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									    SCHOOL OF NURSING


      (3 ½ YEARS COURSE)

     JHARKHAND – 827004
      PHONE – 06542-42207, 42054
         FAX – 06542-47911

                                   Rs. 100/-


         The Nursing School of Bokaro General Hospital of
Bokaro Steel Plant, Sail, and Government of India Undertaking
had its inception in the year 1977. The School has got its
affiliation both from the Bihar Nurses Registration Council and
the Indian Nursing Council. The main objective of this school is
to impart Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery and there
by to create awareness and skill in the nursing process in the
provisions of health care and nursing of patients. Bokaro
General Hospital is having a capacity of 910 beds with all
modern facilities like ICU, CCU, Dialysis Unit, O.T., Eye,
ENT, G&O, Orthopedics, Surgery, Medicine, Radiotherapy,
Bio-Chemistry and out patient department facilities.

        Besides rendering medical service to the employees and
their dependents of Bokaro Steel Plant, Bokaro General
Hospital renders services to the community which includes
services to the patients and their dependents of other Corporate.
The Nurses Training Institution o Bokaro General Hospital is
located in the heart of the Industrial town, connected by road
and rail.

I. Duration of the course

The course leading to “A” grade Diploma in General Nursing
and Midwifery (GNM) is of 3 ½ years duration and shall be
divided as follows:

2 years in theory and practical in General Nursing and 1 year in
Midwifery and community Health Nursing, However,
community Health Nursing is integrated throughout the 3½
years. Last six months after 3 years of G.N.M. will be their
internship period.
II.   General Objectives of the Course.
      The Nurses completing this course are expected to
demonstrate awareness of health care and skills required in the
Nursing Process in the provision of health care and nursing of
the patients e.g.:

       -   to     assess the needs of individual families and
                  communities throughout life, from birth to death;

       -   to     take appropriate action to meet their needs
                  through competent safe nursing care;

       -   to     take appropriate action to help people attain and
                  maintain their best possible level of health in all

       -   to     work with other members of the health team and
                  communities in prevention of illness.

       -   to     evaluate effectiveness of nursing and health care

III.       Admission of Students

       Conditions for Admission:-

       1. Admission to this course is limited to unmarried female
          candidates only.
       2. Age limit 17 to 23 years as on 1. 10. 2008.
       3. Educational qualification: Students must possess a XII
          standard schooling certificate in Science with minimum
          55% marks (50% for ST/SC only *).
       4. Residence and Citizenship: Candidate shall be a citizen
          of India.
       5. Candidate must be unmarried and physically and
          mentally fit at the time of admission and during the
          course of training will be considered a disqualification
          to continue the course.
6. The application forms at the time of submission must be
   accompanied by following document:

       a) The recent passport size photographs.

       b) Attested photocopies of all qualifications
          including 10th/ equivalent class certificate as
          proof of age.

       c) Those belonging to SC/ST/OBC communities
          must submit the respective caste certificate
          issued by an authorized person.

           The candidates will have to produce the original
           certificates for verification at the time of
           assessment or at any time subsequently
           whenever asked for.

          If the information given or documents submitted
          by the candidate is found false/fake, her
          candidature     will    be    stand   cancelled
7. Short listed candidates will be called for assessment.
   Admission will be strictly based on merit.

8. SC/ST/OBC guidelines will be followed as per existing

* (1.) No marks relaxation for OBC candidates.
  (2.) Aggregate marks will be calculated by getting the
      average marks of 2 languages and 3 main Science
      subjects. No additional subjects will be included in the
      above-mentioned calculation.

IV. Fees structure:
   a) Admission Fee             Rs.5,000/-    at   the    time   of

      b) Caution Money          Rs.3000/-     at the time of
                                admission (refundable only after
                                successful completion of course)

      c) Development Fee        Rs.500/- per annum.

      d) Tuition Fees           Rs.6000/- per annum

      e) In case of default in payment of tuition fees student shall
         be debarred from appearing in the Council examination.

         However, at the sole discretion of the school authorities
         the delay up to the period of six months may be
         condoned after imposition of fine of Rs.50/- for delay of
         each month from the due date. In case default exceeds
         six months, the students shall be debarred from
         continuing the training.

      f) All fees will be accepted by Demand Draft only in favor
         of SAIL, Bokaro Steel Plant, payable at B. S. City.

V.       Hostel facilities:

         As the course completely residential the institution
         offers hostel accommodation. The campus has play
         ground, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. They
         will have to arrange for their own food in the kitchen of
         Nurses hostel.

