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					Volume 16: US Landmarks and Travel by Photodisc

Take a road trip across America: historical monuments, famous landmarks, renowned buildings and national parks in every season. Keywords are your map to arrive at the perfect image.

Autumn in Maine 16001

Augusta, Maine 16005 Water Pump and Bucket 16009

Maine Lighthouse 16012

Church in New Hampshire 16016

Old Lobster Buoys 16002

Signpost in Maine 16006

Road in the Middle of a Forest in Autumn 16013

New England Village in Autumn 16017

Fishing Village 16010 Harbor in Maine 16003 Yard in Minot, Maine 16007

Shed in Vermont 16014 Autumn in New Hampshire 16018 Androscoggin River in Autumn 16011

Porch with the American Flag Flying 16004 Camden, Maine 16008

Road to a Covered Bridge 16015

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Bodie Island Lighthouse 16019

Boston Skyline 16024

Cape Ann, Massachusetts 16029

Niagara Falls, New York 16034

Aerial View of Midtown Manhattan 16038

Cape Cod, Massachusetts 16020

The Mayflower at Plymouth, Massachusetts

House of the Seven Gables in Salem, ... 16030

United States View of Niagara Falls 16035

Aerial of the Brooklyn Bridge and ... 16039

Cape Cod Windmill 16021

Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts 16026

Replica of the Amistad at Mystic, ... 16031

Statue of Liberty 16036

Central Park, New York 16040

Road Sign for Concord, Massachusetts 16027 Bunker Hill Monument, Massachusetts 16022

Sunset and Bridge in Newport, Rhode ... 16032

Brooklyn Bridge at Night 16041

Aerial View of New York City 16037

Boston, Massachusetts 16023

Paul Revere Statue in Boston, ... 16028

Fishing Boat in Rhode Island 16033

New York City Skyline 16042

Beach at Atlantic City, New Jersey 16054 Statue of Liberty 16043 Boardwalk at Coney Island 16049 Iwo Jima Memorial 16059 Jefferson Memorial at Night 16064

Interior of Ellis Island Museum 16044

Boardwalk at Atlantic City, New Jersey 16055 New York City Skyline 16050

Jefferson Memorial 16060 Statue of Abraham Lincoln 16065

Antietam Battlefield, Maryland 16056 Taxis in New York City 16051

Airplane Flying Past the Jefferson ... 16061

Empire State Building at Sunset 16047

New York City Subway 16052

Baltimore, Maryland 16057

Capitol in Washington, DC 16066 Lincoln Memorial at Dusk 16062

Taxi in Manhattan 16048

Airplane Taking Off at Sunset 16053

Washington, DC 16067 Baltimore Skyline 16058 The White House at Sunset 16063

The White House 16068

John Barry Monument & Independence Hall 16073

The Duquesne Incline, Pittsburgh 16077

The Virginia State Capitol 16083

The Memorial Building at Lincoln's ... 16088

The Smithsonian Institute 16069

The Philadelphia Skyline 16074

The Pittsburgh Skyline 16078

Jamestown Settlement With Ships 16084

Road Signs 16089

Fireworks 16070

The Arlington National Cemetery 16079 Louisville Skyline at Night 16090

Gettysburg Battlefield 16075

Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia 16085 Mount Vernon, Virginia 16081

Subway in Washington, DC 16071 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 16076

Autumn Valley in West Virginia 16086

Shadow of a Musician 16093

Vietnam Veteran's War Memorial 16072

Monument in Jamestown, Virginia 16082 Road on a Farm in Kentucky 16087

Highway to Nashville 16094

Canoeing at Merchant's Mill Pond State ... 16099

Boone Hall Plantation in South Carolina 16104

Miami Beach 16111

Skyline From Boat Harbor 16118

The Battlefield in Chattanooga 16095

A Roadside Concession Stand 16100 Below View of Street Signs 16106

Miami Skyline at Dusk 16112

Tampa Skyline 16119

Cape Hatteras Beach 16101 Atlanta Skyline At Sunset 16108

Aerial View of Florida Wetlands 16114

Highway Over Florida Keys 16120

Tennessee Road 16096

Charlotte Skyline at Dusk 16102 Atlanta Skyline 16109

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary 16115 Aerial of Miami Beach 16121

