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                               Craft & Hobby Tools

                                                                                                                                                       Lever Style
                                                                                                                                                       Cutting Tools
                                                                                                                                                       & Shears
Enhancing your design capabilities is what       trimmer is available with three decorative         tains inch and metric measurements on the
Dahle’s Craft and Hobby Tools are all about.     cutting heads and is lightweight and porta-        top surface as well as 1/2" gridlines, making
The following items will give your project       ble enough to take anywhere. It has a 12 1/2"      these mats the perfect work surface for cut-
the professional results you are looking for.    cutting length and includes a straight, wavy,      ting, drawing and sewing. They can be used
                                                 deckle, and perforation cutting head. Each         on both sides and are available in blue, black,
Trim Ruler and Card Maker                        blade cuts in either direction and activates an    and the industry’s only crystal clear which is
Memories are meant to be cherished and           automatic paper clamp to hold your work se-        virtually transparent.
now there’s no easier way to preserve your       curely in place. With a cutting capacity of up
keepsakes then by using a Dahle Craft Trim-      to 7 sheets of paper at a time, this trimmer is    Safety Edge
mer. Our Trim Ruler and Card Maker come          perfect for creating old time photos, invita-      Safety is always a concern when using sharp

with interchangeable cutting heads that give     tions, or just showing your creativity!            objects so Dahle developed a unique straight
you the ability to crop photographs, create                                                         edge that keeps fingers and hands protected
scrapbooks and make beautiful handmade           Vantage® Self Healing Cutting Mats                 while making tough cuts. This heavy duty
greeting cards. They are safe, easy to use and   Protecting your cutting surface is the func-       aluminum ruler has inch and metric mea-
portable for just about any application. Ad-     tion of a cutting mat, but there’s a lot more to   surements and an aluminum protective wall
ditional cutting heads can be purchased to       Dahle’s Line of Vantage® Self-Healing Mats.        to prevent your knife from wandering in your
increase your design capabilities.               These mats are self-healing and constructed        direction. The non skid rubber base prevents
                                                 using 5 layers of PVC plastics. It’s this spe-     shifting on the work surface. Dahle’s Safety
Personal Trimmer Kit                             cialized formation of plastic that allows cuts     Edge is available in a variety of sizes and is a
Creating decorative edge designs are easy        to just disappear— which greatly prolongs          perfect companion to our Vantage® self-heal-
                                                                                                                                                       & Hobby

with Dahle’s Personal Trimmer kit. This          the life of the mat. Each Vantage® mat con-        ing cutting mats.

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 CRAFT TRIMMERS                                                                                          PERSONAL TRIMMER KIT
 Lightweight and portable to take anywhere                                                               Self-sharpening straight blade cuts in both
 13" Cutting length
                                                                                                         Blade is made of ground steel and encased
 Circular blade enclosed in a plastic housing
                                                                                                         in a plastic housing for safety
 Includes straight and two decorative cutting
                                                                                                         Automatic see through paper clamp
 heads as well as a cutting mat
                                                                                                         Metal base with preprinted guides
 Free floating ruler allow for endless creative
 possibilities                                    Straight   Wavy         Perf       Scoring   Deckle    Includes straight, wavy, deckle and perfora-
                                                                                                         tion cutting heads                             Deckle           Perf           Wavy     Straight
    Item         Cut Length          Capacity        Decorative Heads                Dimensions
     360            13"              3 Sheets        Wavy / Perforation               15" x 4"                   Item                  Cut Length            Capacity                    Dimensions
     370            13"              3 Sheets        Deckle / Scoring                 15" x 4"                   507K                    12 ¹/2"             7 Sheets                    17" x 8 ¹/4"

 Self-healing properties allow for maximum
 ¹/8" (3mm) thickness protects work surfaces                                                             SAFETY EDGE
 from being damaged
                                                                                                         Protects hands while making tough cuts
 5 layer construction provides maximum               10670
 healing capabilities                                                                                    Non-skid rubber base prevents slips

 Material protects work surface and blade                                                                Precision graduated edge makes it perfect
                                                                 10690                                   for both ruling pens and knife blades
 from becoming dull
 Pre-printed ¹/2" grid for easy sizing of paper                                                          Easy to hold rigid lip
                                                                                                         Hangs for storage                                        73312         73318    73324
         Size                  Item / Color            Item / Color                 Item / Color
       9" x 12"                10670 / Black           10690 / Blue              10680 / Crystal Clear           Item                    Length                   Item                     Length
       12" x 18"               10671 / Black           10691 / Blue              10681 / Crystal Clear          73312                     12"                    73336                      36"
       18" x 24"               10672 / Black           10692 / Blue              10682 / Crystal Clear          73318                     18"                    73342                      42"
       24" x 36"               10673 / Black           10693 / Blue              10683 / Crystal Clear          73324                     24"                    73360                      60"
       36" x 48"               10674 / Black           10694 / Blue                     -NA-                    73330                     30"                    73372                      72"

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