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Assessment for Low Risk Coach and Minibus Visits


									                            Assessment for Low Risk Coach and Minibus Visits

The following Risk Assessment is to be completed prior to approval being given for the booking of
coaches or minibuses for single day trips and visits. Visits taking longer require that the Fieldwork
Risk Assessment Form is completed.


DATE:                                                               TIME:

RESPONSIBLE MEMBER OF STAFF:                                                                 INTERNAL PHONE NO:

Briefly describe the planned activity:

Will staff or students be exposed to any of the following hazards?
 Exposure to extreme weather conditions;
 Biological hazards;
 Chemical hazards;
 Manmade hazards (eg electricity, dangerous vehicles);
 Personal safety hazards (eg violence, lone working);
 Environmental hazards (eg contact with pollution or rubbish)

If the answer to the above is YES, or if there are any other significant risks to staff, students or others that
are foreseeable, or if any member of the party has a disclosed disability or medical condition that may place
them at greater risk, it will be necessary to complete the more detailed Fieldwork Risk Assessment Form in
place of this form. You should also consult your Head of School

You must have:

a)    an effective means of communication (eg mobile telephone);
b)    if a Leeds Met driver is used, the driving licence must be approved (see Financial Regulations Insurance
c)    if a hired driver is used, this person must have a PC licence;
d)    *Midas training or additional test passed;
e)    a first aid kit (recommended that first-aider/emergency aid provision is considered).

At any venue check the First Safety arrangements:

    ensure that fire exits/doors/fire points are clearly signed and easily accessible;
    ask for information about the fire alarm and emergency evacuation procedures. Make sure all members
     of the party are informed.

The following to be completed by the person completing this assessment form. The answer above are a correct
record to the best of my knowledge and belief.

SIGNED:                                                               NAME:

POSITION:                                                             DATE:

Please return this form to the Faculty/Service Finance Officer with the vehicle booking form. A copy may also be filed
within your School/Service Office.
*MIDAS is an approved training scheme for regular minibus drivers – contact the university Health and Safety Office for details.


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