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									     GIS Applications for the
Marion County Health Department

      Indianapolis, Indiana
The Marion County Health Department

                 • Bureau of
                   Population Health

                 • Bureau of
                   Environmental Health
The Bureau of Population Health

            •   Chronic Disease
            •   Communicable Disease
            •   Dental Health
            •   Emergency Preparedness
            •   Fetal and Infant Mortality
            •   HIV/AIDS
            •   Nutrition Services
The Bureau of Environmental Health

              • Childhood Lead
              • Food Safety
              • Hazardous Materials/
                Emergency Response
              • Housing and
                Neighborhood Health
              • Mosquito Control
              • Water Quality
                     MCHD Facts
• Environmental Control
  – 1.3 million pounds of trash
• Water Quality
  – 5,000 public pool inspections
• Indoor Air
  – 4,000 calls concerning household mold
• Food Safety
  – Indianapolis 500: 4 tons of French fries, 2,700 gallons of
    soda and 600 pounds of chicken tenders
GIS in the MCHD

       • BEH in 1993

       • BPH in 1994

       • Both combined in 2000
GIS services
  • Health and Hospital Corporation of
    Marion County
  • MCHD
     – District Health Offices
     – Remote Sites
  • Wishard Health Services
  • IU Medical Group (IUMG)
  • Not-for-profit organizations:
     – American Cancer Society
     – Covering Kids and Families Coalition
GIS service types

          •   Grants
          •   Market Analysis
          •   Research and Analysis
          •   District Maps
          •   Route Maps
          •   Educational Materials
          •   General Requests
Grant Maps

    •   Project S.H.A.P.E.
    •   Indiana University Medical Group (IUMG)
    •   IU School of Dentistry
    •   Infant Deaths

“These will be helpful to our local and statewide efforts.
The maps really do make the complex numbers visible
in a very clear way.”
             - Covering Kids and Families Coalition
Market Analysis Maps

            • A.C.T.I.O.N. Center
            • South District Health Office
            • HHC Properties

“The maps looked great and the media appreciated having
it as a resource.”
                                   - Public Relations
Research and Analysis Maps
•   Childhood Lead
•   Smoke-free Restaurants
•   Covering Kids and Families Coalition
•   Wells and Surface Contamination
•   West Nile Virus
•   Infant Mortality
•   Lung Cancer Deaths
•   Radon Testing
•   IUMG Sites and Clients
•   High Risk Pre-Term Births
District Maps

           • EHS Food Safety Districts
           • IPD North District

“These maps also help us to visualize the WNV sites.
We can see clustering and trends that may be occurring
with West Nile Virus.”
                              - Mosquito Control
Route Maps

      • Water Quality Pool Route Maps
      • Mosquito Control Spray Route Map

“The G.I.S. maps help us to more effectively and
efficiently control mosquitoes in Marion County.”
                               - Mosquito Control
Educational Materials
            •   Smoking Cessation Sites
            •   Haz/Mat Training
            •   Indianapolis Urban League
            •   WIC Farmers’ Market Sites

“I find mapping very useful in marketing my educational
programs for our department.”
                                     - Foods Safety
Other GIS Services
       •   BEH Operations Tracking
           –   Logs violations and complaints
           –   Captures field data
           –   Generates reports
           –   Currently in development phase
           – ArcIMS
               •   Internal use
               •   Daily route maps
               •   Daily EHS inspection maps
               •   On-the-fly maps for reports
Contact Information
  Joan Keene                  Troy Divis
  GIS Coordinator             GIS Analyst
  jkeene@hhcorp.org           tdivis@hhcorp.org
  (317) 221.2289              (317) 221.2297

        • Marion   County Health Department

        • Health and Hospital Corporation
        of Marion County

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