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									Service name
District Nursing

Main contact number for referrals/ SPA contact
Romford Locality

Romford Clinic
40 Main Road
Tel: 01708 796700
Fax: 01708 796730

Collier Row Clinic
Hulse Avenue
Tel: 01708 796777
Fax: 01708 796788

Hornchurch Locality

Elm Park Clinic
252 Abbs Cross Lane
RM12 4YG
Tel: 01708 796079
Fax: 01708 796080

Rainham Clinic
Upminster Road South
RM13 9AB
Tel: 01708 796555
Fax: 01708 796573

Upminster Locality

Harold Hill Health Centre
Gooshays Drive
Tel: 01708 796400
Fax: 01708 796402

Cranham Health Centre
Avon Road
RM14 1RG
Tel: 01708 796100
Fax: 01708 796116

Community Night Service

A Block
St Georges Hospital
Suttons Lane
RM12 6RS
Tel: 020 8724 1440
Fax: 020 8724 1445
Switchboard: 01708 465000

Brief description of service
The District Nursing service provides high quality patient centred care to adults (over
16) who require nursing at home or in nurse led clinics. This is carried out in
partnership with patients, their carers and other agencies. The service aims to
maximise the health of individuals and promote independence.

Service base/ address
See addresses above

Hours service is provided
Day Service – 08.30 – 17.00
Night Service – 17.00 – 08.30

Aims of Service
1. Keep people within primary care.
2. Facilitate early discharge from hospital.
3. Promote end of life initiatives.
4. Provide holistic & complex assessments of patients needs including referrals to
other agencies where appropriate.
5. Promote independence and self care.
6. Prevent unnecessary hospital admission or A&E attendance.

Staffing (roles)
 Adult Services Team Leader
 District Nurse/Case Manager
 District Nurse
 Senior Community Staff Nurse
 Community Nurse
 Assistant Practitioner
 Health Care Assistant

How long will patients be seen/ treated. Min - Max

Patients/ conditions accepted/ referral criteria
1. Patients must live within the London Borough of Havering.
2. Patients must be housebound or require treatment at a nurse led clinic.
3. Post operative patients who are unable to travel.
4. Patients who require end of life care.
5. Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
6. Patients who require treatment that would be inappropriate to carry out at a GP
surgery, such as bowel care.
7. Patients who require short term support to promote independence at home.
8. Patients who require case management for long term conditions.

Patients/ conditions NOT accepted
1. Inappropriate referrals.
2. Nursing care for the under 16s.
3. Patients who require urgent medical attention.
4. Patients who are not housebound or do not require treatment at a nurse led clinic.
5. Patients who require medication to be dispensed into pre-filled containers.
6. A “check visit” where there is no nursing need.
7. Patients who require personal care

Where patients can be treated/ seen (eg. Home, clinics, hospital) and base
1. Home.
2. Clinics.
3. Residential Homes.
4. Nursing Homes (Specialist Advice Only)

What service offers – treatment, interventions, tests etc
1. High quality nursing care.
2. Complex & holistic assessment.
3. Partnership working with other agencies.
4. Promoting Independence.

List of Diagnostic/ Important information sought with referral eg test results.
1. Patients name, date of birth, address & telephone number.
2. Patients NHS number.
3. Patients next of kin.
4. Patients GP.
5. If patient is already known to DN Service.
6. Reason for referral and nursing need.
7. Name and contact details of referring person.
8. Relevant medical & surgical history and social circumstances.
9. Any know contra-indications to lone visiting.
10. 7-14 days supply of medication if appropriate.
11. 3-5 days supply of dressings if appropriate.
12. Completed medication authorisation if appropriate.

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