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Solar Heating Worksheet - water and buildings

Take a walk to the solar water heating display in the middle of the site, near the wind
and water power displays.

Inside the display there is a sink on the right and a large tank to the right of it. This
tank is only heated from the three panels above it on the roof (to the right of the roof).
The smaller tank at the front has been cut open to show how the hot water from the
panel passes through the tank in a copper pipe.
How hot is the water from the tap in the sink? You might need to run the tap for a bit
to get rid of the cold water in the pipe.

The temperature is affected by a number of factors:
  what time of day is it?

  what time of year is it?

  how sunny has it been today?

  how sunny was it yesterday?

  how many visitors do you think have come round today and used some of the hot

Given all these factors is the water hotter or colder than you’d expect?

(When it is quite sunny the water heated by the sun has to be mixed with some cold
water so that it does not burn visitors’ fingers).
The system has a pump – why?

What do the electronic controls do?

Outside, the panel with the kettle has a thermometer attached. What is the
Charity number 265239                                                            SolHtng4

To the left of that panel there are four small panels with thermometers above (under
flaps that lift up). What are the temperatures?
   Metal (white)      metal (black)   insulated behind glazed & insulated

On average in Britain people could get half their hot water from solar energy over the
course of a year (not for central heating but showers, washing up and all the other uses
of hot water). What do you think this pattern of solar heated water production would be
like over the year?

Materials used in the solar water heating systems
Why have the following materials been used in this display –
 Copper pipe inside the tank

  Foam on the outside of the tank

  Metal panel inside the panel with the kettle attached

  Glass on the front of the panel

  Rockwool in the panel made from an old radiator

Is there a suitable place on your home to put solar water heating panels? If so, where
and why?
Charity number 265239                                                              SolHtng4

Passive solar heating of buildings
Passive solar heating means designing buildings so that solar energy can get in easily to
heat up the space inside. Ideally it also means trying to store the heat for as long as
possible while making sure that the building will not overheat.
Look at the Self-build house and describe how it uses passive solar energy (and loses
excess heat).

Look at the shop and describe how it uses passive solar energy (and loses excess heat).

The earth walls hold the building up but they also have a useful function on the passive
solar heating system. How?

What makes passive solar buildings pleasant to be in?

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