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									Devon County Council
Job Description

                                Assistant Transport Co-ordination Officer
Job Title
                                (Mainstream & Specialist Team)
Location                        Matford Lane Offices, County Hall, Exeter
Reporting to                    Team Leader, Mainstream or Specialist Transport
Post Number                     101362                         Grade             D
Directorate/Section             EEC/Waste, Engineering & Transport Services
Effective date of JD            June 2008                JE Job Number           G.0109

Job Purpose including main duties and responsibilities:

Statement of Purpose
To assist the Team Leader (Mainstream or Specialist) in the effective and efficient provision of
transport services to meet customer requirements for the school and social care transport as
determined by the Passenger Services Manager.

Principal Accountabilities:

    1. To support the Team Leader (Mainstream or Specialist Team] in all tasks, ensuring as far as
       is possible that continuity of service and action is provided to handle daily client contact and
       service and that office cover is provided 0800 to 1730 Mondays to Fridays when the offices
       are open.

    2. To assist in the implementation day to day changes to transport to meet client requirements
       and ensure smooth operation of all transport managed by the team in the absence of the Co-

    3. To administer the provision of Client transport by contract hire, purchase of bus and train
       passes, acknowledgements and allowances, D.C.C. fleet etc under the direction of the Senior
       Area Co-ordinator, dealing with correspondence and pro forma as required.

    4. To assist with transport network reviews from the information collection stage through to final
       implementation of the new networks.

    5. To assist monitoring transport services on a continuous basis to ensure effective, efficient and
       cost effective operation at all times.

    6. To ensure the completion of all necessary records to follow up operational and contractual
       arrangements and the supply to the Financial Team of the correct information for payments
       and recharges.

    7. To carry out checks on loadings, service reliability, vehicle condition & suitability (visual
       check) etc., at the roadside; schools and colleges; and on board vehicles; and to make
       reports as necessary.

    8. To assist in dealing with complaints and safety matters, including site meetings accident
       investigation, and operator and vehicle checks; and to help to prepare reports as necessary.

    9. To assist with the deployment and scheduling of the Passenger Transport Fleet and Co-
       ordination of drivers, including scheduling.

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Devon County Council
Job Description
    10. To assist in the other transport arranged by the Transport Co-ordination Service and to assist
        in making emergency transport arrangements when required.

    11. To conform to, actively commit to and promote DCC Customer Service Standards both with
        internal and external ‘customers’ when using any communication media including telephone,
        email and face to face.

Person specification:

                                                                                        Method of
      Attribute                  Essential                      Desirable
                        Ability to work under
                        Good organisational skills      Flexible and imaginative
                                                                                        Application
                        Able to work within a team       approach to problem
Management                                                                              Interview
                         and under own initiative         solving
                                                                                        Tests
                        Able to deputize where          Calm & quiet manner
                        Accuracy
                        Problem Solving
                                                         Knowledge of transport
                        Dealing with difficult
                                                          industry either from
                         situations                                                     Application
Experience                                                operating or an
                        Ability to manage time                                         Interview
                                                          education/local authority
                         when delivering a wide
                                                          or similar background
                         range of tasks
                        Good written & other
                         communication skills
                        Able to travel on coaches,
                                                         Good map and timetable
                         and public transport,
                                                          reading skills                Interview
Practical Skills         (including buses & trains)
                                                         Geographical knowledge        Tests
                        Able to access locations
                                                          of Devon
                         throughout the County,
                         including early starts and
                         late finishes
                        Ability to express well
                         verbally and in English text                                   Application
Communication                                            Participation in meetings
                        Use of e-mail and other                                        Interview
                         forms of communication
                        Able to perform role with
                         reasonable adjustments
                                                                                        Application
Personal Qualities      Commitment &                    Presentation skills
                                                                                        Interview
                         conformance to DCC
                         customer service standards
                                                         Awareness of policies
                                                          and legislation affecting     Application
Strategic Thinking     
                                                          passenger transport           Interview
Technology / IT                                          Experience of computer        Application
                        Proven computer skills
Skills                                                    mapping software              Tests
                                                         Other relevant
Education and           Education to A level or
                                                          experience, qualifications    Application
Training                 equivalent
                                                          or interests
                        Commitment to and
Equal Opportunities      understanding of Equal                                         Interview
                         Opportunity policies

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Devon County Council
Job Description

1.     Supervision and Management:

       Supervision and management of approximately 200 external contractors used
       for transport services including monitoring, awarding and managing of school,
       child social care and Adults Services transport contracts

2.     Creativity and Innovation:
       Post holder(s) deal with issues and problems on a reactive basis with
       continuous and often complex issues to be dealt with, often at short notice.
       Requests can be received from social workers, centre managers or Children
       and Young People’s transport officers.

       Innovative working required to allocate passengers to a network taking into
       account best value for the authority as well as the individual needs of the
       passenger(s) which may be complex and the availability of suitable
       contractors and/or vehicles

       Managing large networks requires creativity and skill to ensure transport is
       provided within the policies set down by the client directorates, legally and
       meets DCC standard terms and conditions of contract.

3.     Links with other officers, Service users or Members of the Public:
       Links include routine communication with the CYPS and/or ACS Directorates
       about their clients transport needs. The post(s) assist a wide variety of clients
       including Social Workers, unit managers, schools/colleges and CYPS
       transport officers on transport changes and problems. This can involve
       handling potential complex situations when transport is changed and/or fails
       to operate due to failings of the vehicle, driver equipment etc.

