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                  Community Futures Development Corporation


    Sto:lo Community Futures Development Corporation


    Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation

    First Nations Agricultural Lending Association

    Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women’s Services



The Opportunity Fund
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Economic Development Program Information

   commercial loans for business start-up, expansion and/or acquisition
   forgivable (non-repayable) loans - limited eligibility

Loan Structures

   commercial financing only
   equity requirement with each loan
   standard interest rate of 8%
   the maximum loan size for individuals is $125,000

Loan Eligibility

   all applicants are subject to a credit check
   all applicants must be 19 years or older
   persons of Aboriginal ancestry, including status, non-status, Metis and Inuit who
    reside and operate or propose to operate their business in the Sto:lo Territory.
    (documentation is required)

Application Process

   contact your Sto:lo Community Futures Development Corporation office
   discuss your business ideas with a Client Service Officer
   complete the appropriate loan application form
   submit a completed business plan for analysis
                     STO:LO COMMUNITY FUTURES (SCF)

SCF has Investment Funds available to assist small and medium sized Aboriginal
businesses within Sto:lo's traditional Territory with Loans ranging up to $125,000.
As a full service Business Centre, SCF Staff will assist the entrepreneur with Business
Plan development, provide assistance with financing needs and provide loans to
qualified applicants, help with applications to other Aboriginal Lenders, provide business
advice and support to get the business up and running and assist in business aftercare
once the business is established.

      General Investment Funds Program
    Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Funds Program
    GrowthStart Fund A new local business development fund

               What is Growthstart?
               A partnership between the Savings and Credit Unions of British
               Columbia; Community Futures Development Corporations; and
               Western Economic Diversification Canada which provides an
   innovative source of funding for small businesses in the communities of British

   As the primary investors in the fund the Savings and
   Credit Unions are supporting Community Economic
   Development in their communities, and are
   strengthening their common bond with the CFDCs.

   Western Economic Diversification Canada is also
   funding and supporting the operation of the
   partnership, which is an ideal model of
   public/private cooperation to help the economies
   and the small businesses of our communities.

   Community Futures Development Corporations of
   British Columbia are the engine of the Fund,
   providing information, support and application
   access and processing through 34 CFDC locations in
   the Province. Contact Sto:lo Community Futures
   for more information on this new fund.
                        THE FIRST CITIZENS FUND (FCF)

The First Citizens Fund is recognized as the single most successful tool for aboriginal
business in Canada. The FCF is allocated annually from the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
and features a 40% forgiveness portion.

The purpose of the FCF is to support Aboriginal economic development through:

   providing support for the development and enhancement of Aboriginal business
    management skills;
   the creation of successful new Aboriginal-owned and operated businesses; and
   the expansion of existing Aboriginal business and employment opportunities.

Program Details:

   Loans are available for the creation, expansion or upgrading of Aboriginal
    businesses. The program is open to all types of businesses but will not provide
    financing for revolving lines of credit or for the refinancing of existing commercial
   The business structure can be a sole-proprietorship, partnership, registered company
    or joint-venture organization. The only ownership criteria is the business must be a
    minimum 51% Aboriginal owned.
   The lifetime maximum loan amount is $75,000 of which 40% will be contributed by
    the Fund. This contribution is disbursed in installments on a pro-rata basis over the
    term of the loan.
   All Nations Trust Company (ANTCO), under contract with the Ministry of Community,
    Aboriginal and Women’s Services, currently administers the Business Loan Program.
    ANTCO is located in Kamloops and is the only registered Aboriginal trust company in
    the Province.
   ANTCO has several sub-contracts in place with other Aboriginal Capital
    Corporations. These sub-contractors also provide First Citizens Fund loans and have
    helped diversify and strengthen the delivery mechanism of the loan program. These
    sub-contracts have also assisted in developing the organizational capacity of other
    Aboriginal organizations.
   The loan approval process considers business viability, loan security, client track
    record and equity participation, the same as any regular financial institution.
   The term for loans varies between 1 and 10 years,
    with a 5-year limit on funds for working capital. Interest rates vary depending on the
    level of risk.
   To help maintain the viability of businesses funded by the First Citizens Fund
    Business Loan Program, all Borrowers of the First Citizens Fund Business Loan
    Program are required to pay a 2% Borrower’s fee to subsidize the costs of the
    Business Loan Aftercare Program which provides business advisory and support
    services to Borrowers.
   The loan program began in 1988, and in the 2002-2003 fiscal year, approved
    195 small business loans, with an average value of approximately $22,300.
                        ABORIGINAL YOUTH BUSINESS LOAN

Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation (TACC) in partnership with Aboriginal
Business Canada (ABC) and the Department of Indian Affairs (DIA) proudly offers this
innovative loan designed to assist Youth, age 30 and under, to easily start their own

The terms of this loan are as follows:

   Borrow up to $15,000.00. O.A.C.
   8.75% rate of interest
   Monthly, Semi-Annual and Annual payment terms available.
   10% cash equity recommended
   Flexible amortization terms (1-5yrs.)
   Loan protection available.
   25% forgiveness of the principle amount borrowed, upon payment of 75% of the
    principle and interest accrued, subject to the terms and conditions of the loan

For further information on these loan programs please contact Sto:lo Community
Futures Development Corporation or click on the name of the lending
organizations below to visit their websites.

FCF Lending Organizations

Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation
Suite 508 - 100 Park Royal
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2
Phone: 604 926-5626
Fax: 604 926-5627
Toll Free: 1-800-799-7199

First Nations Agricultural Lending Association
200 - 345 Yellowhead Highway
Kamloops, BC V2H 1H1
Phone: 250 828-9751
Fax: 250 372-1595
Toll Free: 1-888-426-4232
                       ABORIGINAL BUSINESS CANADA (ABC)

ABC Policies and Guidelines
Every Aboriginal Business Canada investment is assessed on the merits of the business
case presented and conforms to a set of policy guidelines affecting this specific
program, as well as broader departmental or government-wide regulations. This ensures
that taxpayers' dollars are placed in viable business development ventures, which will
help the client, and the government meet their respective objectives. Some policies are
set under the direction of the National Aboriginal Economic Develop ment Board.

What is available for commercial ventures?
If you want to start a business, our role reflects the priorities outlined on the previous
page. We can help you to establish or acquire:

   a tourism business;
   a manufacturing business;
   a business, professional, scientific or technical service business; or
   a business linked to a specified major development (in limited situations).

For other new businesses, we can consider support for marketing and information
technology needs.

Please note that assistance to establish or acquire a business is intended for first-time
entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs/businesses that are proposing to carry out a
particular commercial activity for the first time.

If you are already operating a business, you may be eligible for business planning,
capital cost, marketing and business support financing related to activities such as:

   expanding sales into other regional, national or international markets;
   improving your business processes, productivity or sales through technology or other
    improvements, including the use of information and communications technologies in
    commercial applications; and
   developing, enhancing and commercializing new or existing products, technologies,
    systems and processes.

If you are an Aboriginal individual between the ages of 18 and 35 (inclusive), we offer
broader support. Contributions are available to help you establish, acquire or expand a
business, to source financing, to access markets, and to develop the specific
management skills you will need. This will help you move into a more competitive
marketplace. The business opportunity can be in any sector.

For further information on Aboriginal Business Canada programs, please contact
Sto:lo Community Futures Development Corporation or visit the Aboriginal
Business Canada website.

Economic Development Opportunity Fund
Program Description

The Economic Development Opportunity Fund provides financial aid in the form of
matching equity funding. The objective is to use the funding to obtain conventional debt
financing (such as a loan from a bank) to start or expand a business.

Program Eligibility

First Nations, Inuit and Innu businesses may apply through their Community Economic
Development Organization (CEDO).

Applicants must:

   submit a business plan;
   demonstrate the need for matching equity funding to complete their financing; and
   demonstrate the knowledge and experience needed to manage or participate in the
    proposed venture.

The CEDO must have the organizational development capacity, a proven record in
business development, and a record of regular and acceptable reporting. Successful
applicants receive the funding from their CEDO.

Contact Information

For more information on the Opportunity Fund or other programs that support economic
development, please contact INAC toll-free at 1 800 567-9604. Be sure to ask for a copy
of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Economic Development Program Information.


The Opportunity Fund
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Economic Development Program Information

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