompsett               7     103
106183   Valerie Lacey             1       10     77515   Martin Trouse                  8     170
15250    Alan Laker                4      62     49564    Joan Underdown                 1        18
28103    Dorothy Laker             4      62      61431   Denny Wade                     4        94
52156    Peter Lee                 3      151    403318   Ita Walsh                      3     332
417141   Chris Lemon               8      184    401264   Heather West                   7     129
62950    John Lockyer              3      78      63491   Dorothy Wharton                3        30


  Mayfield Competitions
  Norman Cup 1st Alan Bailey and Roy Smith 2nd Tim Cook and Roger Morton
  Mayfield Jubilee Pairs 1st Elizabeth and Steve Johnson 2nd Dean Morley and Martin Trouse
  Mayfield Teams 1st Peter Lee, Liz Phillips, John Frosztega, Bill Hodgkiss and Sean O’Neill
                   2nd David Dick, Adrian Patrick, Ann Madden and Mary Street
  Mixed Pairs 1 Liz Phillips and Roger Morton 2nd Loraine Murphy and Tony Belton
  Men’s Pairs 1st equal Malcolm Channing and Brian Smith, Peter Lee and Arun Suri
  Ladies’ Pairs 1st Elizabeth Johnson and Audrey Kolbe 2nd Rosemary Lyttle and Liz Balnave
  Dorothy Williamson 1st Tim Cook, Arun Suri, Bernard Pike and Tony Scouller
                        2nd Kerstin Tompsett, Pam Jardine, Ulla Adilz and Mae Gaynor

  Surrey Competitions
  Mayfield B (Roy Smith, Alan Bailey, Rosemary Rice and Roger Sugden) won all their matches
  in the Affiliated League Central Division and won the division, with Mayfield A (captain Tim
  Cook) second. In the inter-divisional final, Mayfield B could unfortunately only finish 3rd.
  Andrew Barnett, Peter Cogliatti, Philip Tilbrook and Fiona Clark won the Intermediate League.
  Tim Cook and Roger Morton came 3rd in the Mary Edwards, representing the Mayfield
Andrew Barnett and Peter Cogliatti came 3rd in the Men’s Pairs
Liz Phillips and partner came second in the Seniors Pairs
Liz Phillips and Peter Lee won the Mixed Pairs
Liz Phillips, Bob Rowlands, Peter Lee and one other won the Lady Rose final, in a thrilling
finish after extra boards, against a team containing members Ian Swanson and Bill Hodgkiss.
Peter Lee and partner won the Surrey AGM Swiss Pairs
Peter Lee won the Victor Ludorum, with Liz Phillips equal 3rd.

National and other Competitions
Bob Rowlands and Peter Lee came 5th in the National Pairs final.
Liz Phillips was in a team that came 2nd in the Swiss Teams at the Easter Congress.
John Frosztega and three others won the Swiss Teams at the Eastbourne Seniors Congress
Peter Cogliatti and three others came 3rd at the London Green Point teams
Peter Lee and three others came 1st in the teams at the Green-Pointed One-Day event in Essex

                        HALL CLOSURE            14 – 21 August inclusive

We have just been informed that a new hall floor will be laid on the above dates and the hall
will be closed on Friday 14th, Tuesday 18th and Friday 21st August. Please note this in your
diary. For those who will not be there to enter their name on the list for the Committee/Liz
Phillips Cups on 25 August please either just turn up, let a Committee member know or get
someone to put your names on the list. If you wish to enter and do not have a partner, let either
Malcolm, Sylvia or Rosemary know and we will endeavour to find you one.

                                  TELEPHONE LIST – 2008!

Please note that you do not have last year’s list and amend the year to 2009 at the top of the list
which is included with this Newsletter and the fixture card. Sorry about that. Thank you.

                      ♣♣♣♣ ♦♦♦♦ ♥♥♥♥ ♠♠♠♠

See next page for Tim Cook’s Article.


This quite unremarkable deal produced one of the most remarkable occurrences I have ever witnessed at the bridge
table in more than 30 years – on the third round of a suit, with three hands following, the trick was won with
the 4!

          J 10 8 4 3                  Board 22 : Dealer East : EW vulnerable
         J874                         West        North         East       South
          10                                                    Pass       1
         KJ4                          Pass        1            Pass       2
K Q97              A52               All Pass
 Q 10 2            K63
9763               Q82
83                 Q765
         AKJ 54
          A 10 9 2

The  2 was led and won with the Ace. Trick two consisted of  6, 7, 8, Ace and the  5 was returned, ruffed
with the  2. Declarer now played  Ace, 7, 10, 8, followed by  K, 6,  8, Q! Now came  4, 3,  7 and….. 
2! Guffaws all round. End result 2  + 2!

Names withheld to protect the guilty but the defensive card play was not without thought and purpose. Just one of
those things!

Then, on the same evening at table 7, I pick up this hand. Again a first in my bridge experience – a 2 loser 8-5
hand! Pass by South, 3  by West, your bid! My guess was 6  which proved to be lucky. I wonder how Table 1
bid 6  and were allowed to play there!

                                 Board 11 None Vul - Dealer South
                                                  ♠ ---
                                                  ♣ ---
                              ♠K983                                 ♠ A Q 10 7 5 4
                              ♥6                                    ♥Q94
                              ♦ 10                                  ♦Q
                              ♣ A J 10 9 8 5 3                      ♣Q64
                                                  ♥ J 10 7 2
          Pairs                 Contract                              Scores                        MPs
     NS           EW          Bid            By    Ld          NS                EW            NS          EW
1           8          6H                S              980                                 13.9       0.1
2           10         5D+2              N              440                                 4.7        9.3
4           4          6Sx-1             E              100                                 2.4        11.6
7           9          6D                N              920                                 9.3        4.7
8           1          5S                E                                450               0.1        13.9
9           3          6D                N              920                                 9.3        4.7
10          6          6D                N              920                                 9.3        4.7