Reservoir Simulation Technology in CO2 related EOR and by zwd14115


									  Reservoir Simulation Technology in CO2 related EOR and Sequestration in a
                               Geological zone”
                            Peter Ho, Prof. Engineer
                          E mail :
                              Senior Vice President
                       Operation & Business Development
                  Petromin Resources Ltd., Vancouver, Canada

CO2 related Enhanced Oil Recovery is getting more attention than before due to (1)
high oil recovery and (2) more availability CO2 sources despite strong environmental
emission control. Numerical Simulation of CO2 EOR process requires strong physics
and capability to model fluid flow within the reservoir correctly and accurately. Typical
Black oil and pseudo Miscible flood models lack adequate features to model and predict
the true performance of CO2 miscible flood which includes Asphaltenes deposition,
three phases (liquid/gas/solid) envelope behaviour, dynamic permeability changes,
coarse grid effect on flood front and others. This presentation will introduce the effects
of these features on the results of numerical simulation

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