Carry Forward Requests

					                                                                          APPENDIX 3A

                                   Carry Forward Requests

Democratic Representation & Management (£8,000)

New chairs for the committee rooms.

Community Warden Scheme (£17,500)

Arson Control - £17,500 was specifically allocated by the Regional Office of the Deputy Prime
Minister for this scheme. Due to the funding only recently being approved by the government
office a carry forward is requested to ensure that the allocation is spent.

Land Charges (£52,000)

Data capture and backscanning in respect of the new TLC system will not be completed before
31 March 04 producing a £28,000 c/fwd request. In addition a £24,000 c/fwd is requested for
the future integration of the Land Charges (TLC) and Development Control systems in 04/05
as there is no approved funding for this work and it will be required.

Civic March (£10,000)

The Royal Air Force (Odiham) have announced their wish to exercise their right to Freedom of
the Borough on 27 May. The cost of arranging this, hospitality, security measures etc. will be
in the region of £10,000 and cannot be borne from the annual civic hospitality budget.

Transitional Arrangements (£22,000)

There is a forecast underspend of £22,000 in 2003/04 on the Transitional Arrangements
budget. This temporary budget finances Corporate Resources transitional costs pending the
completion of the Corporate Resources restructuring in October 2004. It is requested that this
underspend be carried forward in order to increase the funds available to fund transitional costs
in 2004/05 in order to enable temporary staff to remain for longer.

Local Plan & Planning Policy (£50,000)

This is due to consultant’s studies in support of the Local Plan not being completed. £50,000 is
requested as a carry forward to complete/carry out a Highway study and a Retail and Leisure
update study.

Community Wellbeing Grants (£23,000)

A total revenue budget of £75,000 (spread over 2003/04 to 2005/06) was transferred from the
Communities and Regeneration Capital programme to deliver Homestart Clere. A carry
forward of £23,000 from 2003/04 to 2004/05 is requested now that the timescale for delivering
the scheme is more certain.
Furniture Store (£55,000)

A carry forward of a one-off budget of £55,000 to support the running costs of a Furniture
Store is requested. The scheme has been delayed due to the failure of a lottery bid submitted by
Newbury Recycling Project resulting in a shortfall in the overall amount required to operate
the scheme.

Youth Strategy Launch and Projects (£15,000)

A one off sum of £15,000 was included in 2003/04 to support community projects. Due to late
appointment and maternity cover these funds have not been spent. No funding is available in
2004/05 to support the youth strategy therefore a carry forward is requested.

Youth Council Project/Operation (£8,000)

A request is made to carry forward £8,000 returned from Young Persons’ Information Project.
No funds are available in 2004/05 to support Youth Council.

Citizenship Programme (£4,500)

Reassessment of programme objectives delayed implementation. No budget provision in

Research and General Economic Development (£37,000)

This is due to a delay with Connexions Plus of £30,000 and an underspend on consultants of
£18,800. After an agreed budget virement of £5,000 of the Connexions budget to the Business
Awards it is requested that the balance of £25,000 be carried forward to 2004/05. In addition a
carry forward of £12,000 of the £18,800 underspend on consultants is requested to support the
Employment Initiative.

Older Persons’ Strategy Launch and projects (£20,000)

A decision not to pursue credit unions, as alternative debt support mechanisms are in place,
resulted in a saving of £20,000. It is requested that this be carried forward into 2004/05 in
order to support the Older Persons’ Strategy.

Winklebury Youth Worker (£22,000)

A carry forward of £22,000 for the Winklebury Youth Worker to 2005/06 (budget is already
available in 2004/05) is requested pending the resolution of the outstanding issues and the
Youth Service entering into a partnership with Winklebury Community Association.

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