Sewage Purification and Sludge Treatment Plants New Sewage Treatment by act50979


									Sewage Purification and Sludge Treatment Plants
New Sewage Treatment Plant, Kochel on the Lake

Project period                    1997 - 2003

Construction cost                 4 mio. € approx.

Services provided                 Investigation of variants, preliminary and final design planning, approval
                                  planning, execution planning, preparation of and assistance in the con-
                                  tract award, construction management, project supervision, project moni-
                                  toring and documentation

Technical details                 Construction of new sewage treatment plant, 8400 population equivalents,
                                  sewage purification with combined aerobe sludge stabilisation according
                                  to the SBR process, simultaneous precipitation for phosphate elimination,
                                  wet sludge storage and flood pumping station, foundation in soft lacustrine

                                                                        The process adopted for the sew-
                                                                        age treatment in the community of
                                                                        Kochel is the SBR (Sequencing
                                                                        Batch Reactor) system. The SBR
                                                                        process is an activating process in
                                                                        which the sewage is treated batch
                                                                        by batch. The biological purification
                                                                        processes and the separation of
                                                                        sludge and water take place in the
                                                                        same tank.

                                                                        A separate final settling tank is not
                                                                        required. A significant advantage
                                                                        of the SBR process is the flexible
                                                                        adaptation in time of the purification
                                                                        phases with regard to the specific
                                                                        wastewater composition of a com-
                                                                        munity or of an industrial plant. The
                                                                        stabilised sewage sludge will be
                                                                        stored in covered sludge tanks.

                                                                              Process Phases of the
                                                                                  SBR System

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