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Days Summer 07c Newsletterindd by lonyoo


									Days Gazette                                                                                   SUMMER 2007 ISSUE 002

                                 Days New Flexi Hire launched
                                 DAYS FLEXI HIRE CAN NOW ANSWER ALL YOUR
                                 SHORT-TERM HIRE NEEDS

                                 W     hether you need a vehicle for 1 day or
                                       12 months, to cover a new starter or
                                 seasonal work we can offer you competitive
                                                                                                             9         per day

                                 prices using our negotiated rates from
What’s inside:                   national rental companies.
                                 This is the perfect solution for:
The response from our article
                                 ● New starter/temporary employees
   last issue on employees
   using their own cars for      ● Staff on secondment from overseas
company/business purposes        ● Pre contract while new vehicle on order      Example vehicle costs for Flexi Hire
                                                                                Small 3dr car from £9 a day
has prompted us to compose       ● Replacement of older vehicles                Small van from £11 a day
 a must do check list for all    ● Seasonal requirements                        Mini MPV from £15 a day
                                 ● Needs arising out of new health and
          Page 2                   safety regulations
                                 Rental periods are flexi from 1 day to 12

                                                                                Fleet Delays
                                 months with various mileage options
                                 With Days Flexi Hire you are not tied in to
  BMW introduce Efficient          a long-term commitment and there are no
Dynamics technologies to their   hidden early termination charges.
       118d models.
                                 To arrange your Flexi Hire contact
          Page 3
                                 us on 0845184 9337 ...
 Save £1000’s on your next
   is the place to buy low                                                      LAST MONTH FLEET NEWS REPORTED
mileage hatchbacks at huge                                                      WARNINGS OVER VEHICLE DELAYS. ‘FLEETS
          discounts.                                                            MAY HAVE TO START PLANNING THEIR NEW
          Page 4                                                                VEHICLE ORDERS WELL IN ADVANCE AS
                                                                                DELIVERY TIMES FROM MANUFACTURERS
                                                                                GROW EVER LONGER,’ EXPERTS WARN.

                                                                                With more and more specification
                                                                                combinations available in new vehicles,
                                                                                manufacturers are increasingly adopting
                                                                                policies that see cars and vans built to
                                                                                order rather than stockpiled ready for

                                                                                As a result, fleets have to wait much
                                                                                longer for new vehicles than they used to
                                 ... or visit our website at:                   and will have to plan new vehicle orders
                                            well in advance.
Using your own car
                                                                                             After the response from our article last
                                                                                             quarter on employees using their own cars
                                                                                             for company/business purposes we have
for company purposes                                                                         this quarter composed a must do check list
                                                                                             for all employers.
                                                                                             You must:
                                                                                             ● Check all drivers’ licences are valid
                                                                                             ● Review all driving licences at least once a year
                                                                                             ● Keep a record of all penalty points
                                                                                             ● Qualify any drivers identified with a health issue to
                                                                                               ensure they are fit to drive
                                                                                             ● Apply any eye check up policies to these employees
                                                                                             ● Issue a driver handbook to all such employees – ensuring
                                                                                               it is relevant to all employees using their own cars
                                                                                             ● Have all such employees to sign an acceptance of
                                                                                               conditions and record on file
                                                                                             ● Have an additional statement, which the driver will
                                                                                               sign to agree to drive according to the condition in the
                                                                                               Highway code
                                                                                             ● Include all drivers of own vehicles including new
                                                                                               employees who may also be required to drive on
                                                                                               company business on any driver training courses your
                                                                                               company may run

                                                                                             For more information relating to this matter
                                                                                             please contact your Account Executive on
                                                                                             0845 296 4423

                         Corporate manslaughter and homicide bill passed

                         T  he corporate manslaughter and
                            homicide bill, which was first put
                         forward more than a decade ago,
                                                                             Straw, the justice secretary, moved
                                                                             a parliamentary motion to provide
                                                                             another week for debate.
                                                                                                                       The event will take place on
                                                                                                                       September 19 in Oxford and
                                                                                                                       September 26 in Ilkley. For full
                         can now pass on to the statute book.                                                          details and to book your place, log
                                                                             The deadlock caused by a row
                         Although the bill will not put                      between the Lords and the
                         individual directors in the dock,                   Commons – ended with an                   The briefing on corporate
                         the actions of senior management                    agreement to compromise over              manslaughter will be part of an in-
                         involved in any prosecution will be                 peers’ calls for deaths in custody to     depth guide to legislation provided
                         put under renewed focus as a result                 be covered by the new law.                by Philip Somarakis, senior solicitor
                         of the new law.                                                                               with Blake Lapthorn Tarlo Lyons.
                                                                             The corporate manslaughter and
                         The bill had to be rescued at the last              corporate homicide bill now awaits        In addition, Saul Jeavons, of the
                         minute by Ministers when disputes                   royal assent.                             Transafe Network, will be briefing
                         over its contents threatened the                    Detailed analysis of the impact of new
                                                                                                                       fleets on key risk management
                         bill with failure if it ran out of                  corporate manslaughter legislation        techniques in the light of current
                         Parliamentary time.                                 will be provided for delegates at the     legislation.
                                                                             annual Hit for Six Conference.
                         It was saved only because Jack