The Pioneer Farmstead 16097

Detail of a Cruise Ship 16117 Scarecrow 16103 The Miami Strip 16110 Alligator Crossing Road Sign in Florida 16122

Wright Brothers National Memorial 16098

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana 16123

Masks in Storefront Window 16128

Columbus, Ohio at Dusk 16134 Michigan Lakeshore 16139 Cityscape of Chicago 16147

New Orleans Skyline at Night 16129 New Orleans Architecture 16124

Cincinnati Skyline at Dusk 16135 Sim Smith's Bridge, Indiana 16140

Alligator 16130 Architecture in the French Quarter 16125 Columbus Skyline 16136 The Atchafalaya Basin 16131 Lake Michigan 16144

Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri 16148

St Louis Cathedral 16126 West Virginia Mill 16137

Gateway Arch in St, Louis, Missouri 16149 Chicago Skyline at Dusk 16145

Road in Ohio 16132

Kansas City Skyline 16150

Streets of New Orleans 16127 Amish Road Sign 16133

Detroit Skyline at Dusk 16138

Buckingham Fountain in Chicago 16146

Mark Twain's Boyhood House 16151

Aerial of Farms in Iowa 16156

Corn Palace in South Dakota 16166 Downtown Aerial of Minneapolis 16161

Skyline of Oklahoma City 16171

The Ozarks 16152 Farm Setting in Wisconsin 16157

Badlands in South Dakota 16167 Riverboat on the Mississippi River 16162

Ghost town in Montana 16174

Custer State Park 16168 Iowa Cornfield 16153 Locks on the Mississippi 16158 Close-up of Mount Rushmore 16163 Custer Battlefield, Montana 16176

Des Moines Skyline 16154

Mount Rushmore 16164

Eagle Rock, Nebraska 16169 Waterfall at Mt Clement, Montana 16177

Aerial of Milwaukee 16159 Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of ... 16165

Barge on the Mississippi 16155

Skyline of Omaha 16170

Aerial of Minneapolis Skyline 16160

Chairlift 16195 Glacier National Park, Montana 16178 Yellowstone Falls 16186 Devil's Tower in Wyoming 16190 Skyscrapers in Downtown Denver 16203

Mountain in Yellowstone National Park 16179 Yellowstone Lower Falls 16187

The Snake River in Idaho 16191

Skier 16196 San Antonio Cityscape 16204

Prairie in Wyoming 16180 Sawtooth Mountain Range in Idaho 16192

Train Through Colorado 16197

Old Faithful 16188

Skyline of Houston, Texas 16205

Grand Teton National Park 16184 Buffalo at Yellowstone National Park 16189

Cliff Palace, Colorado 16199 Coeur D' Alene, Idaho 16193 Skyline of Dallas at Dusk 16206

Grand Teton National Park Road 16185

Maroon Bells, Colorado 16194

Aerial of Downtown Denver 16202

Dallas Skyline 16207

Johnson Space Center in Houston 16212 The Alamo 16208 Mission San Jose de Laguna 16219 Monument Valley, Arizona 16225

