Brighton Festival Fringe Digs List Digs List 2007 Whilst every effort has been made

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					                           Digs List 2007
          Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information
contained in this list is accurate, we have not seen the properties so you are advised to
  check details and prices. Please contact the homeowner not the Fringe Festival for
accommodation issues. The Brighton Festival Fringe is not responsible for any aspect
                                       of your stay.

                     NAME                                                DETAILS
             Rowan Stanfield Miller                                       Single room
                Freshfield Road                             Price per night:£15 // Price per week:£95
                                                         Share bathroom with owners (married couple).
              Brighton, BN2 9YD                     Self catering Share (large) kitchen with owners. Evening
                                                             meals can be provided on request - £5
                  01273 696080                     Please give us any further information about the digs you
        Email:              think may be relevant, e.g. sitting rooms, terrace, TV,
                                                  phone, own entrance, washing machine, linen, own key etc:
                                                   Access to living room and garden (with a view!), Own key,   Use of washing machine - £2 per load, Linen provided, Own
                  htondigs.html                                        TV & VCR in room
                                                                   Easy parking, 50p per day

                                                                 20 min walk to town centre
                                                              Direct bus link – 5 minute journey
                                                    Flat occupied by laid back professional couple, one of
                                                   whom is an ex-theatre technician. Prefer vegetarians, but
                                                                         not essential.
                  Jeanette Legge                  £10 per night £55 per week single room, £70 per
                  Colbourne Road                   week double. £80 per week double room in attic
                       Hove                         with sitting area and access to roof patio. TV,
                     BN3 1TA                        tea/coffee making facilities, £1 a day parking.
                                                                     Cats in house.
                  01273 726292                             15 minute walk from City Centre.
                  07884 480105
                 Carol Cleveland                                    £64 per week.
                 Belgrave Street                                    Self–catering.
                      Brighton                    1 single room, small but cosy and quiet with great
                     BN2 9NS                         view. Full use of home and garden. Actor‟s
                  01273 602607                       house in „Contacts‟ Good Digs Guide. Non -
                            smoking. Parking.
                                                               ¼ mile from City Centre.

                 Mrs. Gill Chandler                            £10 per night £60 per week
                  Highdown Road                               Bed and breakfast (optional).
                       Hove                                          1 single room.
                     BN3 6ED                          No smoking. No children or pets. Parking
                                                   difficult. 1¾ miles from City Centre. 25 minute
                   01273 380129                                  walk or No. 7 bus ride.
     Mrs. Annie Robinson               £12 per night £60 per week single occupancy,
       Freshfield Place                     £18 per night £90 per week double.
           Brighton                    Bed & breakfast – help yourself. 1 single/ twin
          BN2 0BN                     bedded room in comfortable Victorian house off
                                      Queens Park. Parking permits- £1 a day. Use of
          01273 683625                kitchen, TV, washing machine, patio garden. 12
          07740 860740                          minutes walk to City Centre.

          Kate Dyson                                   £65 per week.
         Victoria Street                               Self–catering.
            Brighton                                   1 single room.
           BN1 3PQ                           Central heating, own key, TV, pets.
                                              1 ½ miles from the City Centre.
          01273 746505
           Trevor Jones                       £70 per week. Nightly rate neg.
          Saltdean Drive                            Bed and breakfast.
             Saltdean                                 1 double room.
             Brighton                               TV, phone, parking.
             BN2 8SD                                  Non –smoking.
          01273 304688                 Actor owner who fully understands the needs of
          07904 342263                                     actors.                    3 ½ miles from City Centre.

