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									       ‘ACTIVE MERTHYR’

A Four Year Active Living Strategy &
   Action Plan for Merthyr Tydfil
                                ‘ACTIVE MERTHYR’

                     An Active Living Strategy for Merthyr Tydfil

Setting the scene:

Health, Social Care & Wellbeing:
The local Health, Social Care & Wellbeing Strategies published in 2005 were
developed by local partnership boards at the behest of the Welsh Assembly
Government to help local agencies to identify, prioritise and address key local health
determinants with a view to improving the health and wellbeing of local people.
Amongst the actions identified in the Merthyr Tydfil Health, Social Care & Wellbeing
strategy was to develop and implement a multi-agency strategy for Physical Activity
that would “…include mechanisms that would help people to evaluate and properly
compare risks and to help them make better lifestyle decisions and have more
informed inputs into service provision.” This strategy is the direct response to that

Why do we need it?
For several decades Merthyr Tydfil has demonstrated some of the worst health
statistics in the United Kingdom with significantly higher than average levels of
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Type 2 Diabetes,
Obesity (see below) & Depression that contributes to having the highest proportion of
benefit claimants in Wales. There are many underlying factors that influence this
picture but the stark reality is that much of this ill health and accompanying personal
tragedies are preventable, particularly through lifestyle modification where there are
equally poor statistics relating to tobacco use, alcohol consumption, poor diet and
high levels of physical inactivity.

There is now incontrovertible evidence of the relationship between physical inactivity
and the risks associated with developing many chronic health conditions including all
those indicated above. Whilst we must continue to address all lifestyle behaviours,
increasing activity levels, even moderately, amongst those most sedentary in our
communities could have enormous benefits for both the individual‟s health, their
continuing contribution to the community and the efficiency of the services provided.

Overweight & Obesity
Obesity and overweight are conditions in which weight gain (predominantly fat) has
reached the point of endangering health. The prevalence of overweight and obesity
has increased rapidly over the past two decades in the developed world and it has
been described by the World Health Organization as „a global epidemic‟ (WHO,
1998). Since 1980 the prevalence of obesity has nearly trebled in the UK and is
continuing to increase. (Health Development Agency, Oct 2003).

Overweight and obesity ranges are commonly assessed by using Body Mass Index
(BMI), a person‟s weight in kgs divided by the square of their height in metres
    Overweight is classified as BMI 25 – 29.9 and obesity as BMI 30+
The basic cause of overweight and obesity is increasing energy intake from food and
drink and/or reduced energy output from physical activity, and in order to reverse this
damaging situation we have to work to getting a balance between these across the
whole population. This can be achieved through an integrated approach to promoting
physical activity and healthy eating as proposed in the national strategy „Food &
Fitness: Promoting healthy eating and physical activity for children and young people
in Wales‟ ( ) and locally
in the local Nutrition (Link) & Active Living action plans. The important thing is to
recognise the synergy between these two lifestyle factors. Both need to be
addressed together to have the best effect. Addressing just one or the other will
continue to promote an unhealthy imbalance that is both metaphorically and literally a
feature of the problem of overweight & obesity.

In the context of the Active Living Action Plan, arguably all successful actions will
positively impact on reducing obesity, however, in the Nutrition Action Plan, whilst
there are many that will have an effect, there are equally some actions that whilst
important to ensuring a healthy diet, may not in themselves, have any relationship
with obesity. However, there are evident areas of overlap where joint actions can be
mutually supportive and these have been identified as such in both action plans.

What is Physical Activity?

„Physical Activity‟ or „Active Living‟ includes the full range of human movement from
competitive sport and exercise to hobbies, walking, cycling or activities of daily living.
In other words it is not about lycra body suits, sweating, panting and pain. Sport is
one important element of physical activity and can provide a wide range of benefits
for participants. However, it is not for everyone, and there are many other ways we
can accumulate sufficient activity to really benefit our health. The diagram below
provides some idea of the range of opportunities we can build in to our daily lives.


  Manual                Active                       Active                  Sport
   Work                 Living                     Recreation

            Active    Opportunistic    Household      Exercise       Play      Organised
          Commuting     Activity        chores +       Dance         Sport       Sport
                                       Gardening      Walking
            Work                                                                Excellence
            Shop                                                                Absorbing
           Leisure                                                             commitment
                                Physical Activity Flowchart                      interest
Physical Activity Recommendations
The Chief Medical Officer for England published the following recommendations in
his report „At least 5 a week‟ which was endorsed by the Welsh Assembly
Government in 2005:

Recommendations for active living throughout the lifecourse:
   Children & young people should achieve a total of at least 60 minutes of at
     least moderate intensity physical activity each day. At least twice a week this
     should include activities to improve bone health (activities that produce high
     physical stresses on the bones), muscle strength and flexibility.
   For general health benefit, adults should achieve a total of at least 30 minutes
     a day of at least moderate intensity activity on 5 or more days of the week.
   The recommended levels of activity can be achieved either by doing all the
     activity in one session, or through several shorter bouts of activity of 10
     minutes or more. The activity can be lifestyle activity or structured exercise or
     sport, or a combination of these.
   More specific activity recommendations for adults are made for beneficial
     effects for individual diseases and conditions. All movement contributes to
     energy expenditure and is important for weight management. It is likely that for
     many people, 45-60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day is
     necessary to prevent obesity. For bone health, activities that produce high
     physical stresses on the bones are necessary.
   The recommendations for adults are also appropriate for older adults. Older
     people should take particular care to keep moving and retain their mobility
     through daily activity. Additionally, specific activities that promote improved
     strength, co-ordination and balance are particularly beneficial for older people.

