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					                                                                                                                                                  ISSUE NO. 1

DrivingBusiness            THE NEWSLETTER FOR                             MOTOR CLAIM SOLUTIONS

                             An introduction
                               to ‘Total’...
        Introduction         … a totally new concept that offers a
                             menu of services to care for both vehicle
                             and driver needs 24/7.
        New business         Launched just 18 months ago to fill a need identified             ‘one-call’ incident management service to ensure
        win – FIAT           by parent company Helphire Group plc, Total Accident            drivers’ peace of mind whether they are travelling

        Total’s Repairer     Management embodies the dynamism, vision and                    for work or pleasure.
        Network              flexibility of a young organisation combined with the
                             solid backing and experience of its well-established parent     The ‘Total’ offering is modular, providing a choice
        The ‘Total’
        Heritage             company. It is able to supplement services from those           of services designed to complement the specific
                             available within the Group, such as non-fault services,         requirements of an individual business, through
        Innovation –
        Fleet Portal         with being able to pick the best external providers, giving     to the complete outsourcing of vehicle and driver
                             it unparalleled freedom to meet the needs of the client in      needs. Its strength is in its ability not only to assist
        New website          the most cost-effective and efficient manner.                    fleet operators, insurers, brokers and contract hire
        Partner Profile                                                                       companies reduce their workload, cost and time
        (Bac2Nu)             Catering predominantly to the fleet market, the ‘Total’          scales from the very first notification of an incident
                             service offers motor solutions for non-fault, fault and split   or claim, through to final settlement, but also to
                             liability motor accidents, as well as a complete 24-hour        the provision of a first class service for drivers.
                                               ‘Total’ is able to track and retain complete       enabling an instant report on the status of
                                               control of the flow of its services via its         each case at any stage of the procedure, as

                                               track allocation management system (TAMS),         and when required.

biographies                                         Core competencies
                                                High quality claims capture                          Rapid identification of service entitlement

                                                Strong customer service ethos                        Targeted customer satisfaction levels

                                                                                                     Rapid deployment of in-house
                                                Logistics expertise
                                                                                                     and partner services

                                                Efficient management of claim                         Shortened cycle times and cost savings

Stefan Smyth                                    Strong supplier knowledge management                 Effective cost control of all services
Business Director
                                                Fast recovery services                               Cost validation and control
Formerly a Director at Aon Motor
Accident Management and Business
Director of Capita Insurance Services                                                                Tailored reports - including live
                                                Client focused management reporting
                                                                                                     web based systems
– Motor Division, Stefan joined the
Group in 2002 to set up Total Accident
Management as a subsidiary of
Helphire Group plc.

                                                    New business win –

                                                   ‘Total’ is proud to announce the signing of a major fleet vehicle deal with national
                                                   contract hire company Fiat Auto Contracts.

Ian Blackford                                      The deal will see ‘Total’ provide 24-hour accident management on behalf of Fiat Auto

Operations Director                                Contracts and its fleet of 1,500 vehicles.

                                                   Total’s Business Director, Stefan Smyth, said “This latest contract is an important step
Ian Blackford joined, as Operations
                                                   in ‘Total’s’ continuing growth. Fiat Auto Contracts is one of the top 50 UK contract
Director, from Aon Motor Accident
                                                   hire companies, specialising in the SME market. The deal came together as a result of
Management in 2002 to set-up the
                                                   ‘Total’s’ flexible services and Fiat’s willingness to treat this as a partnership to reduce
new accident management offering,
                                                   the administration costs involved in running its fleet of vehicles.”
having built strong claims, operations
and client relationship management
                                                   Alan Verlaan, Operations Manager, Fiat Auto Contracts, added
experience through his positions at Town
                                                   “We were looking for a company that could meet three
& Country and Claimsplus. Ian heads up
                                                   important criteria: reliability, a customer focused approach,
the departments responsible for service
                                                   and a quality accident repair network. We believe Total
delivery and drives all aspects of business-
                                                   Accident Management meets all these needs and will enable
to-business service provision.
                                                   us to reduce costs into the bargain.”

      Total’s Repairer Network
Bodyshop management is one of the most              Repairers are monitored and scored on a
challenging disciplines in the industry and the     monthly basis against various metrics including
need to guarantee quality and service levels        customer/driver surveys, post repair audits and
while maintaining profitability is paramount.        adherence to key contract standards.
These objectives can only be achieved if the
repairer network is strategically managed and       Paramount to the effectiveness of the network
assessed in line with industry practice, client     is the ability to maintain an ongoing dialogue
demands and market developments.                    between the repairer and ‘Total’ and deliver
                                                    simple but effective solutions to the end user.
All repairers on ‘Total’s’ network are rigorously
assessed against stringent standards before         ‘Total’ recognises that the Contracted Repairer   50 specialist scooter and motorcycle repairers
being added to the network and then                 Network needs to consist of a mix of suppliers    and engages with a specialist HGV repairer
evaluated on an ongoing basis by a team of          that are able to cope with varying vehicle        network as and when required.
fully qualified in-house engineers.                  types, advanced repairing techniques and those
                                                    that are able to provide services to meet the     The entire repair process is tracked via

The ‘Total’
                                                    customer’s increasing business demands and        ‘Total’s’ in-house repair management system,
                                                    commercial obligations. In response to this       where strict case management takes

                                                    need ‘Total’ has compiled a ‘multi disciplined’   place in conjunction with our preferred
                                                    network of some 140 car and LCV repairers,        estimating system.