Sandario Road, Saguaro National Park 16230

New Mexico Sagebrush 16213

Mission San Jose 16209 Store in New Mexico 16214

Cityscape of Tucson, Arizona 16220

Rock Formations in Monument Valley 16226

Sunset at Saguaro National Park 16231

Oil Pump in Texas 16210 Pueblo Ruins in New Mexico 16215 Road in Arizona 16222

Rainbow in the Grand Canyon 16227

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument 16232

Cowboy Statue at Fort Worth, Texas 16211

Adobe House in Santa Fe 16216

Phoenix at Night 16223

Grand Canyon Sunset 16228

Sedona, Arizona 16233

Aerial View of Albuquerque 16218

Monument Valley, Arizona 16224

Cliff Dwelling Ruins, Arizona 16234 Tower in Arizona 16229

Antelope Canyon, Arizona 16235

Aerial View of Lake Powell 16243

Arches National Park, Utah 16248

Neon Playing Cards 16253 Death Valley Dunes 16258

Canyonlands National Park, Utah 16244 Bisbee, Arizona 16236

Delicate Arch, Utah 16249

Street in Las Vegas 16254

Red Pass, Death Valley 16259

Zion National Park, Utah 16245

Ghost Town in Nevada 16255 Narrows of Zion Canyon, Utah 16250

Borax Wagon 16260

Cowboys Sitting on a Fence at a Rodeo 16238

Death Valley, California 16256

Couple by A Campfire 16240

Agua Canyon, Utah 16246

Joshua Tree National Park 16251 Aerial of Death Valley 16257

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe, California 16261

Salt Lake City, Utah 16242

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah 16247 Street in Reno, Nevada 16252 Joshua Tree National Monument 16262

Aerial of San Diego 16263

Bixby Bridge along Big Sur Coast 16268

Pier at Santa Cruz, California 16273

Ebbets Pass, California 16278

Yosemite National Park 16282

Los Angeles at Night 16264

Fog in Redwood National Park 16269

Surfer in Santa Cruz 16274

Indian Rhubarb in Autumn 16283

Road in Sierra Nevada, California 16279 Los Angeles Cityscape 16265 Point Lobos, California 16275

Wind Turbines 16284

Rodeo Drive in California 16270

Mt Shasta, California 16280

Aerial of Venice Beach, California 16266 California Street Signs 16271

Sierra Nevada Ghost Town, California 16276

Mono Lake, California 16285

Waterfall, Yosemite National Park 16281 Handmade Road Sign 16277

Aerial of Hollywood, California 16267 Santa Monica Boardwalk 16272

Antelope Valley, California 16286

Cable Car in San Francisco 16288

Lombard Street, San Francisco 16292

Big Sur, California 16297

Road Through Redwood National Park 16301

Stone Marker for the Oregon Trail 16306

San Francisco Skyline 16293

Road Through Farmland 16302

Bay Bridge View 16289

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, California 16298

Camping at Mt Jefferson 16307

Houses of San Francisco 16294

Cannon Beach, Oregon 16303

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 16290

Road 16299

Mt Hood and Lost Lake, Oregon 16308

Sailboats of San Francisco 16295

Cannon Beach, Oregon 16304

Detail of the Golden Gate Bridge, San ... 16291

Car Driving Through a Redwood Tree 16300 Silhouette of Haystack Rock at Cannon ... 16305

Crater Lake, Oregon 16309

California Coast 16296

Mount St Helens 16315 Multnomah Falls, Oregon 16310

Seattle Skyline at Sunrise 16320

Moose Crossing Road Sign 16326

Haleakala National Park, Hawaii 16331

Close-up of the Seattle Skyline 16322

Glacier Bay, Alaska 16327

Aerial of the Columbia River Gorge, ... 16311

Mount Rainier 16316

Seven Sacred Pools, Hawaii 16332

Ferry Against Seattle Skyline 16323

Anchorage, Alaska 16328

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon 16312 Olympic National Forest 16317 North Cascades 16324

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 16333

Mt McKinley, Alaska 16329

Portland, Oregon 16313

Kailua Beach, Hawaii 16334

The Washington Coast 16318 Sasquatch Crossing Road Sign 16325

Aerial View of Mountains in Alaska 16330

Portland, Oregon at Night 16314

Ferris Wheel, King County Fair, ... 16319

Honolulu Cityscape 16335

Pu'uhonua o Honaunau Historical Park, ... 16336

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