Who does it involve?
As can be seen from the diagram, physical activity is a key element in most aspects
of our life and as such, by definition is influenced by a huge range of individuals,
agencies and actions. People will be less inclined to walk in neighbourhoods they
perceive to be unsafe and will be deterred by unpleasant environments. Dog mess,
broken glass or other environmental pollutants will encourage people to stay indoors.
Inadequate street lighting in winter, heavy or speeding traffic, defective road and
paving surfaces affect pedestrians and cyclists. Poor transport links, high prices and
limited opening hours can significantly reduce access opportunities for those most in
need; the geographically, socially and economically isolated; whilst the skills,
expertise and friendliness of service providers will influence both the uptake and
maintenance of activities in our communities. There is no single solution to increasing
activity across a population as people‟s needs vary according to their gender, age,
health, geography and social and economic status. And in the same way, no single
agency or action will provide a magic solution. Only a concerted, comprehensive and
co-ordinated approach is likely to generate the necessary level of change to achieve
the targets that have been identified if we are to improve the situation in Merthyr
Tydfil. This social-ecological approach is well demonstrated in the Ottawa Charter, a
model of health promotion developed by the World Health Organisation over 20 years
ago but which continues to provide a useful structure that can help us to visualise the
range of actions we need to consider. The 5 tenets of the charter (below) can be
seen in the context of the issue we are addressing, in this case physical activity.
         Ottawa Charter Principles Applied to Physical Activity (Local)

 Build Healthy           Create              Strengthen       Develop Skills      Re-orientate
 Public Policy         Supportive            Community                              Health
                      Environments             Action                              Services

e.g. Local           e.g. Cycle lanes,     e.g. Community     e.g. Exercise      e.g. GP Referral
physical activity    Safe routes to        walk               classes, „active   schemes,
action plans,        Schools, Home         programmes,        living‟ courses,   Community
Corporate travel     Zones, Attractive     Sport & Activity   Volunteering       based
plans,               stair wells,          clubs,             programmes,        rehabilitation
Pedestrian           Green space,          Playgroups,        Green Gyms,        programmes,
friendly transport   Leisure & sport       After-school       sports coaching,   Community
policies, Health     facilities, Healthy   clubs,             weight             weight
Impact               workplaces, etc.      Community          management         management
Assessments                                Schools, Walking   programmes etc.    programmes
etc.                                       Bus etc.                              etc.

                              Increasing Physical Activity
What should we be doing?

For general health benefit, adults should achieve a total of at least 30 minutes a day
of at least moderate intensity activity on 5 or more days of the week.

Children & young people should achieve a total of at least 60 minutes of at least
moderate intensity physical activity each day.

What are we doing?

Adults: 71% of adults in Merthyr Tydfil do not reach the recommended minimum
levels of physical activity to benefit their health.

                                             Adults who reported meeting physical activity guidelines in the
                                                                 past week: 2003/05
                                                                                                                             Source: Welsh Health Survey, 2003/05


                                                                  Welsh average = 29
                   Age standardised %






                                             Rhondda Cynon Taff


                                                                                                                                                             The Vale of Glamorgan

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Merthyr Tydfil

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Isle of Anglesey
                                                                                                     Neath Port Talbot







                                                                                                                                             Blaenau Gwent


Children: In Merthyr, over a third of children are active for an hour or more on every
day of the week. This is one of the highest (3rd) rates of physical activity recorded
throughout Wales. However, 66% are still not reaching this recommended minimum.

                                                                  Children undertaking an hour of exercise on every day of the week
                                                                               Source: Sports Council for Wales, 2004

                                                                  40                                                                                                                                      34
                                                                  25                       21                                                                                                                                                             21

                                                                  20                                                                                                                                                                                                                    16
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     14                             13
                                                                                          Wales                                                                 RCT                                   Merthyr                           Caerphilly                                   NPT                                        Torfaen                  Blaenau
Where are we going?

Despite the poor statistics, there are signs that Merthyr is making significant
improvements to reverse the declines of recent decades. It is difficult to make
rigorously informed comparisons as the data collected in the past differs from that
collected most recently. However, acknowledging this important proviso, Merthyr
Tydfil has moved from 22 nd out of 22 Local Authority areas for adult physical activity
levels in the 1998 Welsh Health Survey, to 10 th equal in the latest 2005 survey.

These improvements are a result of many different actions at many levels. The
advent of both Communities First and the Healthy Living Centre has provided
opportunities, incentive and resource within local neighbourhoods for people of all
ages and abilities to engage in sport and active recreation. Funding from the Sports
Council for Wales, WAG and Big Lottery has supported many of these developments
as well as increasing resources, facilities and opportunities in our schools and skills,
coaching and activity through the various sports development officers and youth
agencies working both in the community and supporting schools during and after
school hours through the PE and School Sport programme and Dragon Sport in
particular. These in turn have had additional support and impetus from health
promotion initiatives such as the Healthy Schools Network, Road Safety initiatives
and the Class Moves programme. Play provision has been significantly enhanced
with the establishment of the Integrated Children‟s Centre, the Children & Young
People‟s Partnership and the Play Forum with valuable additional support from the
voluntary sector. Outdoor activity has seen a resurgence of interest with the Outdoor
Learning hub of Merthyr Learns supported by the University of Glamorgan and
Merthyr College providing new opportunities for people of all abilities in the
community to try a range of activities in the natural surroundings of the borough. A
number of targeted projects have helped those with health concerns to overcome
these through supported programmes of activity including Walking the way to Health,
the Heartlinks exercise referral programme and the Slimswim ladies weight
management project whilst initiatives to provide access to enjoyable and effective
activity programmes for the elderly such as „Moving More Often‟ and the specialist
exercise classes for people with arthritis and diabetes have been well received and
widely used across the borough. There have also been significant developments in
the private sector including the establishment of a major health club with over 4000
local members, as well as a number of smaller clubs, whilst established facilities
including the National Climbing Centre have continued to offer a range of terrific
Recent Investments in Physical Activity provision in Merthyr Tydfil