 >>>   Peugeot 207
                                                          Mini One
                                                                                                                 Ford Mondeo
                                                                                                                 Estate 1.6
SPECIAL1.4 Urban 5Dr                                      1.6 2Dr                                                Edge 5Dr

OFFERS £160                £
                            210                £
                   PM                                                   PM                                                 PM

 Call us Today 0845 296 4423 - or visit
                  Business Users only. All figures are subject to VAT, 36 months, 30,000 mpa, non maintenance, inc metallic paint.
No smoking in company cars

The law states the following rules    to smoke while carrying col-           • A convertible vehicle is exempt
apply to any vehicle used for paid    leagues to and from work as this         from the ban but only when the
or voluntary work by more than        is counted as private                    roof is down
one person:
                                     Shared vehicle                             First fleet fine reported
Sole use vehicle                     • Employees are not allowed to             Conwy Council in Wales is one of the first councils to fine a smoking driver un-
                                                                                der the blanket ban that was finally rolled out to all parts of the UK on 1 July.
• Employees with a company ve-         smoke in a vehicle used by more
                                                                                The driver was caught smoking and fined £50 in his boss’ car, which under
  hicle for sole use cannot smoke      than one person (e.g. pool cars)         the framework of the legislation is deemed smoking in a place of work.
  while carrying colleagues for      • Employees using a pool car are           The unnamed driver is not the first to be caught by councils in Wales, where
  work purposes                        not allowed to smoke in the              the ban was introduced on 1 April, but until now offenders not complying
• Employees with a company             vehicle even if all other users are      were issued with written warnings.
  vehicle for sole use are allowed     smokers                                  Industry pundits are now pointing to more fines and less warnings being
                                                                                handed out to drivers in breach of the new no smoking rules.

A taste of the future                                                           WITH PETROL / ELECTRIC ENGINE TECHNOLOGY BEING DEVELOPED BY
                                                                                FEW MANUFACTURERS AND WITH COMPANY CAR USERS LOOKING AT

2008 Company car tax changes         new 10% rate (plus 3% diesel sur-          THESE VEHICLES WITH SCEPTICISM, PERHAPS THE WAY FORWARD IS EVEN
In the 2006 Budget, Gordon           charge). In addition, for the first         FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF MORE CONVENTIONAL ENGINES, THIS IS
Brown announced a number of          time ever, the 118d now falls into         JUST AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT THE MANUFACTURES CAN DO. FOR MORE
changes to the company car tax       Band B, the second - lowest Vehi-          INFORMATION ON THE VEHICLE PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US.
scale. From tax year 2008/09,        cle Excise Duty bracket, meaning
there will be a new lower BIK        all customers’ Road Fund Licence           ● Auto Start Stop (MESA) (four             ● Brake Energy Regeneration
banding of 10% for company cars      falls from £115 to £35.                   cylinder manual diesel cars only)           (BEER) which charges the battery
with CO2 emissions of 120g/km        BMW Efficient Dynamics can                  to reduce wasted energy during              using previously wasted energy
or less.                             deliver class-leading levels of fuel      idling                                      during braking or coasting.
Thanks to Efficient Dynamics           consumption and emissions with-
                                                                               ● Electric Power Steering                   ● Intelligent Alternator Control
technologies, from September the     out sacrificing performance.                                                           (GIRL) charges the battery
                                                                               (EPS) (excluding 135i M Sport)
BMW 118d 3 and 5-door models         A run-down of Efficient Dynamics            removes the need for a hydraulic            periodically to reduce drag on
will produce only 119g/km of CO2     technologies features are listed on       pump and reduces weight.                    the engine.
and will therefore fall into this    the right.

