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									Basingstoke and Deane Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter                                            January 2007

                                          COMMUNICATION UPDATE
Newsletter - The distribution and format of the newsletters has changed so that it fits in with the rest of the
North and North East Hampshire Police District. The newsletter will consist of articles from the police, some
partner agencies, Basingstoke and Deane NHW committee, NHW Coordinators or from members of schemes.
NHW Coordinators will receive this newsletter at the start of each month. It can be distributed to residents who
are members of the schemes that they coordinate. If anyone would like to submit an article or provide some
information please contact Paul Green or Wendy Sipson (details at bottom of page). Ideally they would like to
receive this by 21st of each month.
Some of you have enquired about receiving information on a more regular basis, especially on recent crimes.
You will receive some emails/bulletins on items that cannot wait for the newsletter and a key point of contact
for you is your local police beat manager, who will be able to give more regular and specific information for the
area you live in.
It is important for NHW Coordinators to have regular contact with the police. If there is a good flow of
information to and from NHW schemes it will help to deter crime and anti-social behaviour, assist the police in
catching offenders and provide reassurance for communities.

Should someone find a discarded item of personal property then please only handle at the sides with care. If
possible place in an envelope, if the item is wet then please place the item in a safe place where it can dry
naturally and then contact the police.

                                                CRIME NEWS
Cycle Crime – Pedal cycles continue to get stolen on a regular basis. Quite often this is where a bike is left
outside insecure. It only takes a few seconds to commit a crime so cycles should be securely chained when left.
At night they should be locked away out of sight, ideally in a shed or garage. The police run a ‘Loop It’ scheme
where they provide cycle owners with a loop tag. Anyone who has one of these tags displayed can loop their
chains and D-locks together to make the bikes more secure. Loop it tags are available in Basingstoke from
colleges, cycle shops and the police station.

Vehicle Crime – Theft from motor vehicles is a popular crime in the Basingstoke area. Please remember to
secure your vehicles when parked and do not leave any items on display. If you are going to leave items in the
boot, try and do this before you get to your destination, because although the boot hides items from view
someone could always be watching you!

 PC Paul Green – Basingstoke Police Community Safety Coordinator – Tel: 01256 – 845316
 Wendy Sipson – NHW Administrator – Tel: 01256 – 405009
 Hampshire Constabulary Tel: 08450 – 454545 Email:

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Basingstoke and Deane Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter                                         January 2007


 The committee meets bi-monthly and the next meeting is on Monday 05 March 2007. There are currently
 two vacancies on the committee and if you are interested in becoming a committee member please contact
 PC Paul Green or Simon Cockburn (Basingstoke and Deane NHW Chairman). It does not involve a lot of
 work, is good fun and you get to have a role in progressing NHW further in this borough.

 NHW Signs - A good supply of Neighbourhood Watch signs and sign overlays have recently arrived and are
 now available to distribute to schemes that have been waiting for them or schemes who would like to order
 All schemes that are new, or that do not have any signs, are allowed to receive two signs free of charge
 (provided by the committee). Any older and existing schemes that currently have one sign can receive
 another one free of charge.
 Schemes can also ask for up to 4 NHW sign overlays to stick on top of faded signs and they are also free of
 There are two types of sign that you can order:
 Type A – For lampposts or similar posts (24” or 36” straps)
 Type B – For flat services
 Please contact Paul Green direct on if you wish to order any of the signs or
 overlays. (Tel: 01256 – 845316).
 Paul can also supply details of the companies who supply these if a scheme wishes to purchase more.

 Membership Update – There are approximately 350 schemes on the database and the membership is
 increasing. Wykeham Drive in Worting, Basingstoke, has recently started as a new scheme. Kingsclere
 should soon have a NHW presence in the village as a start-up meeting has been arranged for Hook Road and
 The Dell. Other start-up meetings will also be taking place soon in different parts of the borough due to
 positive feedback after consulting residents.

 AGM – The Basingstoke and Deane NHW AGM is at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25 April at Costello
 Technology College, London Road, Basingstoke. Further details will be forthcoming. The minutes of last
 years AGM are available and if you would like a copy in advance of the meeting please contact PC Paul

 Contact details of Basingstoke and Deane NHW Chairman:
 Simon Cockburn - Tel: 01256 363065 – Email:

 PC Paul Green – Basingstoke Police Community Safety Coordinator – Tel: 01256 – 845316
 Wendy Sipson – NHW Administrator – Tel: 01256 – 405009
 Hampshire Constabulary Tel: 08450 – 454545 Email:

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