      New Rhydycar Leisure complex to include state of the art gym and 3 s eparate
       swimming facilities (25m 8 lane swimming pool, leisure pool, paddling pool.)
      Free Swim programme for children and older people (Over 60 yrs).
      PESS (PE in School Sport) programme
      Dragon Sport (After School Sports Clubs)
      JJB Private Leisure Club
      Penydarren Boys and Girls Club Multi Purpose Sports Area Construction of a
       floodlit multi-purpose sports area.
      Blaendowlais/Cyfarthfa Sports Development Scheme - Development of a full
       size floodlit astro turf pitch and two team changing room on the school site and
       the removal of the existing astro turf pitch, development of two rugby pitches,
       one floodlit and landscaping works on the Blaendowlais site.
      Upgrading Aberfan Sports Centre - Refurbishment of the pool plant,
       conversion of the bar into a fitness suite, upgrading of the wet changing rooms
       and the lighting and heating in the hall and purchase of anti-turbulence lane
       ropes, fitness equipment, rebound boards and netting.
      Hills Plymouth Cricket Club Construction of Artificial Wicket and Nets -
       Construction of an artificial wicket, single lane practice facility with two
       additional bowling ends and the purchase of a mobile net.
      Aberfan Canoe Club Purchase of Kayaks & Coach Education - 8 x polo
       kayaks, 5 coaching courses.
      Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council - Sports Academy Construction of
       multi-sport and kickabout areas, development of an artificial turf pitch,
       drainage of playing fields, upgrade of multi-use games area, construction of
       changing facilities and employment of part-time sports development officer.
      Grove Field Development Aberfan - Development of 2 football pitches, 2 rugby
       pitches, half-size floodlit atp and upgrade and extension of changing facilities.
      Outdoor Learning Centre – With mobile climbing wall and taster sessions for
       the community.
      Mentro Allan Lottery programme with £500,000 shared with Blaenau Gwent to
       promote outdoor activity for people with mental health problems.
      Schools programmes including Healthy Schools Network, Class Moves, Eco-
       Schools, 5 x 60 Officers and Safe Routes to Schools.
      Moving More Often programme to promote activity opportunities for older
       people or those with physical disabilities.
      Communities First– Providing a wide range of local active living opportunities.
      Healthy Living Centre – Providing resources, activities and training and
       volunteering opportunities.
      Heartlinks Exercise Referral Project – Supportive activity programme for those
       with identified health problems.

This is not a comprehensive list but does give a flavour of the range of activities
already provided. However, there do remain significant obstacles, gaps and
inequalities and the following action plan tries to address those whilst continuing to
support the further development of existing initiatives. A more comprehensive list of
what is going on is available in the supporting „Technical Document‟ which can be
obtained by e.mail from
These and other activities are all contributing to reversing the decline in active living
and there is even more on the way with school based facilities being opened up for
public use and initiatives to support employers and employees to be more active.

There are a number of important key lessons to be learnt from the Merthyr
        It is possible to reverse the decline in physical activity in the population.
        It takes a joint effort from many people at many levels to achieve the
          necessary synergistic momentum that drives the change.
        It will require the continuing joint efforts of all those engaged at all levels of
          promoting, supporting and delivering physical activity to maintain the
          momentum of change.

Recent progress in increasing physical activity in Merthyr Tydfil has been very
encouraging. However, we cannot afford complacency; we are in the very early
stages of turning the „supertanker‟ of inactivity that was in danger of being grounded
on the shores of ill health. If the tide should suddenly change we could end up back
where we started. So we need to not only maintain the progress we have made by
continuing to work at all levels, investing in opportunities, skills, facilities and people,
but also to improve the results by ensuring that we all work in the same direction,
avoiding duplication, sharing resources, skills and information, and ensuring equity
and equality for all the people of Merthyr Tydfil. There are still challenges to
overcome; transport links could be improved, our streets and neighbourhoods could
become more playable and walkable, our workplaces more „activity friendly‟, our
facilities more accessible, our natural environment more widely used and our people
even more motivated and engaged.

The Vision
Every single person in Merthyr Tydfil County borough has equal and equitable
access to regular and continuing opportunities for „active living‟ in a supportive and
engaging environment.

The Goal
Reflecting the national target, an increase of at least 1% per year in the numbers of
people participating in the recommended minimum 30 minutes of moderate activity
on at least 5 days of the week. (From „Climbing Higher – The Welsh Assembly
Government Strategy for Sport & Physical Activity)

The Target
By 2011 Merthyr Tydfil will be amongst the top 6 counties in Wales for physical
activity participation as identified by the Welsh Health Survey.
                                 The Action Plan

This Action Plan was developed by the Multi-Agency Steering Group representing all
the key agencies, sectors and areas of the borough (Appendix 1) in consultation with
the many organisations and people who make up the Merthyr Tydfil Active Living
Forum (Appendix 2). A number of methods have been used during the needs
assessment phase to inform the development of the Action Plan including:

Data Collection – Information provided by a range of partners in health, local
authorities, statutory sector, voluntary sector and community organisations both
locally and nationally.

Community Consultation – A number of consultation exercises using „Planning for
Real‟, a participatory needs assessment tool, was conducted at various locations
around the borough.

Action Planning Group – local representatives from play, outdoor activity, sport,
leisure, health and community sectors conducted an action planning exercise using a
„right to left logic model‟ to help clarify their thinking. (Appendix 3)

Existing National Policy & Guidance Documents – A range of national policies,
strategies and guidance documents have been produced over the last 2 years with
either actions relevant to promoting Active Living or recommendations for targets and
performance indicators that impact on Active Living. (Appendix 4)

Evidence of Effectiveness
All actions in all action plans have cost implications whether financial or in someone‟s
time or both. It is important therefore that wherever possible actions are included that
have some evidence that they are likely to be effective, and are not included where
there is good evidence that they are likely to be ineffective. There are a range of
things however, where the evidence is weak, inconclusive, inconsistent or simply
doesn‟t exist, particularly when the proposed actions are innovative or new. The
following action plan indicates what evidence there is against each proposed action,
and where there is little or no evidence it is expected that the monitoring and
evaluation of such an action will be particularly rigorous.

By combining the information from the wide variety of sources indicated above, it was
possible to identify key areas for action needed to address both the problems and the
potential opportunities that we believe will enable the people of Merthyr Tydfil to
attain or even surpass the goal of increasing levels of physical activity by 1% per year
and to take Merthyr into the top 6 counties in Wales for levels of regular physical
activity. Informed by the planning day the following priorities were identified:

      Physical Activity embedded within local public policy.
      Increased awareness of physical activity messages.
      Optimised opportunities to participate in physical activity.
      Increased physical activity amongst children, older people, young
       women and disadvantaged or vulnerable groups.
      Increased physical literacy, knowledge & skills.

With regard to the layout of the following action plan, in the interests both of simplicity
and continuity with other complementary strategies and action plans the sections
have been laid out by „recommendations‟ that reflect the priorities outlined above.