        Nicky Hubbard                             £20 per night £75 per week
       Ground Floor Flat                            Tea, coffee, provided.
         Albany Villas                 Small cosy double room. Run of lovely spacious
            Hove                      flat + garden. 2 min from seafront, shops. 20 min
           BN3 2RS                      walk along seafront for City Centre (or bus stop
                                         end St). Smoking in garden only. Parking on
        07971 282299                                street –24 hours at £2.
        Hazel Fairchild                           £10 per night £70 per week
         Grant Street                                     Self catering.
           Hanover                     1 bright quiet single room in cottage shared with
           Brighton                       owner. Shared use of bathroom, kitchen &
          BN2 9UN                                    dining/TV area. Patio.
                                       No phone. No smoking Parking available. Good
        01273 270925                                      bus service.
                                                         Females only.
                                                    ¾ mile from City Centre.
         Lesley Wilson                           £12 per night £75 per week
      Stirling Place Hove                      Self-catering / bed and breakfast.
            BN3 3YU                                 1 single, 1 double room.
        01273 723818                  TV, phone. Parking tickets available. No smoking
        07788 416631                     I ¼ miles from City Centre, near station and
    Angela Henstock Hughes                              £75 per week
         North Gardens                               Bed and breakfast.
            Brighton                                   1 single room.
           BN1 3LB                      Central heating, own key, linen supplied, TV,
                                          smoking allowed. No children or pets.
         01273 729183                         5 minute walk from City Centre.
 Dermot McLaughlin                              £80 per week.
                             Self -catering. 1 single room. Victorian terraced
    01273 297298               cottage. Only 2 mins walk from station. TV in
                                         room. No smoking or pets.                  3 minute walk from City Centre.
    Corinne Hamlin                               £12 per night
    Preston Lodge                             Bed and breakfast
 Little Preston Street                            1 twin room
        Brighton              Homely and welcoming. Smoking allowed. TV.
       BN1 2HQ                        Children and small pets allowed.
                                              Parking is difficult.
    01273 321346                           1 mile from City Centre
     Gail Young                          £80 per week single room.
    Norfolk Street           Double room -£15 per night, £100 per week for 1
      Brighton                     person, £150 per week for two people,
      BN1 2PW                 Self-catering. TV, DVD. No pets/children. Non
                                smoking. Very attractive house just off the
    01273 730779                          seafront. Parking difficult.
                                         1 mile from the City Centre
   Ms. P. J. Aldred                  £85 per week, nightly rates, also.
    Surrey Street            Comfortable room available in clean and friendly
      Brighton                house. TV in room. Use of kitchen, bathroom,
      BN1 3PA                 etc. Towels/linen provided. No smoking. Very
                                    central, just one minute from station.
    01273 818731                           ½ mile from City Centre
    07816 777340
                                                   £14 per night
   Mrs. Jan Mills                                 Self – catering.
  Brunswick Mews                        1 large single bedded room with
       Hove                                     en suite bathroom.
     BN3 1HD                 TV. Phone by arrangement. No children or pets.
   01273 776028                                    Non smoking.
                                  1 mile from City Centre, behind Brunswick
 Hassan Khabbazeh             £75 per week £325 per month (inclusive of bills)
  Waterloo Street                                 Self – catering.
     Brighton                   Bright, clean, furnished room with views over
     BN3 1AH                 Brighton in large central family house off Western
                                 Road. Near shops, sea, station, bus routes.
    01273 776699                                   Non-smoking.
                                            1 ½ miles from City Centre
     Joan Dodds                            £15 per night £90 per week
    Cowper Street                                 1 single 1 twin
        Hove                                    Bed and breakfast.
      BN3 5BN                Own key, TV, smoking allowed. Parking can be a
                             bit difficult. On the bus route near Portland Road.
    01273 729720                             2 miles from City Centre.
    07802 841375

         Tony Smart & Bill Downes                            £15 per night £80 per week
              Curwen Place                           Self-catering. Single room with double bed.
                  Brighton                          Free parking, TV, DVD & digital box. Shared
                 BN1 6UP                          bathroom & kitchen with washing machine. Very
              01273 541738                        friendly dog in flat. A little over 2 miles from City
              07801 692290                         Centre, on the London Road near Preston Park

