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                                                                        Circular No. 2008/45
22 February 2008

To:    Principals of all Special Schools

Questionnaire on Learning for Life and Work
Dear Principal

During the series of Leading Learning 3 Conferences this year the Principals of the Southern
Education and Library Board agreed to participate in surveys of school practice, beginning
with a focus on the area of Learning for Life and Work. There was a general recognition that
the outcomes of such a survey could provide helpful information for everyone about the range
of models in use across the system, including the development of links across the curriculum.
The process should also provide a basis for consideration and discussion of implications for
timetabling and the impact of models on timing possibilities for other subject areas.

The attached questionnaire is designed to gather the type and range of information which will
enable those discussions to take place, combining extraction of maximum information
possible with ease of completion.

We hope that you will be able to complete it by Friday 14 March. Please return it to your link
officer who will contact you to make arrangements for collection of the questionnaire over the
next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your assistance

Yours sincerely

Rosemary Flanagan (Mrs)

SECRETARY’S LINE: 028 37 512505
FAX: 028 37 512236
Mobile: 077 6611 6230
                          Learning For Life and Work Audit

                                         Special Schools

School Name:

1.        What aspects of Learning for Life and Work have been identified in the School
          Development Plan?

          Local & Global Citizenship                          Employability             

          Personal Development                                Home Economics            

2.        Is there a related Action Plan?

                      Yes                          No         

                                      MODELS OF DELIVERY

3.       How is LLW delivered in your school?

         Discrete provision                                       Modular provision 
Strand                    Time Allocated Per                 Strand        Duration of       Time Allocated
                          Week (eg 2x35 mins)                              module            Per Week

L&GC                                               L&GC                Half year       
Employability                                      Employability         One term      
PD                                                 PD                  6-8 weeks 
HE                                                 HE                  Other           

Cross curricular provision              
Please indicate which subjects contribute to the delivery and how this is organised:

                     Learning For Life and Work Audit

     If you use some other model of delivery, please describe it below:




4.   Personal Development

     Which of the following approaches are you currently using to deliver
     Personal Development:-

     Core team of specialists delivering PD curriculum                      

     Class teacher system                                                   

     If the PD programme is being delivered through the class teacher system,
     what time is assigned to delivery of the Personal Development curriculum?



5.   Is there a named co-ordinator for LLW?

              Yes               No     

     If yes, please provide the name ___________________________________

6.   Who are the personnel responsible for leading the four LLW strands?

     Citizenship         _____________________________________

     Employability       _____________________________________

     PD                  _____________________________________

     HE                  _____________________________________

                   Learning For Life and Work Audit

7.   Do these people meet regularly, as a team, to plan and co-ordinate the
     delivery of the LLW programme?

                            Yes                     No    

     If ‘yes’, please give details: ________________________________________



8.   What links or connections are there between the LLW team/s and other teams
     in the school, ie Curriculum Leader Team, SMT, Careers?




9.   To what extent have you begun to engage in a discussion about how the
     elements of LLW are being developed through the Areas of Learning?



                     Learning For Life and Work Audit

10.   Please use the table below to indicate who is currently delivering LLW in your
      school, what class they teach and what training, if any, they have received
      (SELB, CCEA, in school etc):

           Name                   Class             Training Received
Local & Global Citizenship


Personal Development

Home Economics

Please continue on the back page if necessary

                     Learning For Life and Work Audit

11.    To date what links and/or partnerships has your school established to support
       the delivery of LLW? Please only list those that specifically relate to LLW.

                            Links and/or Partnerships

         Name of Organisation                             Details

Dungannon Enterprise Centre             Enterprise Education Days
PSNI                                    Drugs Education talks



Personal Development

Home Economics

                        Learning For Life and Work Audit

12.     What other opportunities are there for pupils to take part in initiatives to
        develop aspects of Learning for Life and Work? eg

                School/student Council
                Business Enterprise
                Human Rights Day
                Employability Fest
                Health Promoting School Award
                Amnesty International
                Rights Respecting Schools Award (UNICEF)
                Community Relations Week
                World Aids Day
                International Woman’s Day
                Celebrating festivals from other world faiths
                European day of Languages
                Europe Day
                Civic Link
                Charity Fund Raising
                Eco Schools

Others (please specify):

      Thank you for your cooperation in completing this audit of LLW with us