Monitoring & Evaluation
The monitoring and evaluation of this strategy & action plan will be the responsibility
of the Active Living Forum steering group supported by the Merthyr Tydfil Local
Public Health Team. The monitoring and evaluation of specific actions within the
action plan however, will be the responsibility of the identified lead agency. It is
anticipated that the steering group will meet quarterly to monitor the progress of the
action plan.

Complementary Strategies
Whilst this action plan attempts to address many of the key issues that presently limit
our abilities to be a more active community, there remain a number of key areas that
will continue to provide a challenge, that are not addressed by this action plan. This is
further recognition that physical activity is a complex behaviour with many factors
impacting on it. Among these are;
     Community transport
     Affordability
     Safety
     Childcare provision
     Traffic (Inc. Motorcycles, quad bikes, street parking)
     Anti-social behaviour
     Lack of facilities.
     The physical environment

Whilst these are undoubtedly serious barriers, it is not the place of this particular
action plan to specifically address them, other than to point out their importance &
relevance. It is anticipated that other key local strategies such as the Crime & Safety
Strategy, the Community Strategy, the Leisure Strategy, the Road Safety Strategy,
the Rights of Way Improvement Plan, the Children & Young People‟s Plan, the
Community Transport Strategy, the Merthyr Tydfil Play Strategy and Local Agenda 21
will all support efforts to address these concerns.

At the same time there are also a range of tools at our disposal that can help to
identify, address and measure the impact of both actions and the consequences of
inaction by service providers, and we will endeavour to encourage the use of such
tools to support the effective delivery of this strategy. Amongst these are:

Health Impact Assessment - Health impact assessment (HIA) is a combination of
procedures, methods and tools by which a policy, programme or project may be
judged as to its potential effects on the health of a population, and the distribution of
those effects within the population.
In other words it is a process that considers the wider effects of local and national
policies or initiatives and how they, in turn, may affect people‟s health.

Providing Accessible Natural Greenspace in Towns & Cities (Greenspaces
Toolkit) – This is a resource produced by the Countryside Council for Wales
specifically for Local Authorities that provides advice & guidance on assessing
accessible greenspace resources and implementing local standards for the provision
of such.

Woodlands for Health & Wellbeing: Why & How – A practical guide for health care
practitioners and support workers wishing to utilise the proven benefits of the natural
environment to promote health & wellbeing.

The First Claim (Play Workers Toolkit) – Produced by Play Wales this is a quality
assurance assessment tool for play workers to help ensure high quality play
Actions & Recommendations

It is acknowledged that, as discussed in the strategy, there already exists a vast
range of services, initiatives and opportunities provided by a wide array of individuals
and organisation in the borough that either directly or indirectly enhance the provision
of physical activity. Many of these, such as mainstream local authority leisure
services have been available for a considerable time, some like the JJB development
are more recent and others such as the new Rhydycar centre or the Dragon Sport
programme are still in the development stages. Similarly some are permanent
features, some transitional and others such as community projects may be temporary
or „at risk‟. However, they all contribute to the levels of active living in the borough.
What this action plan tries to do is to identify those key actions that need to happen to
add value to and support present actions. Because of that, actions such as
enhancing PE provision in schools or improving leisure facilities for example will not
appear within this plan as they are already in hand through other existing plans and

*Where an action below is reflected in the Nutrition Action Plan to specifically address
obesity, it will be identified as such as „A Joint Action on Obesity‟.

Recommendation One:
Embed physical activity as a consideration in all local planning and policy
Actions                                                                Priority     Lead       Shared
1. Support employers in the development of travel plans                 Year 2       NPHS      LA, Sustrans,
   and physical activity policies.                                                             SEWTA
Evidence Statement: Incentives to employers to encourage walking and cycling to work should be introduced
and the provision of existing local travel plans enhanced and encouraged through local authority grants. (HDA,

2. To provide Physical Activity Impact Awareness                        Year 4       NPHS      LA, VAMT.
   training and/or guidance as a supplement to Health
   Impact Assessment training for all Statutory,
   Voluntary and Community sector policy and planning

Evidence Statement: There should be a statutory requirement for local authorities and planners to create a
healthy environment by carrying out health impact assessments of planning proposals. The environment will
promote activity, provide access to healthy food choices and limit availability to less healthy choices/ outlets for all
people – particularly disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. (HDA, 2004)
Recommendation Two:
Increase awareness of physical activity messages, facilities and opportunities.
Actions                                                              Priority     Lead      Shared
1. To establish a Communication sub-group of the                     Year 1       Active    NPHS
   Merthyr Tydfil Active Living Forum to co-ordinate the                          Living
   development and monitoring of a local Physical                                 Forum
   Activity Directory.

Evidence Statement: A number of features have been identified as effective when working with communities.
These include: Mechanisms that enable organisations to work together –ensuring dialogue, contact &
commitment. (HDA, 2004)

2. Conduct and disseminate findings of evidence review               Year 1       NPHS      Active Living Forum
   of „Risk - perception and reality‟ in relation to outdoor
   play and activities for children.

Evidence Statement: No systematic reviews identified. (NPHS, 2004)

3. Establish a multi-media physical activity and nutrition           Year 2       Active    NPHS, Nutrition
   information distribution network. – Joint Action on                            Living    Forum.
   Obesity                                                                        Forum

Evidence Statement: Providing information on the health risks of smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise
improves knowledge but has little effect on health-related behaviour, except in higher socio-economic groups.
Information and support are needed for disadvantaged groups. (NPHS, 2004)

4. Develop annual „Dog Walking‟ week with organised                  Year 3       RSPCA     LA, NPHS, LHB, The
   walks promoting physical activity & responsible dog                                      Dog‟s Trust.

Evidence Statement: The majority of cross-sectional studies examined in this review found that pet (in particular,
dog) owners were more likely to be physically active compared with non-owners. (H Cutt et al., 2006)

5. Establish a concerted campaign to promote the use of              Year 2       Active    LA (Leisure,
   the local outdoor environment for active recreation to                         Living    Tourism, Education)
   include gardening, allotments etc. - Joint Action on                           Forum     Nutrition Forum

Evidence Statement: The Biophilia hypothesis suggests that our desire to have contact with nature is innate and
that we need to be close to, or have the opportunity to get close to, nature. (Pretty et al., 2005)

6. Pilot common audit tool to identify physical activity             Year 2       Comm      LA, SCW
   participation in the community.                                                 1st.

