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									                                                     MND Factsheet 9
                                                 Travelling & Holidays
                                                                            Last Updated 2008
Motoring                                             travelling. Black cab taxis often carry
                                                     portable ramps to enable wheelchair
Driving with Motor Neurone Disease is                access. Always specify when booking a
possible to a point. It is the law that after        taxi that you will need one capable of
diagnosis you must inform the DVLA at                accommodating your particular needs.
Swansea and be assessed by your doctor
on a regular basis to renew your time                Check platform access details before rail
restricted licence.                                  journeys. While it may be possible to
                                                     make special arrangements with the
Some families with MND purchase a                    relevant rail company to get on and off
wheelchair accessible (barrier-free) van             the train at any station on their route, not
or one with hand controls for persons with           all stations are yet fully accessible.
good upper body function for every day               Double-check with both the rail company
use as well as road trip holidays.                   and the station itself for accessibility
Apply for a blue badge from your local
authority and you are may be entitled to             Air Travel
free parking facilities and benefits that            Most airports provide wheelchairs
include reduced fees on toll bridges and             that you can take to and from the
ferry crossings. You can apply for Road              plane. Make sure that the airline
Tax exemption if you receive the Higher              knows in advance that you require a
Mobility Component of the Disability                 wheelchair.      If you need to be
Living Allowance (DLA).This can be for a             accompanied by an attendant, and
vehicle you drive yourself or one that is            have the appropriate document
for you by a carer.                                  signed by a doctor, some airlines let
                                                     an accompanying attendant fly at
Motability                                           half-price.     Airlines also provide
Motability offers low cost motoring to               other services for the disabled
disabled motorists through a contract hire           including special meals.         When
scheme. To apply for this you need to be             enquiring about reservations, it is
receiving the Higher Mobility Component              also a good idea to make sure that
of the DLA. Full information is available            the airline can accommodate your
directly         from           Motability           disability requirements.      Bear in
( or from a local car           mind if travelling alone, especially on
dealership that is Motability approved.              longer      flights,     under       no
They can also supply lists of approved               circumstances will a flight attendant
vehicle adaptation and conversion                    help you get beyond the toilet door.
                                                     Some airlines might not allow you to
Wheelchair users may find there are                  take your own wheelchair into the
additional   inconveniences    when                  cabin and may insist on you

MND Scotland is the working name of the Scottish Motor Neurone Disease Association, the only charity
    funding research and providing care and information for those affected by MND in Scotland.

  Company limited by guarantee. Registered in Scotland; Number SC217735. Charity Number SC002662.
     Registered Office 74/76 Firhill Road Glasgow G20 7BA. Tel: 0141 945 1077 Fax: 0141 945 2578
                  E-mail: Web:
                             MND Factsheet 9 Travelling & Holidays

transferring to one of their own                           for information on associations available
wheelchairs that is narrow enough to                       by country (
pass down the aisle of the plane. Be                       Make sure you know how to contact the
prepared to need to transfer from                          MND support group’s office closest to
your own chair to theirs as they may                       your destination for information on the
not mention this fact when booking.                        services they can provide in the event
                                                           you might need them. Similarly, if you
Users     of  electric  wheelchairs                        are going to be travelling in the United
powered by lead-acid batteries will                        States, contact the nearest MND
need to change their battery type if                       Association (ALSA) Chapter.      For an
they intend to take their chair with                       ALSA Chapter list, go to .
them rather than hire one at the
destination.                                               The Scottish MND Association cannot
                                                           accept responsibility for these services
See also our factsheet on long-distance                    but would appreciate feedback on the
air-travel.                                                quality of care the services provide.

TRAVEL TIPS                                                Travel Information

Holidays can be an essential way of                        DOOR TO DOOR
“recharging the batteries,” particularly in      
times of stress or illness. To get away                    door/03/01.htm
from the normal environment and routines                   This is a good website from the Disabled
can give a real uplift. Unfortunately,                     Transport Advisory Committee which will
because of the limitations imposed by                      give you advice about all aspects of
MND specialist help may be required both                   transport and travel.
while travelling and on arrival at the
holiday destination.                                       Many volunteer groups provide transport
                                                           to take people to and from hospital
Facilities                                                 appointments. If you could benefit from
If you have problems walking, or are in a                  this ask at your next appointment if you
wheelchair, telephone your destination                     can access such transport either through
ahead to find out what accessible                          a local volunteer scheme or the St
facilities are available where you will be                 Andrews Ambulance volunteer driver
staying, as well the attractions you may                   service.
visit. Some places are very accessible to
the disabled, others are not. Be very                      Organisations
specific about what your needs are -
"accessible" means different things to                     HOLIDAY CARE
different people. So, you may need to                      Infoline: 0845-1249971
ask if there are ramps, elevators,                         Email:
wheelchair accessible rooms in the hotel,                  Website:
etc.                                                       A central resource for people with
                                                           specialist requirements, including those
Support Resources While Away                               with disabilities. It offers information on
If you are travelling abroad, check the                    holidays in the UK and abroad, low-cost
MND/MND International Alliance web site                    holidays and details of respite care.