            Miss Sarah Rankin                                  £12 per night £84 per week
              Elrington Road                      Self-catering.1 single 1 twin. Non – smoking. TV.
                   Hove                              I live in a lovely home/location, within easy
                 BN3 6LG                              distance of the Theatre. Cash in advance.
                                                                1¼ mile from City Centre.
              01273 502573
             Katherine Gutkind                              £35 Per Night & £175 Per week
               In the Laines                                          1 Double room
                                                   Self-Catering. Own bathroom with shower only,
              01273 329 512                       on a separate floor to the bedroom, own kitchen. I
                      will provide the basics of coffee, tea, sugar and
                                                          milk for the person, to start off with.
             Sarah Beaumont                                 £15 per night or £80 per week.
              Ground Floor                                          bed and breakfast.
             Waterloo Street                       Light and airy single room. Own key. Smokers
                  Hove                            welcome. Parking OK. Dog in the house. Use of
                BN3 1AH                                     sitting room and TV if required.
                                                           1 mile approx. from City Centre.
              01273 731909
          Suzanne Jane Raymond                    1 Double with sea views. £40 per night, single 20
              Courtney Gate                          per night £100 per week. Help yourself to
             Courtney Terrace                       breakfast. Large mansion flat. Own shower
                   Hove                           room, constant hot water. Off street parking first
                BN3 2WJ                              come first served. Non-smoking preferred.
                                                             1 ½ miles from City Centre.
              07748 941204

               Greg Ashton                                            £90 per week
Buckingham Lodge, Buckingham Place, 7 Dials                            Self catering
                 Brighton                           1 large double room in centrally heated shared
                 BN1 3PL                          flat. Use of TV, video, DVD. Phone for incoming
              07904 939732                            calls. Electric meter. No pets. No smoking.                                 ½ mile from City Centre.
            Mrs. S.M. Newman                                 £20 per night £100 per week.
                Cliff Road                                           Self catering
                 Roedean                           Light airy double room. Single occupancy. TV.
                 Brighton                                        No children or pets.
                 BN2 5RD                           1½ miles approx. from City Centre, near shops
                                                                     and Marina.
              01273 602652
              07939 201820

       Anita Wright                       £25 per night for single occupancy.
    Brunswick Square                                 Self-catering.
           Hove                     1 double room in large flat in one of Brighton‟s
         BN3 1EJ                  most beautiful squares. On 2nd floor (lift available)
      01273 722626                     with sea views. TV in lounge & bedroom.
      07979 603492                      Smoking allowed but not in bedroom.               5 minutes from beach and 1/3 mile form City
       Martha Kowa                                   £18 per night.
    St. Georges Mews                                 Self–catering.
         Brighton                  1 small single room with a large single bed, TV.
         BN1 4EU                   Use of kitchen. All visitors are advised to have
                                                   their own phone.
      01273 690977                       10-15 minutes walk from City Centre
      07957 786884
      Leigh Gibbins                           £150 per person per week
        Toad Hall                               £15 per dog per night
    Ainsworth Avenue                              Bed and breakfast.
       Ovingdean                   Single bed , sunny en suite room separate from
        Brighton                  house. Digital TV. Parking. Use of kitchen. Well
        BN2 7BG                    behaved dogs allowed. Owners would have to
                                   take responsibility for looking after and clearing
       01273 308264                        up as I have two young children.
       07711 983068                        Nearly 3 miles from City Centre
        Jean Hull                                    £25 per night
      Portland Mews                               Bed and breakfast
        Kemptown                             1 single and 1 double room
         Brighton                  Cosy Kemptown mews house close to seafront
                                                      and shops.
      01273 622882                           Free parking. Non-smoking.
                                               ¾ mile from City Centre
      Elizabeth Kemp               One cosy double bedded room with own sink.
      Off Elm Grove,                  Single occupancy - £12/night; £70/week
          Brighton,                  Double occupancy - £16/night; £100/week
            BN2                   Share rest of the house and help yourself to light
      01273 699590                         Towels and bed linen provided.
                                                  On-street parking          Only available until 10th May for this year‟s
                                            Sorry, but no children or pets.
                                         No smoking in the house, please.
                                  1½ miles to city centre, 1 mile to beach, frequent
    Jennifer Sharpstone                             £125 per week
    Surrenden Crescent                               Self-catering
           Brighton                                 1 double room.
          BN1 6WE                    Tranquil, self – contained studio flat. Own
      (nr Preston Park)           bathroom and kitchen and entrance. Surrounded
        01273 552403                  by greenery. Easy parking. TV. Fridge.                4 miles approx. from City Centre