       Once transport has started, contact will progress to be with school staff,
       parents, passengers and the contractors who provide the service. This and
       can often involve complaints about the level or quality of the service provided.
       A number of these issues can be complex and contentious which may lead to
       a warning or possible termination of a transport contract

4.     Levels of Responsibility:
       The client directorates decide who is entitled to free or assisted transport and
       the post holder is responsible for assisting with the appropriate arrangements.
       This requires detailed knowledge of the network with a range of options being
       presented. These options have to take into account any special needs of the
       passenger, the location of the individual and the transport network available.

       Decisions may be needed at short notice and the post holder has the freedom
       to act and use their own initiative. Where appropriate they will seek advice
       from a transport co-ordination officer or team leader with any major problems.

       With all decisions there is pressure to react promptly and efficiently to sort out
       a transport request or failure.

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Devon County Council
Job Description

5.     Effects of Decisions:
       The provision of transport (and any changes made to it) has an impact on the
       passenger, the parent/carer of that passenger, the establishment the transport
       serves, the contractors and their employees and the internal or external client
       who made the original request. It will also have an impact on the client’s
       budget which requires monitoring on a regular basis.

       Contractors may be affected significantly by the impact of changes and the
       monitoring of routes for efficiency savings (network reviews). In extreme
       cases this could result in a contractor loosing the majority of their work with

6.     Resources:
       Computer records must be kept up to date through the Transport
       Management System (TRAMS). This records all passenger, transport
       contract, establishment, school and financial information including payment to
       contractors. It needs to be kept up to date for budgetary and audit purposes.

7.     Work Demands:
       The nature of transport provision means that the post holder has to constantly
       change and re-evaluate priorities on a day to day basis. Interruptions can
       begin in the morning peak time through to the afternoon journey home and
       often demand an immediate response. These can include:

                 Vehicles running early, late or not arriving
                 Vehicle breakdowns or accidents
                 Change in driver and/or escort provision
                 Complaint about driver or condition of vehicle
                 Behaviour problems on the transport
                 Road works
                 New students, change of address, school or special needs
                 Contractor changes

       All changes need to be recorded in TRAMS with paperwork kept up to date
       (for example in the route non compliance log).

       At very busy periods, for example at the start of a new academic year , it is
       possible that the piece of work starting at the beginning of the day is left
       unfinished at the end. Tight deadlines are in place to allocate passengers to
       routes, inform parents, dispatch tickets and send out approximately 1300
       contracts to operators for the start of term.

       The post holder will deal with many conflicting priorities having to prioritise
       requests from more than one client. Contact may be made from the
       Customer Service Centre, parents, CYPS transport or escort team,
       contractors, colleagues, social workers, a centre manager, schools, or the
       passengers themselves. Each group have their problems and priorities and
       may be in touch via e-mail, the telephone, post or in person.

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Devon County Council
Job Description

       The request for transport may vary from an immediate requirement to long
       term planning of a new or revised network. Some requests are very involved
       with complex special needs and frequently changing transport requirements.

8.     Physical Demands:
       The majority of the work is office based with the use of IT throughout the day.
       However the post holder should be able to travel on public transport and other
       contracted transport services which will also result in the need to access parts
       of the County early or late in the day.

9.     Working Conditions:
       90% of time working at TCS, Matford Offices, County Hall
       10% of time spent outdoors or on vehicles undertaking route timing and
       passenger information checks, visits to schools or other establishments

10.    Work Context:

       For the majority of the time the work is office based with contact via the
       telephone or e-mail with an occasional face to face meeting. Some telephone
       calls will be from upset or angry parents or contractors.

       When working outdoors contact will be made with contractors, their drivers
       and the passengers travelling on the routes

11.    Knowledge and Skills:

       From the information given the post holder is required to work on a range of
       advanced tasks with responsibilities that relate to more than one work area.
       The job involves assisting with the management of a number of complex
       transport networks and requires geographical knowledge of the area
       managed. Examples may include whether a public bus service is available in
       an area or whether a certain type and size of a vehicle will be able to access a
       particular location.

       Requests for transport are received from the client Directorates with
       information about where they need transport from and to, the times frequency
       required and any individual special needs.

       Other areas of knowledge which will need to be developed include:
           An understanding of the structures of the client Directorates
           Knowledge of the passenger transport industry including the type of
             contractors and vehicles available, how these vehicles are licensed
             and under what conditions they operate. This may include the DCC
             fleet as well as contractors own vehicles
           IT skills including use of TRAMS, word, excel, GIS mapping and
             Outlook (or equivalents)
           Freedom of Information and Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults
           DCC wheelchair tail lift and clamping procedures

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Devon County Council
Job Description

                Safety processes and requirements within the Passenger Transport
                 terms and conditions of contract
                Medical and special needs awareness relating to passenger and escort
                Expertise in the tender process from the gathering of accurate
                 information about the route to be tendered, through to its placement on
                 the electronic tendering system, awarding and contract monitoring.

       In time the level of knowledge and skills required will result on the post holder
       having detailed knowledge in passenger transport co-ordination.

       Skills required include having:
            tact and diplomacy
            verbal and written communication skills
            interpersonal skills
            the ability to work under pressure and to conflicting deadlines
            good telephone phonetics
            a good sense of humour
            ability to work in a team
            the need to task and finish, to prioritise, react to situations
            the ability to take instruction and follow a set down procedure without
               question or challenge

Job GLPC profile
SMP    C&I       C&R    D.D   D.C    Res   WDM    PDM    WCN   WCT    K&S       Score
 2.1     3        3      2     2      1      2      1     1      1      3        354


Job Description agreed by:

Line/Originating Manager: Damien Jones                          Date: 30th June 2008

Job Holder (if in place):________________________________Date:__________

Head of Service:______________________________________Date:__________

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