Evidence Statement: Interventions targeting individuals in community settings are effective in producing short-
term changes in physical activity, and are likely to be effective in producing mid- to long-term changes in physical
Recommendation Three:
Optimise opportunities for participation in physical activity across the borough.
Actions                                                           Priority    Lead       Shared
1. Investigate Street Audit training for Community                Year 1      Comm       Living Streets
   leaders to enable them to conduct local street audits                       First
   to inform the Community Plan.

Evidence Statement: Local Authorities should work with local partners, such as industry and voluntary
organisations to create and manage more safe spaces for incidental and planned physical activity, addressing as
a priority any concerns about safety, crime and inclusion … (NICE, 2006)

2. Establish Active Workplaces Task & Finish Group to             Year 2       Work      NPHS, Nutrition
   develop workplaces physical activity & healthy eating                       Health
   plan and programme. - Joint Action on Obesity                              Strategy
Evidence Statement: Findings from studies examining the effectiveness of workplace interventions are
inconsistent in promoting changes in physical activity. (HDA, 2005)
3.    Increase the number of applications for Community           Year 2      Active     Comm. 1 , LA,
     Chest, food & fitness grants and other small grant                       Living     VAMT., Nutrition
     funds across the borough. - Joint Action on Obesity                      Forum      Forum
Evidence Statement: No systematic reviews identified. (NPHS, 2004)

4. Establish local workplace sports leagues.                      Year 3         LA      Active Living Forum
                                                                               (Sport    Workplace Health
                                                                                Dev)     Strategy Group

Evidence Statement: Findings from studies examining the effectiveness of workplace interventions are
inconsistent in promoting changes in physical activity. (HDA, 2005)

5. Establish 3 „Home Zones‟ or „Shared Spaces‟ within             Year 4        LA       NPHS
   the borough.                                                               Transprt

Evidence Statement: No review level evidence available. More research needed regarding effect on injury
prevention and play opportunities. (NPHS, 2006)
Recommendation Four:
Increase physical activity amongst children, older people, young women and
disadvantaged or vulnerable groups.
Actions                                                              Priority     Lead      Shared
1. Deliver, support, monitor & evaluate „Mentro Allan‟               Year 1         LA      Mentro Allan
   outdoor activities for those with mental health needs.                          Adult    partnership

Evidence Statement: The evidence indicates that nature can make positive contributions to our health, help us
recover from pre-existing stresses or problems, have an „immunising‟ effect by protecting us from future stresses ,
and help us to concentrate and think more clearly. (Countryside Recreation Network, 2005)

2. Establish 4 „Green Gyms‟ to provide outdoor physical              Year 2       BTCV      Comm 1st
   activity for specific „hard to reach‟ groups across the

Evidence Statement: The evidence indicates that nature can make positive contributions to our health, help us
recover from pre-existing stresses or problems, have an „immunising‟ effect by protecting us from future stresses,
and help us to concentrate and think more clearly. (Countryside Recreation Network, 2005)

3. Increase opportunities for dance for all age groups               Year 2       Comm      Active Living Forum.
   across the borough.                                                             1st

Evidence Statement: Social support interventions in community settings are effective in increasing physical
activity. (HDA, 2004)

4. Develop and maintain a „Zen Garden‟ within Cyfarthfa              Year 2         LA      LA (Adult Services)
   Park for use by community groups undertaking Tai                               (Parks)   Health Alliance
   Chi or other similar classes.

Evidence Statement: Balance training for older people (e.g. Tai Chi) is effective in preventing falls in older people
(reductions of up to one third reported). (NPHS, 2006)

5. Further develop and promote the „Sensory Walk‟ in                 Year 2         LA      NPHS, VAMT,
   Cyfarthfa Park for the use of those with sensory,                              (Parks)   Health Alliance
   learning or health impairment.

Evidence Statement: To date there is only one review of interventions on physical activity among people with
physical limitations and this did not provide evidence of effectiveness of interventions focusing on people with a
disability. (NICE, 2006)

6.    Deliver and support a Welsh Assembly Government                Year 2         LA      NPHS
     funded Exercise Referral project to target those with                         (Leis)
     chronic health conditions including overweight and
     obesity. - Joint Action on Obesity

Evidence Statement: Practitioners, policy makers & commissioners should only endorse exercise referral
schemes to promote physical activity that are part of a properly designed and controlled research study to
determine effectiveness. (NICE, 2006)

Referral to an exercise specialist based in the community can lead to longer-term (>8 months) changes in
physical activity. (NICE, 2006)

7. Establish annual inter-schools „Merthyr 2012‟ Sports              Year 3         LA      Active Living Forum
   event.                                                                         (PESS)

Evidence Statement: School-based physical education should be maintained and enhanced. (HDA, 2004)
8. To encourage more schools to provide secure cycle               Year 4        LA      Schools
   storage for those pupils who attain their cycling                           (Road
   proficiency certificate & become involved in promoting                      Safety)
   road safety.

Evidence Statement: Integrated road safety programmes combining educational and environmental measures
show some potential but more rigorous research is needed. (NPHS, 2006)

9. To continually develop and improve safe, enjoyable,             Year 4        LA      Comm 1st
   accessible outdoor play facilities within realistic                         (Parks)
   „pushchair pushing‟ distance of all communities.

Evidence Statement: Incentives must be introduced for local authorities to preserve playing fields and other open
spaces and to address quality and safety concerns among users; safe play environments within open spaces,
including ranger and park keeping schemes and safe walking environments, should also be introduced. This can
be coordinated with local schemes to promote walking for health by signed routes, maps, local publicity and
advice from health professionals. (HDA, 2004)

Recommendation 5.
Increase Physical Literacy, Knowledge & Skills
1. Develop and maintain a comprehensive & current list             Year 1      Active    LA (Leisure) , Skills
   of physical activity and nutrition training providers. -                    Living    Active, NPHS,
   Joint Action on Obesity                                                     Forum     Ex Council Wales.,
                                                                                         FSA, Nutrition Forum

Evidence Statement: Good practice determines no evidence needed.