       Peter Benedict                           £160 per week for one person,
     Flat 2 (balcony flat)                          £180 per week for two.
       Madeira Place                                      Self-catering.
           Brighton                   1 double room plus single sofabed in living room
          BN2 1TN                      with balcony and sea view. Luxury flat on 1st
                                     floor of Georgian House. Kitchen and bathroom.
       0207 7034104                              Washing machine, TV, VCR.
       07752 810122                             5 minute walk from City Centre
        Mark Barnes                                   From £225 per week
     Upper Market Street                               1 double bedroom.
           Hove                           3 bed and 2 bed flats also available Well
         BN2 3AS                     presented and equipped self-catering apartments.
                                         Patio. Parking. Non-smokers preferred. No
         0208 9791792                  pets.“A welcome addition to the area.” – quote
         07778795238                                from the Tourist Board.
         07831 386475                               1 mile from City Centre
       Terry Whitehead               £350 per week (£70 per person, per week-based
   Flat 2, Devonshire Place                      on five sharing) Self-catering.
           Kemptown                                  1 double, 1 triple/twin.
            Brighton                    Self contained 2 bed luxury apartment. Sea
          East Sussex                   views. The flat sleeps 5 people. Living room,
           BN2 1QA                   toilet/shower room, TV, DVD/CD player, washing
         01273 381093                   machine, dishwasher, microwave. Smoking
         07971 850635                       allowed in communal areas. No pets.
   07974 100719 (Stephen)                           1 mile from City Centre
     Valentine House Hotel                    From £35 per night (negotiable)
       38 Russell Square                            Bed and breakfast.
            Brighton                  3 single rooms 8 double rooms 2 twin /1 family
            BN1 2EF                                       room/s
                                      Own key, linen supplied, TV, phone. Smoking
        01273 700800                                     allowed.
     fax – 01273 707606                          ½ a mile from City Centre
           Hudsons                     Prices from £35 per person per night Bed and
     22 Devonshire Place                                  breakfast.
           Brighton                  All our rooms are doubles but we let some rooms
          BN2 1QA                    with showers and wash basins (shared toilets on
                                     the landing) as singles. Please visit our website
       01273 683642                    at or ring Stephen or                         Alex for further details.
                                                  ¼ mile from City Centre
       Beynon House                           Theatre deal – from £27 per night.
   24 St. George‟s Terrace                4 double rooms 2 twin rooms. Bed and
           Brighton                                       breakfast.
           BN2 1JJ                    Situated in a quiet Victorian terrace in the heart
                                      of Kemp Town, Beynon House is a no-smoking
        01273 681014                       guesthouse praised for its friendliness,
                                       cleanliness and excellent breakfasts. Free on             street parking. Tea/coffee making facilities, TV.
                                                     No children or pets.
                                                  ¼ mile from City Centre

            Penny Lanes Hotel                          Theatre deal – from £30 per night.
            11 Charlotte Street                        5 singles, 5 doubles, 2 twin rooms.
                Brighton                                       Bed and breakfast
                BN2 1AG                          Parking, TV, phone (public). Smoking allowed.
                                                   Licensed bar, varied breakfast menu (inc.
              01273 603197                                 vegetarian). Further info at
            fax- 01273 689408                      
       welcome                             1 mile from City Centre
             Cavalaire House                                 Please ring for details.
         34 Upper Rock Gardens
                 BN2 1QF

                 01273 696899
            Strawberry Fields Hotel                       £28 per night £175 per week
                6&7 New Steine                           6 single 6 double 6 twin rooms
                    Brighton                                   Bed and breakfast.
                   BN2 1PR                        Central heating, own key, linen supplied, TV,
                 01273 681576                                   public payphone.
              fax – 01273 693397
       strawberryfields@pavilion.                       ½ mile from City Centre
Cronin English Language and Holiday Bureau                         Self-catering.
               327 Portland Road                 We offer flats and studios in Brighton and Hove.
                      Hove                       Brighton Holiday Flats (22 units) on the seafront
                    BN3 5SE                      at the corner of Middle Street and Kings Road.
                 01273 410595                    Prices from £240 per week. Minimum 3 nights.
              fax – 01273 412662                  Luxury apartments available. No pets. Parking
                                can be difficult.
                Chatsworth Hotel                                 From £30 per night
                9 Salisbury Road                                 Bed and breakfast.
                      Hove                                   4 single and 3 twin rooms.
                  East Sussex                        Central heating, own key, linen supplied,
                    BN3 3AB                      parking, TV, phone. Pets, children and smoking
              01273 737360                                     1 mile from City Centre
                FiveHotel                                      From £28.50 per night
           5 New Steine Street                                   Bed and breakfast.
                Brighton                                 4 singles 5 doubles/triples 1 twin
                BN2 1PB                              Delightful Georgian townhouse located in
                                                  fashionable regency Kemptown square. Most
               01273 686547                         rooms are en-suite with sea views, TV and
             fax 01273 625613                    coffee/tea making facilites. We offer a choice of
                        breakfasts including vegetarian. Children
                                   welcome. No smoking.
                                                              ½ mile from City Centre
            Brighton Pavilions                                   From £45 per night.
            7 Charlotte Street                                   Bed and breakfast
                 Brighton                               3 single, 6 double and 1 twin room.
                BN2 1AG                            Central heating, own key, linen supplied, TV,
                                                   phone, parking. Pets, children and smoking
      Tel/fax - 01273 621750/622477                                    allowed.                              ½ mile from City Centre

