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									                                    Anglia Woodfuels
                       Benefiting the environment, benefiting rural development
       ��                                          Newsletter No.1

    Sustainable woodfuel Woodfuel comes in three forms                         The long-term objective is for
                         – chips, pellets and logs.                            woodchip to provide sustainable
    becomes a reality    For practical reasons and cost-                       and cost-effective heating for
    By John Austen, chairman of            effectiveness, woodchip - suited    homes, holiday cottages,
    Anglia Woodfuels                       to larger heating systems – is      swimming pools, schools,
                                           currently leading the way. It       hospitals, business centres and
    With pressure to reduce CO2            tends to be produced from           other public buildings.
    emissions and to find                   low-grade timber which has little
    alternatives for dwindling             value for any other purpose.         Importantly, the process – which
    fossil-based resources such as oil                                          gives an incentive for woodland
    and gas, wood fuel is becoming a       The challenge, which has been        management - is bringing
    serious contender as an                embraced regionally by Anglia        wildlife, as well as
    alternative – and sustainable          Woodfuels - a recently-formed        environmental,
    – heat source.                         co-operative – is to ensure there is benefits to our region.
                                           a recognised supply chain by
    Thankfully, 21st century               bringing together woodland
    technology has been applied to         owners, woodland contractors,
    the oldest fuel known and the          farming co-operatives, local
    result is highly efficient, fully       authorities, woodfuel heating                 ��
    automated wood heating                 engineers, existing users of          ��������������������
    systems.                               woodchip heating and those
                                           seeking to use woodfuel.

Woodfuel is 90% carbon neutral



By Gary Battell                                                                                       8.00



Woodfuel heating in Europe has become the norm and with 21st century                                  5.00

technology, woodfuel boilers are proving extremely efficient. Added to                                 4.00

which, the process is virtually carbon neutral because when wood is burned


it only puts back into the atmosphere the carbon dioxide it absorbed when                             1.00

it was growing. After allowing for CO2 emissions involved in planting,
                                                                                                              Electric     LPG canister   Oil (29p per/l)    Natural Gas    LPG bulk   Wood Pellet    Wood Chip     Wood Chip     Wood Chip
                                                                                                             (8.8p/unit)    (81p per/l)                       (2.8p/unit)    (35p/l)    (£125/T)     20% (£75/T)   30% (£55/T)   50% (£35/T)

processing and transportation, woodfuel reduces emissions by over 90%

                                                                                Suffolk CC - Gary Battell 08/06

when compared with gas or oil.
                                 Woodfuel also provides a market for low-grade timber giving an incentive for better
                                 woodland management which benefits wildlife and the environment. There is
                                 plenty of woodland in East Anglia giving a local, sustainable source of fuel.
                                 It’s a win, win solution and we urge planners, architects, woodland owners and
                                 anyone interested in reducing carbon emissions to join Anglia Woodfuels.
                                 (see back page for details of how to join).

                Join us now
       Visit www.angliawoodfuels.co.uk or call 01603 730050*
                        *Please note our registered office is managed by Anglia Farmers so
                                 please don’t hang up when they answer your call.
Installations in Private Homes                            running we only have to empty the ash bin about
                                                          once a month, and it’s useful potash for the garden.”
Woodchip Heating at St Edmunds Farm
                                                          The Fuel Store
During the recent renovation of St Edmunds Farm-
house, the owners decided that it was the time to         The 22 cubic metre hopper system was designed to
consider an alternative fuel heating system for the       provide two to three months’ heating when used with
property. The rising cost of oil combined with their      50mm woodchip at 25% - 30% moisture.
desire to install a ‘carbon neutral’ system were the      This means that the hopper would usually be filled
main factors in this decision.                            twice through the heating season, and once again
                                                          to see the system through the summer period. The
Having looked at all the options, they decided that       GILLES hinged arm collection system is stronger than
wood fuel heating would be the most practical.            the conventional sprung sweeper systems and ensures
Wood pellets were an attractive option, but as            a consistent feed, regardless of the material being
woodchip was also available locally it was decided to     used.
look at a system that could deal with both pellets and
woodchip. Both products could be delivered to the         Fuel Costs
property by a blower lorry, which reduced the need for
additional handling facilities – an important advantage   With woodchip delivered
to the owners. “It’s great, we can now phone and          at £60 per tonne and oil
order woodchips in just the same way we used to           at 37p a litre, the system
order oil,” commented the owner’s wife.                   should save the property
                                                          owners around 70% on
The Boiler                                                their annual heating bill
                                                          – amounting to around
A number of boilers were looked at before the owners      £2,350 per annum.
decided that the GILLES system would offer them the       The boilers run at up to
highest levels of automation. “It was always impor-       94.5% efficiency, so the
tant that we had a system we could happily leave if       conversion of fuel into heat output is fantastic.
we were too busy, or going to be away on holiday.”
Additionally, the farmhouse is to be their home in        Based on this saving and taking into consideration
retirement and so a heating system that required a        the effect of fuel price inflation, the payback on this
great deal of user interaction was not a viable option.   investment is seven to eight years. The system has
They have been impressed by the level of control of       a useful life of at least twenty years, so the saving
their GILLES heating system. “This is press-button        over the lifetime of the boiler will be well in excess of
stuff, simple and easy to understand. You can time        £150,000.
to a second, heat to the exact temperature you want,
and run radiators where you require them.”                Energy innovations