2. Develop, maintain and disseminate a directory of local          Year 2      Active    LA (Leisure), NPHS,
   approved and qualified trainers, coaches, play                              Living    Nutrition Forum,
   workers, sports & activity leaders and community                            Forum     Exercise Council for
   cooking trainers. - Joint Action on Obesity                                           Wales, Skills Active

Evidence Statement: Interventions to promote safety in the leisure environment show hazards can be reduced
and there is some evidence of injury reduction, but more evidence is needed. (NPHS, 2006)

3. Utilise existing cascade trainers to establish a local          Year 2      VAMT      Comm 1st Healthy
   training programme for volunteer walk leaders.                                        Living Centre

Evidence Statement: Review-level evidence suggests that interventions that promote moderate intensity physical
activity, particularly walking, and are not facility dependent, are also associated with longer-term changes in
behaviour. (HDA, 2004).

4. Encourage more schools, through the „Healthy                    Year 2      NPHS      LA (Ed).
   Schools Network‟, to actively participate in the
   Ecoschools, Forest Schools, Outdoor Activity, Dragon
   Sports and Healthy Eating programmes. - Joint Action
   on Obesity

Evidence Statement: Multi-faceted school-based interventions should be introduced. The interventions should be
integrated with the curriculum and involve, nutrition, activity, cooking, modification of school meals and tuck
shops, teacher training, reduction in sedentary behaviour, behaviour therapy and extension of the National
Healthy School Standard to all schools in the country (HDA, 2004).

5. Establish Community based „Environmental Hit                    Year 2.     Comm      VAMT, Groundwork,
   Squads‟ in 5 local communities to help improve the                           1st      BTCV
    local environment through tidying, landscaping, green
    art, conservation etc.

Evidence Statement: Encourage the use of open spaces for leisure & social events – No systematic reviews
identified. (NPHS, 2004)

Cavill N, Buxton K, Bull F, Foster C. – Promotion of physical activity among adults: Evidence into
practice briefing. Pub: National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE), March 2006.

Countryside Council for Wales – Providing Accessible Natural Greenspace in Towns & Cities: A
practical guide to assessing the resource and implementing local standards for provision in Wales.
Pub: Countryside Council for Wales, 2006.

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review of the literature. Health & Place 13 (2007) 261-272.

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Welsh Local Government Association – The route to health improvement: An organisational
development package to build capacity for local authorities. Pub. WLGA. February 2006.
                                     Appendix 1.

Positi      Name        Organisation                Contact Details
Chair    Malcolm        NPHS   
         Mark Welke/    JJB Sports
         Angela Farr    Sports Council
                        for Wales
         Ian Benbow     Gellideg
                        Foundation &
                        Comm. 1st
         Kath           MT Health
         Griffiths      Alliance
         Mel Jones      Communities
         Sharon         Voluntary
         Richards       Action Merthyr
Vice     Mark           MTCBC  
Chair    Crimmings/     (Leisure)
         Simon          Dolygaer
         Baldwin/       Outdoor Ed.
         Richard        Centre
         Jeff           MTCBC  
         Edwards        (Council)
         Susie          Dragon Sport
         Victoria       Disability
         Smith          Sport Cymru
         Sandra         Groundwork
         Greig          Merthyr & RCT
         Margaret       Stay Young at    01443 412392
         Williams       Heart
         Joanne         Healthy Living
         Howells/       Centre 
         Trina Davies
         Paula Wood     MT Play
         / Sarah        Forum
         PC Ian         Police 
         Des Kitto      MT LHB 
                                        Appendix 2.