               Leona House                           £30-70 per night £175-400 per week
             74 Middle Street                                  Bed and breakfast.
                 Brighton                            2 singles, 5 doubles and 1 twin room.
                 BN1 1AL                        Central heating, own key, parking, TV. Smoking
     Tel/fax - 01723 327309/777624                                  allowed.
                                                            ¼ mile from City Centre
             Quality Hotel                         Theatre deal -£55 single £65 twin double.
             West Street                                       Bed and breakfast.
               Brighton                                  58 double and 76 twin rooms.
              BN1 2RQ                            Smoking/non smoking rooms. TV and satellite
                                                   channels. Restaurant and bar. Phones in
     Tel/fax - 01273 220033/778000                      rooms. 24 hour access to hotel.                                 ¼ mile from City Centre
              Regency Hotel                                    From £45 per night
           28 Regency Square                                   Bed and breakfast.
                 Brighton                                  4 single and 2 twin rooms.
                 BN1 2FH                          Central heating, own key, linen supplied, TV,
                                                phone, parking (NCP). No smoking in bedrooms
          Tel – 01273 202690                                           only.
          Fax – 01273 220438                                1/3 mile from City Centre

           Cecil House Hotel                           £30 per person per night weekdays
            126 Kings Road                       Bed and breakfast. 4 single, 8 double, 6 twin
                Brighton                                             rooms.
               BN1 2FA                            Parking, TV and phone in room. Some rooms
                                                    are ensuite and/or with a sea view. Guest
           Tel-01273 325942                     lounge/bar. We have smoking and non-smoking
           Fax-01273 325222                       rooms. Guide dogs only. Children welcome.                            ½ mile from City Centre

            Hotel Pelirocco                     £55/50 per night (single room) £85/125 per night
          10 Regency Square                                       (double room)
                Brighton                                       Bed and breakfast.
               BN2 4BQ                            5 single, 10 double and 4 twin rooms. All en
          Tel – 01273 327055                    TV, phone, Play station 2. Children welcome No
          Fax – 01273 733845                    pets. Parking. Stylish rooms designed by local
                                                   artists, Hotel Pelirocco is perfect for those
       Info@hotelpelirocco,                          seeking a unique atmosphere.
                                                             ½ mile from City Centre.

              Thistle Hotel                                   £75 - £200 per room
              Kings Road                                       Bed and breakfast.
                Brighton                         208 air –conditioned rooms in 4 star property
               BN1 2GS                          with health centre. Central location on Brighton
             01273 206700                                  Parking additional charge.                      5 minutes from City Centre (click on Brighton)

      Princes Marine Hotel                        From £50/80 per night
          153 Kingsway                             Bed and breakfast.
              Hove                            20 double and 20 twin rooms.
            BN3 4GR                   Modern spacious bedrooms many with sea view.
                                           Restaurant and bar. Free car park.
       Tel-01273 207660                         2 miles from City Centre
       Fax-01273 325913
                                      From £200 per week. Discounts can sometimes
    Best of Brighton Cottages         be arranged for Theatre people – especially for 5
         Windmill Lodge                            day or 6 day bookings.
         Vicarage Lane                                 Self-catering.
           Rottingdean                         ½ -1 ½ miles from City Centre

    01273 308779 –390211
        07956 662457