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Additional Teachers Credit Card Application form


									                  NSW Teachers Credit Union Ltd.
                  ABN 30 087 650 459 AFSL No 238981
                  Head Office: 28–38 Powell Street Homebush NSW 2140 (PO Box 7501 Silverwater NSW 2128) Fax: (02) 9704 8204
         Telephone: 13 12 21 BSB: 802-194

                        Additional Teachers Credit Card application
As the primary cardholder you can choose to have additional Teachers Credit Cards issued to anyone else you authorise providing they
are over the age of 18 years. These cards operate as if they were your own cards and you are responsible for their use. The person(s) you
authorise will share your credit limit and you will receive one statement for both cards. Please complete the details below:

Primary cardholder details
Title        Given names                                                       Surname

Member No                                                              Teachers Credit Card No

Residential address                                                                                   State                Postcode

Postal address (write ‘as above’ if same as residential)                                              State                Postcode

Home phone                                       Work phone                                    Mobile phone

I hereby apply for an additional Teachers Credit Card and PIN for:
Title        Given names                                             Surname                                               Date of birth

Please note, if the additional cardholder is NOT a signatory to another account at Teachers Credit Union it will be necessary for a
Document Certification Statement to be completed to verify their identity. Otherwise, please provide details here:

Name of account to which the additional cardholder is a signatory                                Member No

I acknowledge that the additional card, when signed by the person to whom it is issued, shall be subject to the Teachers Credit Card terms
and conditions and may be used on my account as though it were my Teachers Credit Card and its use will bind me accordingly.

You may always cancel an additional card by giving written notice to your Credit Union. However, you remain liable for any money that the
additional cardholder withdraws using the additional card even after you cancel the card. You must surrender the additional card to your
Credit Union before cancellation becomes effective.

Refer to our Fees and Charges and Privacy Policy brochure or our internet site for details on our Privacy Policy.

By signing below I acknowledge I have read and agreed to the conditions above.

Signature of primary cardholder                     Date                   Signature of additional cardholder                Date

Please return this form:
By mail to:    Teachers Credit Union, Reply Paid 7501, Silverwater NSW 2128
By fax to:     (02) 9704 8204


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