The information in this leaflet is believed to be accurate at the time of production. MND Scotland cannot give
      detailed medical advice, this leaflet should be regarded only as general background information.

                             MND Factsheet 9 Travelling & Holidays

RADAR (Royal Association for Disability                    Finances
and Rehabilitation)                                        Although we would all like a break many
Tel: 0207-250-3222                                         of us never manage to get away for
Email:                                  financial reasons.     Many people with
Website:                                  MND find that local funding can help.
Produce two annual updated guides for                      Check with your social worker, health
people with disabilities on UK holidays                    visitor and local Citizens Advice Bureau.
and travel abroad, plus factsheets on                      Sometimes the Scottish MND Association
related subjects.                                          may be able to contribute towards the
                                                           cost of a break with our Small Grants
ACCESSIBLE TRAVEL & LEISURE.                               Scheme – check with your Care Adviser.
Holidays abroad tailored to your individual
needs.                                                     Holidays in Scotland
Tel: 01452729739 Website                                 THE SMNDA ‘Lang Break’ Caravan
                                                           People with MND can now enjoy short
Tourism for All UK                                         breaks for £250 per week at the
c/o Vitalise                                               picturesque Craigtoun Meadows Holiday
Shap Road Industrial Estate                                Park near St. Andrews in the Kingdom of
Shap Road                                                  Fife.
Cumbria LA9 6NZ                                            The ‘Lang Break’ Caravan is an ideal
Tel: 0845-124 9971 Fax: 01539 735567                       facility for families affected by MND who
Web: Email :                      wish to enjoy a holiday together in a non-                                  clinical setting. The caravan has are wide
Tourism for All UK is a national charity                   exterior doors and exterior lights to
dedicated to standards of world class                      illuminate the approach. The interior has
tourism which are welcoming to all.                        wide sliding doors providing clear access
Formed as a result of a merger between                     to each room. Electrical switches, sockets
Holiday Care, the Tourism for All                          and appliance controls are placed at
Consortium,    and     IndividuALL,      the               heights appropriate for wheelchair users.
organisation contains the knowledge
gained over the past 30 years in providing                 The fitted kitchen includes lower level
information to the public, especially the                  work surfaces and a recess beneath the
senior market and those with disabilities,                 sink unit for ease of accessibility. Quarter
on where their specific needs can be met                   - turn lever taps are fitted in the kitchen
so that they can fully participate in travel               and shower room for ease of operation.
and leisure. Receives up to 80,000                         There are two large bedrooms with
enquiries a year and also champions the                    moveable and fixed twin beds and the
cause of accessible tourism with policy-                   lounge area has a fold out sofa bed. The
makers in the UK and Europe.                               caravan is carpeted with a wheelchair
                                                           friendly pile throughout and double
Insurance                                                  glazing, central heating and an electric
If you are travelling abroad, insurance is                 oven and hob make it feel like a home
essential. See our Factsheet 12 Travel                     from home.

The information in this leaflet is believed to be accurate at the time of production. MND Scotland cannot give
      detailed medical advice, this leaflet should be regarded only as general background information.

                             MND Factsheet 9 Travelling & Holidays

Booking Forms are available on a first-                    PA31 8JU Tel: 01546-600022
come first-served basis by contacting
Mairi Hughes on 0141 945 1077 or email                     Online     Short    Break     Information                                 Service (OSBIS)
                                                           Share Care Scotland have developed a
The facility is owned and managed by                       unique online short break information
MND Scotland.                                              service (OSBIS) which was launched in
                                                           June 2008. It provides information on
Holiday Chalet from the Dochas Fund                        home-based        and    residential-based
The Dochas Fund is a charity that                          respite, family placements, befriending
supports people with MND or Guillain                       projects, activity clubs, holiday breaks
Barre Syndrome in Scotland. The charity                    and more specialised guest houses and
rents a purpose built holiday home from                    hotels.
“Enable” in the historic setting of Kilmartin              or (same
in Argyllshire. It is fully equipped to                    organisation.)
accommodate families and people
affected by MND and sleeps 6.                              Visit Scotland publish an “Accessible
                                                           Scotland” guide to short breaks and
The holiday accommodation costs £250                       holidays.
per week Easter to October, otherwise            
£170. It is also available for weekend hire                stay/accessible-scotland/
at £25. MND families will be welcomed                      Alternatively, call the National Booking
personally by Catherine Paterson or a                      Hotline on 0845 22 55 121
member of the Dochas Fund.
Contact:       The Dochas Centre, 50
Campbell Street, Lochgilphead, Argyll


Factsheet 12            Travel Insurance.
Factsheet 37            Long Distance Travel

Other useful contacts

Access to Air Travel for Disabled Persons and Persons with Reduced Mobility:
Code of Practice            Tel 0870 1226 236 or 0870 1226 237

The  Equality   and     Human     Rights                  Commission,       Tel     0845       604      6610

Foreign and Commonwealth Office                  0845 850 2829

ABTA Ltd                020 3117 0500, Email - Website

The information in this leaflet is believed to be accurate at the time of production. MND Scotland cannot give
      detailed medical advice, this leaflet should be regarded only as general background information.


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