‘Total’ is a wholly owned subsidiary of

                                                    Innovation –
Helphire Group plc which was founded
in 1992 to assist drivers involved in

                                                    Fleet Portal
accidents that were not their fault by
providing replacement vehicles and
repairs on credit.

Floated on the Main Market of the
London Stock Exchange in 1997, the                  In practise, many organisations experience        of its life, ensuring planned end of life
Group now has a market capitalisation               difficulties in managing the allocation of their   refurbishment can be carried out ensuring
in excess of £200 million and provides              fleet cost centres for a number of reasons, one    maximum returns.
over 1 million car hire days per annum              of which is lack of time available to maintain
as a first tier supplier under the ABI               up-to-date records. ‘Total’s’ web portal is       Within hours of initial provision of data
General Terms of Agreement.                         designed to eliminate this problem by setting     records, ‘Total’ can provide the client
                                                    up complete fleet records in advance then          with a detailed web-based database of
‘Total’ are able to offer the benefits               providing instant access to, and control of,      client vehicles, cost centres and drivers. This
of the Helphire service to clients’                 those records to ensure they are kept current.    places control firmly in the lap of the client,
drivers involved in non-fault accidents,            Changes in vehicle history, condition or the      allowing constant, instant updates and
ensuring replacement transport from                 registered driver can then be logged quickly      revisions at any time convenient to
Helphire’s fleet of over 4,000 vehicles              and easily by the client through the Fleet        the client.
(and access to a further 40,000 cross               Portal. So, if and when an incident occurs,
hire vehicles) ensuring minimum                     it is immediately allocated to the correct cost   The system utilises the same data as is
off-road time and maximum driver                    centre, saving time, administrative effort and    required by the MIDB (Motor Insurers
satisfaction – Helphire’s service                   ultimately, cost. As importantly, the system      Database), now a legal requirement with
consistently achieves a customer                    notifies when a vehicle is reaching the end        which all fleets must comply.
satisfaction level of 99%.

                                                                                                                        DRIVING BUSINESS • 3
of new Partner profile...
website                                     ...Focus on Bac2Nu
‘Customer driven solutions’ – that’s
the ‘Total’ proposition and also the
opening line of the new ‘Total’ website.
Launched in September 2004, the new
website not only stylishly provides
information on the ‘Total’ offering,
but also allows current clients, through
an access controlled portal, to register
                                           ‘Total’ has brought an
and rapidly update their fleet data (see
                                           entirely new concept to
Innovation – page 3). A link to Total’s
                                           the business of automotive repairs through its
claims handling system also allows
                                           partnership with Bac2Nu Ltd
clients to keep track of the status of
                                           by being the first accident management
any claims currently open. Please have
                                           company in the country to offer both a                 repair, a ‘SMART’ repair or writing-off the
a look at the new site – your feedback
                                           one-stop shop and a mobile solution to vehicle         vehicle is the most suitable course of action.
on the content would be welcome
                                           repairs. SMART repair techniques can be applied
as would your request for more
                                           to control repair costs after accidents or to carry    If a SMART repair is felt most appropriate then
information about the service. Feel free
                                           out end-of-life refurbishments in conjunction          Bac2Nu is instructed to make direct contact
to use the on-line form for both.
                                           with ‘Total’s’ fleet portal innovation (see page 3).    with the driver and carry out the repair, reducing
                                                                                                  off-road time, minimising driver inconvenience
                                           SMART repairs are Small to Medium Area                 and keeping costs down while ensuring a high
                                           Repair Techniques … covering minor damage              quality repair.
                                           such as small dents, scratches and chipped
                                           windscreens. The SMART techniques can be               Bac2Nu repairs the dents, scratches and scrapes
                                           applied anywhere, no need to take the vehicle to       both of exterior paintwork and internal trim
                                           a bodyshop, so drivers can be back on the road         that every vehicle picks up during its lifetime.
                                           immediately.                                           Bac2Nu’s repair techniques can return the
                                                                                                  vehicle to its pre accident condition, often
                                           The system to ensure the correct repair type is        on site, utilising the latest paint and repair
                                           deployed is seamless, requiring no more from the       technology. The service is suitable for all types
                                           driver than the initial call reporting the incident.   of vehicle from prestige through to commercials.
                                           From these call details, ‘Total’ can make an 
                                           initial assessment as to whether a conventional

                                                       Contact box
                                                       For more information on how ‘Total’ could help your business:
                                                       Tel: 0845 078 4050
                                                       Fax: 0845 078 4212
                                                       E mail:
                                                       On line:
                                                       Address: Total Accident Management, Pinesgate,
                                                       Lower Bristol Road, Bath, BA2 3DP

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