VI.      Discipline

         Students selected for GNM course shall have to strictly
         abide by the rules and regulations formulate by the
         Institution. Any irregularity or indiscipline in any areas
       shall be dealt with strictly and in this case the decision
       of the management will be final and binding.

VII.   Vacation and Holidays:

       Annual vacation               -       30 days
       Sick leave                    -       10 days
       National Holidays             -       3 days
       Preparatory holidays          -       7 days per annum

VIII. Examination & Hospital Test

   1. All students must pass the preliminary test selection
      (P.T.S.) examination usually being held within 3 months
      of admission as nursing student before being permitted
      to appear in the General Nursing and Midwifery
      Examination. The decision of the P.T.S. examination
      and other hospital selection tests prior to sending
      students for the Council Examination shall be
      determined by the authorities of the institution. If
      however, any examinee fails to qualify in the first P. T.
      S. Examination conducted by the institution a second
      chance will be given failing which her training in the
      institution shall be terminated.
   2. Supplementary examination:
      Council may hold Supplementary examination after six
      months of the annual examinations.
   3. Rules in respect of Students who could not pass the
          a) If a student fails in not more than two papers
             either written or practical she will be allowed to
             appear in the supplementary examination to be
             held subsequently.
          b) After a second failure in the same papers, the
             student may continue in the school at the

               discretion of school authorities and she may
               appear for the next examination subsequently.
           c) If a student fails in more than two papers
              including practical she will remain in the same
           d) A maximum of 3 attempts will be permitted in
              each Council Examination (i.e. 1st, 2nd, and final)
              throughout the training period. In case of failure
              in any of the Council Examination of any year
              for more than 3 times, the candidates will not be
              allowed to continue with further training.
4. G. N. M. Examination (First Year): It will be the
   responsibility of the parents to take their wards to the
   outside centers for council examinations held every year.
a) If a student fails in not more than one subject at the first
   instance, she may be permitted to sit for the supplementary
   examination subsequently in the failed subject as per
   Council Rules and also she may continue the 2nd year
   classes and Clinical Experience along with her same batch
   of students.
b) If the student fails is not more than one subject in the second
   chance she should pass the failed subject within maximum
   chances as mentioned in the syllabus. After passing
   Preliminary Examination and if she continued the classes
   and Clinical Experience for 2nd year with her same batch
   and also if she has attended 75% of the instructional hours
   and 75% of the Clinical Experience in 2nd year she may be
   permitted to appear at the second G.N.M. Examination after
   6 (six) months/ next examination subsequently.

5. Second G. N. M. Examination (2nd year)
   a) If a student fails in not more than one subject at the first
      instance, she may be permitted to sit for the
      supplementary examination subsequently in the failed
        subject as per Council Rules and also she may continue
        the 3rd Year Classes and Clinical Experience.
     b) If a student fails in not more than one subject within
        maximum chances mentioned in the syllabus.
        After passing the second examination and if she
        continued the classes and Clinical Experience for 3rd
        year training with her same batch also if she has
        attended 75% of the Class and 75% of the Clinical
        Experience in 3rd year training she may be permitted to
        appear at the final examination (3rd year) after 6 (six)
        months/next subsequent examination held by the
IX. Class attendance and Clinical experience for the re-
    appearing candidates.
    For reappearing in examination the Candidate must have at
least 20% of instructional hours and 20% of the field experience
   The Council practical examination preferably be conducted
as per instruction and guidelines of Jharkhand Registration
Council. JNRC, Ranchi.
X.    Other Highlights.

    Since there have been tremendous changes in all the fields
of technology, the Institution has started the use of computers in
practically all fields. The training facility may be extended to
the 2nd year nursing students on payment of Rs. 1000/- to be
paid at a time at the beginning of the 2nd year.

XI. Extra Facilities
a) The Institution is having a beautiful and well equipped
   Occupational Health Service (O. H. S.) Centre inside
   Bokaro Steel Plant and the students admitted in Nursing
   Training Courses are allowed to get exposure to the service

   being rendered through the O. H. S. which is not available
   in any other Training Institute.
b) Practical experience of the most modern I.C.U., C. C. U.,
   Dialysis, SCBU, IBU, Neuro ICU and Radiotherapy
c) Very good collection of books at the Library.
d) Teaching with audio visual aids.
   XII.    Please Note
   A) School of Nursing, Bokaro General Hospital is for
      imparting Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery. It
      does not create any legal right for appointment of the
      students. Thus Bokaro Steel Plant will have no liability
      whatsoever regarding offering employment upon
      successful completion of the course by the candidate.
   B) No stipend will be paid to the student during the period
      of training (internship period only).

                                      SCHOOL OF NURSING


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