The GILLES HPK boilers, which are available from 10       “Energy Innovations were a great help in guiding us
– 145kW, will cope with woodchip up to 50mm and           through the decision-making process. Their team of
moistures of up to around 35%, which means that           engineers who designed the system, and the
those with their own source of wood fuel could quite      plumbers, did a great job and the installation went
easily use a hired chipper to generate fuel of this       wonderfully smoothly. The system has been finished
specification. This can offer some very economical         to a very high standard. Since the boiler was started
heating opportunities. The larger boilers, which are      it has not missed a beat, which is great, as on their
available up to 6,000kW, can deal with moisture levels    advice we took the decision to get rid of our old oil
of up to 60% and much larger fractions of material.       boiler altogether. We’ve been thrilled with how
                                                          efficient and reliable the boiler has proved to be.”
The GILLES cell wheel, which is a standard part of the
feed system on all the woodchip boilers in the GILLES
range, not only eliminates the risk of burn-back but
also prevents blockage of the burner feed through
cutting any oversize chips. This exclusive feature is
particularly advantageous when burning your own
woodchip, which can be a less consistent product.

The owners have been amazed by how little ash is
generated by the system. “When the heating is
  Installations in Country Estates
  Bayfield Estate, Holt, Norfolk

  In 2004 North Norfolk landowner Roger Combe installed a 65 kW woodchip boiler at Bayfield Hall to heat
  the 40 rooms there as well as the recently renovated stable block which houses an antique and design centre.
  Roger is now completely converted to the idea of woodfuel and says. “Wood is not just cheaper than oil, it is
  more efficient, the house has never been so warm. Added to which it gives us a sustainable alternative to fossil
  fuels and the raw material is on my doorstep so there’s no need for large lorries to travel long distances through
  the countryside.” Roger is member of Anglia Woodfuels and says “I’m very pleased with the contract
  chipping that I’ve had done by Anglia Woodfuels, they have advised on chip quality and moisture content.
  Although there were early issues relating to fuel quality we have worked together to improve standards.”

  With help from Anglia Woodfuels, he recently secured funding from the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding
  Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund towards a second boiler installation.

  This boiler – a Reka 100 kilowatt model supplied by
  J Riley Beet Harvesters of Attlebridge – will heat a new
  20,000 sq ft of converted barns. The work space
  consisting of 4 distinct zones is being used for a shop
  conversion, business and office space. For the project
  Roger decided to install this reliable but basic boiler
  with manual cleaning and no automatic restart. Roger
  has also bought the first 24 m3 fuel hopper to be built
  for J Riley Beet Harvesters. He commented ‘although it
  is very expensive it is a justifiable cost and works well’.

  Roger added that there is sufficient boiler capacity to
  also link the neighbouring farmhouse to the scheme.

