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Vote Plugin


Vote Plugin for Wordpress

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									Vote Plugin for Wordpress

Before we started with the development of our new vote plugin, we noticed an increased interest in
such Wordpress plugin. What we found in our research was nobody had developed a vote plugin
before. Sure, there is a Vote It Up plugin, but that is not what we were looking for.

 We were looking for a plugin that can do much more than that. Our perfect vote plugin would have
more features, like “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” options and the option for a website to
automatically refresh to show the new updated ranking order. This means that the product or a
service with the most “thumb up” would automatically be ranked number one. The second one
would be ranked number two and so on.

You, as the admin of the blog, will have one menu item in the left sidebar of the admin panel called
"voting options". You will be able to add, modify or delete the voting options. You will be given the
following information to add to any voting options:

    -    name
    -    image
    -   text blurb
    -   comments

You will have these voting options to add:

    -   likability
    -   usability
    -   good pricing
    -   quality
    -   durability

When adding a new post, one more option box will appear, similar to "Custom Fields" (“custom
fields” is a box found at the lower side of the "add new post" page or "edit post" page). All the voting
options that have been added will be available in the box, and you as the admin will be able to select
any of these options. If no option is selected, no voting options will appear when the post is viewed.
When two voting options are selected, your visitors will see these two voting options for the post
and they will be able to click on both of these voting options to vote. To prevent the abuse, your
visitors will be able to vote only once on a given post.

This vote plugin will be the first of its kind and will change the voting and rating system of Wordpress
blogs. Your users will have the option of voting on their favorite products, restaurants, hotels,
services, websites, videos, music, etc. or anything else your blog is about. Finally, you will be able to
interact with your visitors in a different way. They will keep coming back to your blog to check the
rankings, suggest new products or services to vote for and of course to comment on why they like or
dislike them. It will take social interaction and networking to a whole new level.

We are still developing and testing the plugin, but you can sign up at our website to be notified as
soon as we release the Vote Plugin. Be one of the first to get this one of a kind plugin.

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