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									                       CORONARY HEART DISEASE (CHD)
                      MANAGED CLINICAL NETWORK (MCN)

       Minutes of meeting to discuss Public Involvement held at 10.00am on
 Friday 20 January 2006 in NHS Grampian, Meeting Room 2, Summerfield House

Present: Chairman:   Mr Sandy Reid, Network Manager, CHD & Stroke MCN
                     Mr Alastair Ramsay, Public Representative
                     Ms Dawn Simpson, Cardiac Rehabilitation Co-ordinator
                     Ms Elaine Cardno, Scottish Health Council
                     Ms Emma Ashman, Scottish Health Council
                     Mrs Irene Anderson, Asst. Service Manager, CHD MCN
                     Ms Roberta Eunson, Service Manager, Aberdeen CHP
                     Mr Roddie Wood, Public Representative
                     Mr Tony Collins, Public Representative

By Invitation:       Ms Louise Peardon, Co-ordinator, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland
                     Ms Nicola Cotter, Training Co-ordinator, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland

In attendance:       Mrs Christine Gray, Secretary

Item                                                                                          Actions
1.       Welcome – Mr Sandy Reid welcomed Ms Louise Peardon and Ms Nicola Cotter
         from Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland who had agreed to attend to share examples
         of work elsewhere in Scotland which could be of interest to Grampian.

         Apologies from: Malcolm Metcalfe, Clark Paterson, George Downie, Graeme
         Smith, Heather Kelman, Jackie Bremner, Jim Black, Joy Groundwater, Robert
2.       Purpose of Meeting

         To explore ways to increase and strengthen public involvement representation
         within the CHD MCN.
3.       Reflections on MCN Progress Regarding Public Involvement

         Some thoughts expressed were:
          Over the last 5-6 years public involvement have become a driving force
            particularly within cardiac rehabilitation
          Numbers have increased of people attending cardiac rehabilitation classes,
            however how to tackle the rest of the general public at large – suggest use of
            good quality leaflets for Health Centres and even targeting places who have a
            large throughput of the general public e.g. Bon Accord Centre
          Important to remember that Public Representative views expressed in Project
            Board meetings were as equally important as the views of the health
            professionals – there should be no “glass ceiling” for public involvement.
          Recent public involvement work for Grampian CHD MCN was a document
            produced by Mr Roddie Wood and Mr Milne Weir. The document was the
            result of an exercise of gathering information from patients and carers who had
            attended cardiac rehabilitation classes giving their views on the service they
            had received from admission to hospital to discharge back into the community.
Item                                                                                          Actions
4.     Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS) Presentation
       The group were keen to hear the thoughts etc. of CHSS and a presentation
       followed regarding their work.

       Louise Peardon – her post had 3 roles, (1) CHSS support people in the community
       with CHD (2) working with MCNs Scotland-wide (3) work within own
       organisation to raise profile, improve services and information and update
       literature etc.
       Nicola Cotter – her post involved training within the CHSS

       In brief their presentation included:

       Mission statement of CHSS

       Publications – videos on heart attack, heart failure, booklets, factsheets and
       alternative languages.

       Advice Line – well established – going for 10 years. Advice given to patients,
       carers, health professionals and students as a study resource. Answered questions
       on any aspect of illness and could direct callers to other support groups or advice
       services as needed. On individual request with about one days notice could
       arrange a 3-way telephone call for alternative language - access to 120 different


       Affiliated Heart Groups – patient led groups and Louise was involved in working
       with these groups. To note that in Aberdeen there was one group at present. (6
       across Highlands and the North of Scotland)

       Heart Failure Nurse Liaison Service Lanarkshire – CHSS were putting a lot of
       energy into this area of work. The condition of Heart Failure was rising. CHSS
       produced support literature and helped improve social care for patients and carers.

       Heart Failure Volunteer Service – in partnership with Lothian Heart Failure
       Network were supporting social impact of heart failure in the community. This
       was a pilot project and if successful they would take the model to different areas
       around Scotland. The Project had been up and running for two years.
       Volunteers were trained and matched with patients for a 6-9 month period to
       befriend and give informal counselling (it might involve taking patient out for
       coffee or day trips or sit with patient whilst carer had respite time to go out). At
       the end of the 9 months the volunteer would gradually withdraw but leave the
       patient with something in place e.g. involvement in an organisation or interest
       group for social support.
       Medical Research £500,000 pa. 30 major projects.
       Website – www.chss.org.uk – gave a huge amount of information and advice and
       was updated weekly if not daily.

Item                                                                                          Actions
       MCNs – Louise was keen to become more involved. She had developed a leaflet
       explaining to the public what exactly was the Managed Clinical Network and it’s

       Hearty Voices Scotland – Nicola gave a talk on her involvement in this.
       CHSS have formed a partnership with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to
       bring Hearty Voices training to Scotland. 3 Health Boards in Scotland were being
       piloted before rolling out nationally from Spring 2006. It involved a training
       course which aimed to equip patient/carers/all members of the public with the
       skills and confidence to work with health professionals on improving and refining
       the healthcare systems within Scotland. The training provided trainees with a
       detailed structure of the NHS in Scotland and how to get involved as a patient
       representative within their local area. Gave skills on how to communication with
       Health Professionals, how to gather views from other health service users and how
       to influence change. Once the pilot stage was completed and evaluated they
       would decide how the publicise and launch nationally.
5.     Comments following Presentation

          CHSS Advice Line – Charged at local rate. Could produce cards to be issued
           to patient on discharge. There were no plans to extend the service, which was
           currently Monday to Friday with an ansaphone at weekends. All agreed to
           publicise this Service pro-actively.
        How to get message across that carers e.g. a spouse of patient recognised that
           they were in fact a carer and to make them aware that a lot of hel\p and advice
           was available to them through CHSS.
        Suggestion that CHSS monitor times when they received most telephone calls
           on their advice line, to enable possible reconfiguration.
        Hearty Voices – would Grampian be keen to be involved? CHSS would be
           willing for a representative from Grampian to “sit in” on a training session and
           observe. Alastair admitted that BHF in Grampian to his knowledge had not
           heard of this service but according to the literature it looked well structured.
        Regarding training – what about health professionals – it would be good for
           them also to be involved in Hearty Voices training. It was agreed by CHSS
           that once the pilot was complete then this would be considered.
6.     Formation of CHD MCN Sub Group
       Currently no structured sub group for the CHD Public Involvement was in place
       and Sandy proposed that those present be invited to become members of a newly
       formed CHD MCN Public Involvement Sub Group if they so wished. This was

       Action: To go away and reflect on points from the meeting today. To continue the
       relationship that had been established with CHSS. Louise and Nicola were both
       keen to continue to be members of the sub group.

       At the next meeting to “brainstorm” ideas on the way forward with public
       involvement issues.
7.     Date of Next Meeting- Tuesday 28 February 2006 at 10am (till 12 noon) in
       Meeting Room 2, NHSG Summerfield House, Eday Road, Aberdeen


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