Installations in Public                  hot water tank. It has no back-up
                                         fossil fuel boiler, though Suffolk
Buildings                                County Council has an arrangement
                                         in place to provide emergency oil
Rendlesham Primary School, Suffolk       heating within two hours if
Rendlesham Primary School is a new
build primary school in the village of   The woodchip fuel supply chain has
Rendlesham, north of Ipswich.            been established using timber from
It is one of six primary schools where   local woodland. The process from
Suffolk County Council has installed     woodland to delivery is organised by
wood heating systems.                    Eastern Woodfuel, located less than
                                         1 mile away at nearby Bentwaters
The school is heated with a 120 kW       Parks, who are a woodfuel company
Binder woodchip boiler installed         providing woodfuel throughout
and commissioned by Wood Energy          Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex using
Ltd. The equipment is housed in a        their specialist blowing vehicle,
purpose-built boiler and fuel store,     tipping and walking floor trailers.
giving an active storage volume of
about 25m3. It has an integral 2000      Eastern Woodfuel is a member of
litre buffer tank to control low load    Anglia Woodfuels and they have
conditions in summer and also            supported Anglia Woodfuels
provides a 150 kW peak load in           development of training events and
winter mornings.                         technical advice.
The system has a small solar water
heating system feeding into a large

      Visit www.angliawoodfuels.co.uk or call 01603 730050*
                   *Please note our registered office is managed by Anglia Farmers so
                            please don’t hang up when they answer your call.
About Anglia                            Infrastructure Scheme that is
                                        a UK-wide (England, Wales,
                                                                               diversification and increase
                                                                               support for the development of
Woodfuels                               Scotland and Northern Ireland)         bio-energy.
                                        scheme. The Scheme provides
Anglia Woodfuels is a wood fuel         grants to producer groups and          Anglia Woodfuels is actively
supply producer-group, which is         businesses to help the                 supporting the Forestry
a company limited by guarantee.         development of the supply chain        Commission’s “Woodfuel
Based in the east of England, it is     required to harvest, store,            Strategy for England” and on a
a collective of members dedicat-        process and supply certain             regional level is proactively
ed to developing a sustainable          biomass to heat, combined heat         involved in the Forestry
approach to energy use.                 and power, and electricity             Commission’s “Woodfuel Project
                                        end-users.                             for the East of England”
The group has been established
as part of a local project to           The Bio-energy Infrastructure          Anglia Woodfuels aims to
encourage improved manage-              Scheme’s objectives are to             develop a woodfuel supply chain
ment of woodlands through the           increase the generation of             throughout the Eastern Region
development of new markets for          renewable energy to help               via a membership scheme that
forest residues.                        reduce greenhouse gas                  offers a woodfuel chipping
                                        emissions; to contribute to            service, technical advice and
We have been awarded a grant            sustainable development, rural         support through site-visits,
under Defra’s Bio-energy                job creation and agricultural          newsletters, a website and

Jump on the Woodfuel Wagon
There are a number of benefits from membership, including:

•      organising a woodfuel infrastructure from currently under-managed woodland.
       We have forestry agents who are able to offer advice, submit England Woodland
       Grant Scheme (EWGS) applications and organise the felling and selling of
       woodland produce providing a proportion of that wood is used as woodfuel
•      hiring our Heizohack chipper with a fully trained and highly competent forestry
•      advisory visits from woodfuel boiler engineers/installers for those people who
       are thinking of installing woodfuel heating
•      invitations to events, training days and conferences that we organise in partnership with the Anglian
       Woodland Project and the Forestry Commission
•�     make known changes in legislation and regulations that might affect the woodfuel industry and to also
       explain and promote grants and subsidies for wood heating equipment.

The following groups may wish to consider being members: Woodland owners, property owners, tenants and
developers seeking to use woodfuel, owners of woodchip heating boilers, heating engineers who specialise in
woodfuel systems, woodland contractors, farming co-operatives and local authorities.

Anglia Woodfuels Limited has two classes of membership:

Full Members
Each Full member must “grow” some of the biomass which the producer group is to supply to
end-users, or use himself. Only Full members can contract hire the Heizohack chipper that is available
for hire with a fully trained and highly competent forestry contractor. The first year’s membership
subscription & joining fee is £175 and £75 annual subscription thereafter.                                      ��
Associate Members                                                                                        ��������������������
An Associate membership category for trade and interested parties who will receive a quarterly
newsletter and invitation to Anglia Woodfuel events. The annual subscription is £25.

            Join us now
     Visit www.angliawoodfuels.co.uk or call 01603 730050*
                  *Please note our registered office is managed by Anglia Farmers so
                           please don’t hang up when they answer your call.

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