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					                             Corporate Action plan for Respect, Privacy and Dignity Team Tool
 During October 2006 41 out of 47, (87%) of all Clinical Team Leaders (CTLs) within the Provider Services participated in the audit on
 Respect, Privacy and dignity. Many of these CTLs have further sub-teams that they are responsible for and these too completed the tool.
 For ease of reporting, these sub-teams scores were amalgamated and reported at CTL level.

 Having analysed the results across the three Care Groups, it is clear that there are trends. Areas of good practice in one service tend to
 be reflected in others; this is also true of areas of concern that can be improved upon. This action plan aims to address these issues and
 provide a structured way of improving performance at a corporate level.

of Team
                                                                        responsible       Person
  Tool                                   Actions (including                                                            Progress Update
                  Issue                                                     for          responsi       When
  this                                    estimated costs)                                                              (October 2007)
                                                                        overseeing          ble

           Meeting the PCT’s
           95% target for           To discuss and agree with
                                                                                         Yvonne       December AD for Business Support to
   2.      recording ethnicity      Director of Provider Services who   Patient Focus
                                                                                         Connolly     2006     lead on improving PCT
           information of           will now take a lead on this.
           patients.                                                                                           figures and the monitoring
                                                                                                               of them.

           Conducting impact        Ensure that new committee                            Margaret   December From July 2007 - began to
           assessments of           structures and Terms of                              Adjaye/Yvo 2006     see an increase in EIAs not
           local policies and       Reference outline the              Patient Focus     nne                 just in PCT but from GP
           services, to             responsibility of ensuring impact                    Connolly            practices. Ann Radmore led
           accommodate for          assessments are carried out on all                                       on session for ADs. Allan
           age, gender, race,       policies approved by them.                                               Ruan creating a web based
           disability, language,    Discuss this with the Chief                                              programme for EIAs.
           religion, deprivation,   Executive as part of integrated                                          Guidance for EIAs
     sexual orientation of   governance paper.                                             improved. Asked by
     patients                                                                   January    Management team to
                             Work with Corporate Affairs           Yvonne       2007       ensure each area has plan
                             Manager to agree on process of        Connolly/               in place for EIA and will
                             ratifying policies and managing       Simon                   integrate into Single
                             them.                                 Harris                  Equality scheme. Board
                                                                                Ongoing    agreed to run pilot of asking
                             Ensure that Associate Directors                               everyone who submits item
                             for Provider Services drive and       Yvonne                  to ensure EIA is carried out
                             lead on the impact assessment         Connolly                before hand (if applicable).
                             process for their care groups                                 Sandra Notridge sent MA
                                                                                           database of policies – MA to
                                                                                           prioritise policies for

                                                                                           Yvonne to update from IG
                                                                                           perspective and committees
                                                                                           and on action to drive EIA
                                                                                           process in Provider services
                                                                   Communic     December
                                                                   ations to    2006
                             Produce copies of the ‘Don’t suffer
                                                                   produce                 These were produced and
                             in silence’ posters and ethnicity-
                                                                   these and               made available to all CTL’s
                             recording posters and distribute to
                                                                   publicise               on request from CG Team.
                             every CTL
                                                                   via Eword.              They are available on PCT
     Staff and patient
                                                                   CG Team                 website
     awareness raising       Work with Communications
7.                                                                 to                      CF
     or equality and         department to produce
                                                                   distribute   January
     diversity issues        aesthetically pleasing version of
                             the fair and open culture
                             statement to be displayed in staff
                                                                   Parkin &
                                     Annette Bygraves and Margaret                           Margaret       January    Ethnicity training now
                                     Adjaye will explore costs of                            Adjaye and     2007       incorporated into diversity
                                     ethnicity monitoring training with                      Annette                   training
            Proportion of staff in   the Training and Development                            Bygraves                  Diversity resource material
            the team who have        group, in case the PCT is required                                                produced, with section on
   8a                                                                        Patient Focus
            received diversity       to run it for all staff.                                                          Data monitoring, offering
            training                 Work on developing other creative                                                 guidance on ethnicity
                                     ways to deliver diversity training in                                             monitoring. MA
                                     the PCT.

                                     Work with CTLs directly about                           Margaret       June       Training have published
                                     how this can embedded into their                        Adjaye         2007       diversity and ethnicity
            Proportion of staff in   service                                                                           training extensively –
            the team who have                                                                                          unfortunately we get very
   8b                                                                        Patient Focus
            received ethnicity       Link in with Laurence Gibson in                                                   very low uptake and
            training                 Public Health.                                          Margaret       Ongoing    sessions cancelled. MA
                                                                                                                       Emailed Laurence Gibson,
                                                                                                                       waiting to hear back. MA
                                     To agree points and actions that                        Ade            Done       Diversity resource pack
                                     CTLs raised and ensure they are                         Oduntan &                 produced and on intranet –
            What CTLs have
                                     picked up in the corporate action                       Caroline                  to launch more extensiviely
            said the PCT should
                                     plan.                                                   Firth                     within provider services and
Follow up   do as a result of                                                Patient Focus
                                                                                                                       amongst CTLs – Di sent
            them carrying out
                                     Clinical Governance Facilitators to                                    February   email to push resource
            this assessment.
                                     feed back to Heads of Service                           CG             2007       materials. MA
                                     about action plans                                      Facilitators
                                                                                            Margaret    June       Awaiting developments from
                                                                                            Adjaye &    2007       Comms Dept.
              Teams want to have                                                            Communic
              a corporate                                                                   ations
                                       Work has already begun work on
              directory of
                                       this. Link this with the
              resources and who                                                                                    To be discussed at Provider
                                       Communication Dept and
              to contact if they                                                            Ade         To be      Safety Committee as the old
                                       publicise via Intranet.
  CTLs        need help.                                                                    Oduntan &   taken to   Records Management
suggestio                                                                  Patient Focus    Andrew      next       Committee was disbanded
                                       Needs to be agreed with the
   ns         Standardised                                                                  Parkin      Records    because of new Integrated
                                       records management committee
              assessment forms                                                                          Managem    Governance arrangements.
                                       and a template produced
              for collecting data                                                                       ent
              on patients                                                                               Committe   Mandatory fields will be
                                                                                                        e          incorporated into the new
                                                                                                                   Cerner, Rio and Framework

              No standard format       Agree standard format which can                      Yvonne                 Awaiting developments from
  Issues      of information that is   be included in all communications                    Connolly,              Comms Dept.
 raised as    sent out to patients     sent out to patients including clear                 Simon
a result of   allowing for             maps and contact numbers.            Patient Focus   Harris,
this Team     difference in            To be included as part of the PPI                    Comms
    Tool      languages, visual        leaflets and information tool due to                 and PPI
              impairment etc.          be launched in June 2007                             Manager