New challenges prompt new services
We realise that Fleet Managers face an ever growing volume of legislation and compliance
requirements. We meet the challenge with a range of extra services tailored to your needs.
         Driver                                         Fleet
         Line                                           M anag e m e nt
The only number you need for...              ● Looking after all your vehicle needs – from     offers handling all aspects of the claim
● Breakdown recovery ● Service & repair      servicing and maintenance to replacement          including dealing with insurance companies
bookings ● Tyre replacement ● Accident       or short term additional vehicles – to keep       and vehicle repairers: 0870 902 0628
management ● Glass & windscreen              your vehicles working day in, day out
replacement: 0870 902 0628                                                                                Mileage                     EARLY
         European                                       Cards                                             M a n a g e m e nt           2008
         Breakdown Cover                     ● Manage your fuel costs better by using
                                                                                               Tracker based service.
                                                                                               ● In addition to a stolen vehicle finder this
● Service available to new and existing      our own fuel cards. No more petty cash to
                                                                                               service offers: ● Service warning ● Service
clients wishing to extend their breakdown    sort out and easy mileage recording - ask for
                                                                                               overdue warning ● MOT warnings ● End
cover to all EC countries.                   details.
                                                                                               of manufacturer warranty notification.
         Fl exi                                         Accid e nt                             Helps fleet managers reduce runaway
         H ire                                          M anag e m e nt                        costs, manage maintenance schedules and
                                                                                               produce bespoke reporting to enhance driver
Flexible daily rental/spot hire.             ● A one-stop number available to existing         productivity
● Includes both cars and commercials.        and non-customers whether the accident
Available to new and existing customers      be driver fault or third party. This service
as an addition to our normal contract hire
services: 0870 184 9337                      For more details of these services and any other
                                             requirements you may have phone our Total Fleet
                                             Management Hotline on 0845 296 4423
                                                                                                                      Next Issue:
                                                                                                                   OUR NEXT ISSUE WILL BE OUT IN
Days Contract Hire is one of the UK’s                                                                               THE AUTUMN AND ALONG WITH

leading fleet management companies and                                                                              THE USUAL SPECIAL OFFERS WILL

has been providing professional advice and                                                                           CONTAIN MORE ARTICLES OF

services for many years.                                                                                                       INTEREST.

A Fleet News Magazine Top 30 company                                                                                      WRITE TO US AT:
and one of the few independent Contract                                                                                 DAYS CONTRACT HIRE
Hire company’s in the country, Days                                                                                       SWANSEA ROAD
Contract Hire is still family owned and run.                                                                                 SWANSEA
                                                                                                                             SA4 4LL
  Ford Fiesta

                                     from £5995                                                  ����������������

          We regularly update our courtesy car fleet, with brand new cars from the main manufacturers,
Save £1,000’s on your next car do, our low mileage cars are available for sale.
                      when we
This is the place to buy low mileage hatchbacks at huge discounts.             Employee News
               Usually these are sold to trade and through Auctions, but we make a few available to selected
These vehicles come with very low mileage. All are under 2 years old,
                                                                                Dorian in on
offering youcustomers through this website. Now’s your chance to cashStorer these unique deals. Remember
               the latest models at pre-owned prices.
                                                                                Business and only whilst stock last.
                                     cars are available in very limited numbers Development Manager
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If you want a small hatchback at a knock down price, with immediate             Contract Hire because ‘The Contract
                                     Remember - these deals are NOT advertised in the press. Hire industry has lost its way,
availability, don’t delay, contact us to check availability. These vehicles     service delivery has become secondary to fleet size. The industry has
sell out fast – and once they’re gone – at these prices – who knows             made contract hire too impersonal with telephone menu systems,
                                 Log                                            no details focus and no customer relationship, which has lead to
when you’ll get another chance?! on to for customerof our current stock.
Usually these are sold to trade and through Auctions, but we also               customers becoming account numbers not people. Joining Days is a
                             If you don’t have newsletter and on - call our breath of fresh air where Customer and service satisfaction matters
make a few available to the public through this internet accessour               trade hotline on - 0845 330 7234
website. Now’s your chance to take advantage of these unique deals.             and is not just another account causing the business problems.’
Remember these cars are available in very limited numbers and
         Call us Today 0845 330 7234 - or visit co-ordinator
only whilst stock last.
                                            Alistair Murray
Act quickly to bag a bargain, or register to receive previews of new           Alistair has recently joined Days Contract Hire taking on the role of
fleet releases before they get to the website...                                Sales co-ordinator. Alistair joins Days with 5 years banking experience
  ● All cars fully valeted                                                     within Account Management. He also joins with a wealth of customer
  ● Peace of mind guarantees                                                   service and sales experience.
  ● Delivery arranged UK wide
                                                                               Donna Read
Act quickly to bag a bargain, or register to receive previews of new fleet      Customer Service co-ordinator
releases before they get to the website...                                     With the departure of Kelly Richards from Days Contract Hire Donna
                                                                               has joined the Days Contract Hire team filling the role of Customer
                                                                               service co-ordinator. Donna has joined with 13 years in the packag-

Call us today 0845 184 9335 -                                                  ing industry as an Administrator and 8 years in parcel delivery within
                                                                               Customer Service.

or visit                                                We wish all three the best of luck in their new roles.

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