                         Merthyr Tydfil Active Living Forum
Firstname      Surname                     Title                            Company
Carol       Adams        Lead Officer/Communities First Co- 3Gs Development Trust
Chris       Abbott       Director of Integrated Children‟s      Integrated Children's Services
David       Adams        Football Officer                       Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Alison      Allen        Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cardiac   North Glamorgan NHS Trust
Simon       Baldwin      Manager                                Outdoor Activities Centre,
Robert      Barnett      Principal Officer Environmental and    MTCBC
                         Street Scene Officer
Ryan        Barry        Community Dev Officer                  Troedyrhiw Comm 1st
Clive       Barsi                                               Penydarren Boys & Girls Club
Cllr Alan   Baynham      Independent Councillor                 Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Ian         Benbow       Communities First Co-ordinator         Gellideg Foundation & Cyfarthfa
Myra        Bennett      Head Teacher                           Dowlais Infants School
Lynne       Bolderson    Senior Nurse for Cardiovascular        Merthyr Tydfil LHB
Julie       Brame        Operational Manager                    T-Mobile
Delyth      Brown        Healthy Schools Co-ordinator           Goetre Infants School
Rolf        Brown        Family Support & Surestart Co-         Integrated Children's Centre
Terry       Burfitt                                             Treharris Athletics
Tracy       Burke        Manager                                Cancer Aid
John        Cannon       Chairman                               Merthyr Eyelights
Dave        Carter       Mental Health Development Officer      Merthyr Tydfil LHB
Lisa        Clement-     Healthy Schools Co-ordinator           St Mary's RC Primary School
Pam         Clutton      Childrens Services Manager             Barnardos
Phil        Cochrane     Assistant Manager                      JJB Leisure & Fitness Club
Melinda     Craddock     Healthy Schools Co-ordinator           Coed-y-Dderwen Community
                                                                Primary School
Mark        Crimmings    Team Leader                            Gwaunfarren Swimming Pool
Sam         Critchley    Sports Dev Worker                      3G‟s Development Trust
Tanis       Cunnick      Head of Community Education            Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
t.b.a.                   Mental Health Development Officer      Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
David       Davies       Chairman                               Heartbeat' 95
Diane       Davies       General Manager                        Community Mental Health Team
Gareth      Davies                                              Merthyr Tydfil Angling
                         Merthyr Tydfil Active Living Forum
Firstname   Surname                       Title                           Company
Karen     Davies         Health & Safety Manager               T-Mobile
Kevin     Davies                                               Treharris & Trelewis Boys & Girls
Norman      Davies       Head of Planning                      Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Patricia    Davies       Head Teacher                          St Mary's RC Primary School
Ray         Davies       Group Leader Environmental Services   MTCBC
Raymond     Davies       Secretary                             Georgetown Boys & Girls Club
Shan        Davies       Team Leader                           Hafal, Merthyr
Sian        Davies                                             Hafal
Stephen     Davies       Assistant Director of Primary care    Merthyr Tydfil LHB
Steve       Davies       Head of Recreation and Sport          Rhydycar Leisure Centre
Trina       Davies       Co-ordinator                          Gellideg HLC
Grant       Davis        Community Education Officer           Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Dave        Dier         Head of Public Health                 Environmental Health
Nerys       Durston      Small Workplace Project Officer       Local Public Health Team
Karen       Dusgate      Chief Executive                       Merthyr Tydfil Housing
Cllr Jeff   Edwards      Councillor                            Merthyr Tydfil CBC
Michelle    Edwards                                            Carers Merthyr Tydfil
Ann         Evans        Healthy Schools Co-ordinator          Ysgol Santes Tudful
Cath        Evans        Healthy Schools Co-ordinator          Twynyrodyn Community School
Elaine      Evans        Healthy Schools Co-ordinator          Bishop Hedley High School
Karen       Evans        Healthy Schools Co-ordinator          Pen Y Dre High School
Angela      Farr         Development Officer                   Sports Council for Wales
Emma        Felkin       Education Ranger                      Forestry Commision
Steve       Flynn        Project Manager                       AMVYCP
Stuart      Ford                                               Hills Plymouth Cricket Club
Chris       Gale         Mental Health Development Officer     VAMT & Interlink
Diane       Gibbons      Health Promotion Officer              Local Public Health Team
Chris       Gledhill     Chief Executive                       Brecon Beacons National Park
David       Gough        Head Coach                            Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Mark        Govier       Honorary Secretary                    Merthyr Tydfil Sailing Club
Anne        Greagsby                                           Living Streets
Sandra      Greig                                              Merthyr & RCT Groundwork
Kath        Grifftiths   Health Alliance Co-ordinator          Local Health Alliance
Wendy       Groves       Sport Development Team Leader         Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Simone      Guillou      Healthy Schools Co-ordinator          Troedyrhiw Junior School
Cheryl      Hagerty      Community Development Manager         3G's
Neil        Hancox       Healthy Schools Co-ordinator          Caedraw Primary School
Jill        Harper       Road Safety Officer                   Merthyr Tydfil CBC
Daniel      Harries      Heartlinks Project Officer            Local Public Health Team
                        Merthyr Tydfil Active Living Forum
Firstname     Surname                    Title                               Company
Alison      Harris      Partnership Development Officer           Voluntary Action Merthyr Tydfil
Jan         Holdaway    Home Safety Manager                       RoSPA in Wales
Marcia      Hopkins     Healthy Schools Co-ordinator              Goetre Junior School
David       House       Principal Engineer for Traffic &          Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
                        Transport                                 Council
Emma        Howells     Physio Technical Assistant                North Glamorgan NHS Trust
Joanne      Howells     Co-ordinator                              Treharris Healthy Living Centre
Sally       Hudd        Healthy Schools Co-ordinator              Local Public Health Team
Anthony     Hughes      Secretary                                 Merthyr Tydfil Football Club
Sue         Hughes      Senior Manager Adult Learning             Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Giovanni    Isingrini   Director of Adults, Families & Lifelong   Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
                        Learning                                  Council
Howard      Jackson     Trust Manager                             Taff Bargoed Development Trust
Elaine      James       Social Inclusion Volunteering Project     VAMT
                        Support Officer
Audrey      James       Chairperson                               Merthyr MIND
Ann         James       Early Years Team Leader                   Integrated Children's Centre
Gaynor      Jayne                                                 Merthyr Ramblers Association
Peter       Jenkins     Assistant Manager                         Rhyd-y-car Leisure Centre
Howard      Jenkins     Principal                                 Merthyr Tydfil College
Nicola      John        Local Director of Public Health           Local Public Health Team
Gareth      Jones                                                 Edwardsville Youth & Community
Cllr Harvey Jones       Leader of Councillor                      Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Judith      Jones       Rights of Way Officer                     Merthyr Tydfil CBC
Mansel      Jones                                                 Forestry Commission
Mel         Jones       Communities First Programme Co-           Merthyr Tydfil CBC
Mansel      Jones       Area Manager                              Forest Enterprise
Sherelle    Jones       Communities First Co-ordinator            Bedlinog & Trelewis
Mel         Jones       Communities First Programme Co-           Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
                        ordinator                                 Council
Alyson      King        Communities First Co-ordinator            Trefechan
Des         Kitto       Head of Service Planning                  Merthyr Tydfil LHB
Lynne       Lambe       Healthy Schools Co-ordinator              Brecon Road Infants School
Dr Chris    Lee         Head of Life Sciences                     School of Applied Sciences
Jonathan    Lee         Participation Officer                     Innovate Trust Ltd
Claire      Lloyd       Healthy Schools Co-ordinator              Troedyrhiw Infants School
Trevor      Lloyd       Chairperson                               New Gurnos Residents Board
Sonia       Lloyd -     Carers Development Officer                VAMT
Chris       Long        Economic Dev, Arts & Strategic            Merthyr Tydfil CBC
                        Tourism Manager
Ken         Long                                                  Scouts Association
Nicky       Malson      Sports Development Officer                Wales Council for the Blind
                             Merthyr Tydfil Active Living Forum
Firstname     Surname                           Title                      Company
Marianne    Mannello         Development Officer                 Play Wales
Kate        Mantle           Healthy Schools Co-ordinator        St Mary's RC Primary School
Richard     Marsh            Manager                             Rhydycar Leisure Centre
Paul        Marshallsea      Club Co-ordinator                   Pant & Dowlais Boys& Girls Club
Jonathan    Martin           Vice-Principal                      Merthyr Tydfil College
Lee         McCabe           Branch Manager                      Merthyr Cares Association
Liz         McCarthy         Manager                             Busy Bees Family Centre
Sally       McIntyre         Development worker                  Trefechan Communities First
Elaine      McNish           Physical Activity Advisor           Health Promotion Division
Glenda      Meakin           Fundraising and Volunteer Manager   British Heart Foundation
Anthony     Mee                                                  Troedyrhiw Boys & Girls Club
John        Meredith         Chair                               Age Concern
Linda       Morgan           Healthy Schools Co-ordinator        Afon Taf High School
Claire      Morris           Older Persons Development Officer   Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Margaret    Munkley          Head of Health Promotion            Local Public Health Team
Alistair    Neill            Chief Executive                     Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Sarah       Nicholls         Healthy Schools Co-ordinator        Edwardsville Primary School
Sandy       Nicks            Events Co-ordinator                 ASDA
Helen       Nuttall          Head Teacher                        Ysgol Rhyd Y Grug
Dr Martin   O'Neill          Lecturer/Academic Co-ordinator      GATES Project
Susie       Osborne          Dragon Sports Officer               Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Sue         Overbury         Healthy Schools Co-ordinator        Cyfarthfa Upper & Lower School
Yvonne      Parfitt          Scheme Manager                      Crossroads Merthyr
Cerys       Parker                                               Guides Association
Rachel      Payne            Healthy Schools Co-ordinator        Cyfarthfa Junior School
Gerald      Powell           Communities First Co-ordinator      Troedyrhiw Comm 1st
Gaynor      Preece           Disability Development Officer      Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Karen       Price            Healthy Schools Co-ordinator        Gwernllwyn Junior School
Steve       Price            Chair                               Trefechan Partnership Board
Vivian      Price            Secretary                           Merthyr (Cilsanws) Golf Club
Meurig      Price            Secretary                           Morlais Golf Club
Marion      Lewis            Vice Chair                          Merthyr Community Health
tba                          Healthy Living Co-ordinator         AMVYCP
Pat         Ramm             Project Manager                     Merthyr Tydfil People First
Deanne      Rebane           Action Researcher                   Equal Project
Phil        Rees             Communities First Co-ordinator      Merthyr Vale Regeneration
                                                                 Partnership Board
Sharon      Richards         Health & Social Care Facilitator    VAMT
Jonathan    Rigby            Deputy Head                         Edwardsville Primary School
Lynne       Roberts          Consultant Nurse                    North Glamorgan NHS Trust
John        Sellwood         Manager                             Aberfan Leisure Centre
                              Merthyr Tydfil Active Living Forum
Firstname      Surname                          Title                             Company
Geraldine    Serrano          Healthy Schools Co-ordinator            Gellifaelog Primary School
Jill         Shuker           Director of Corporate Centre Services   Economic Regeneration
Merril       Smith            Project Support Officer (planning)      North Glamorgan NHS Trust
Victoria     Smith            Disability Sports Officer               Merthyr Tydfil County Borugh
Anthony      Soanes           Head Teacher                            Bedlinog Primary
Amy          Stephens         Healthy Schools Co-ordinator            Gwaunfarren Primary School
Judith       Stevens m.b.e.   Head Teacher                            Gurnos Nursery School
Ryan         Stokes           Commercial Manager                      Welsh International Climbing
Gillian      Strong           Healthy Schools Co-ordinator            Heolgerrig Primary School
Ian          Sullivan         Police Constable                        Merthyr Tydfil Police
Bev          Symonds          PESS Officer                            Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Mark         Symmonds         Communities First Co-ordinator          Treharris Comm First
Dafydd       Thomas           Active Travel Programme Manager         Sustrans Cymru
Darren       Thomas           Healthy Schools Co-ordinator            Pantyscallog Primary School
Cllr Helen   Thomas           Deputy Leader                           Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Janet        Thomas           Healthy Schools Co-ordinator            Ysgol Y Graig Primary
Cllr Ray     Thomas           Chair                                   Merthyr Tydfil LHB
Sarah        Thomas           Healthy Schools Co-ordinator            Mount Pleasant Primary School
Shana        Thomas           Lets Walk Cymru Development Officer     Sports Council for Wales
Gary         Tippins          Manager                                 Merthyr Tydfil Access & Mobility
Lisa         Toghill          Comm First Co-ord                       Dowlais Comm Dev Forum
Bill         Upham                                                    BTCV
Malcolm      Ward             Physical Activity Co-ordinator          Local Public Health Team
Richard      Warrilow         Head of Integrated Service responses    Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Collette     Watkins          General Manager                         Gellideg Foundation Group
Dave         Watkins          Service Development Manager             Merthyr Tydfil LHB
Nigel        Way              Rugby Officer                           Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
Mark         Welke            Manager                                 JJB Leisure & Fitness Club
Barbara      Williams         Personal Fitness Trainer                Dragon Health and Fitness
Geraint      Williams         Delivery Manager                        Want2Work
Keith        Williams         Manager                                 Dragon Fitness Gym
Margaret     Williams         Secretary/Organiser                     Stay Young at Heart
Jane         Wilson           Healthy Schools Co-ordinator            Trelewis Primary School
Neil         Wilson           Secretary                               Merthyr Tydfil Rugby Club
Ted          Wilson           Chief Exec                              Merthyr Tydfil LHB
Paula        Wood                                                     Play Forum
Yvonne       Wood                                                     Older Peoples Welfare
                                                                      Committee of Merthyr Tydfil
Rebecca      Wooley           Condition Management Programme          Merthyr Tydfil LHB
                              Project Manager
                          Merthyr Tydfil Active Living Forum
Firstname   Surname                     Title                      Company
Yvonne    Wright        Countryside Access Officer      Merthyr Tydfil CBC
Helen     Wynn-Williams Comm First Co-ordinator         Town & Park
                                     Appendix 4

                                     Useful Links

Climbing Higher: The Welsh Assembly Government Strategy for Sport & Physical

Coed Lleol – Woodlands for Health & Wellbeing: Why & How

Food and Fitness – Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Children and
Young People in Wales – 5 year implementation plan:

Welsh Assembly Play Strategy:

Healthy Ageing Action Plan:

Physical activity, Sedentary behaviour and obesity
Welsh Assembly Government
(Report giving a briefing on the findings of the 2001/02, health behaviour in school
aged children)

At Least five a week – evidence on the impact of physical activity and its relationship
to health
Department of Health
Ft1Of (Report that highlights the latest evidence on physical activity and its
contribution to health.)

Lets Get Moving: a physical activity handbook for developing local programmes
Faculty of Public Health and National Heart Forum, 2001'sgetmoving.aspx
(This handbook is aimed at multi-agency partnerships and helps in the development
of local policies, strategies and programmes to promote
physical activity.)

National Service Frameworks for Wales:
Children, Young People & Maternity Services:

Mental Health:
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Coronary Heart Disease (Under Review)

Physical Activity Network for Wales: /

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