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					                                               QUESTION AND ANSWERS

                               Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders Jobcentre Plus District

                                                     Gateway to Work

                                 Question                                                           Answer
1.   Please can you confirm how providers will be funded for this         Providers will be paid for each course run - with minimum
     provision? I understand that we need to submit our costings per      participation being 4, maximum numbers are agreed in liaison
     GtW course for bid purposes. Does this mean that the                 with Jobcentre Plus. If insufficient volumes liaison with
     successful provider will be paid per course delivered irrespective   Jobcentre Plus will be expected and planned courses will be
     of how many clients attend in both weeks of provision? i.e. will     cancelled/ postponed until sufficient volumes are reached. To
     providers be paid the same price for a course that attracts 4        date the average occupancy for the District as a whole is 12
     people in week one and 3 people in week 2 compared to a              per course.
     course that attracts 12 people in both weeks?
2.   Can you confirm whether any element of the funding will be           Gateway to Work does not have funding attached to job
     based on achieving required job outcomes?                            outcomes, however, the performance measure has the same
                                                                          definition as claimable outcomes. (see Provider
                                                                          Guidance chapter 4/5)
3.   The indicative client volumes for 2007/08 are 857 across the         Course numbers can be estimated based on average
     district. Is JCP able to indicate the expected number of GtW         occupancy levels of 12 or other number you decide
     courses across the district at all? As the optimum course            appropriate for delivery - remember that volumes can fluctuate
     occupancy ranges between 4 and 12 people, providers could            both up and down and you should take this into
     come to significantly different conclusions about the expected       consideration.
     number of GtW courses.
4.   On page 3 of the Pricing Proposal Document providers are             see response above.
     asked to give a total tender price. Is this our price per GtW
     course multiplied by the expected number of GtW courses
      across the district? If so, please see question 3. If not, please
      can you clarify further.
5.    Are all costings inclusive or exclusive of VAT?                        VAT should be excluded.
6.    We are aware that Reed in Partnership currently delivers in            Lauder College – directly manage & deliver in Borders
      Edinburgh. Please could you indicate what areas are covered by         (Galashiels) and West Lothian (Livingston & Bathgate)
      the other two current providers. If possible please could you          Contact: Alison Nimmo, 01896 755249
      provide contact details for each of the current providers.
                                                                             Midlothian Council – manage & in partnership with Lauder
                                                                             College deliver in Mid/East Lothian (Musselburgh)
                                                                             Contact: Jim Murphy in first instance on 0131-561-5384 (Brian
                                                                             William alternative contact, same
7.    Please could you clarify the position with regard to childcare         The childcare costs will paid as an additional element as per
      costs? In the schedules that accompany the T&Cs it states that         Schedule 6 clause 4 (reference is made to this in the notes
      JCP may authorise payment of childcare costs. However the              against participant costs)
      Pricing Proposal B requires providers to build in this cost into the
      tender. Is this correct and are there any estimations of how
      many clients may require childcare?
8.    On page 3 of the Pricing Proposal Document providers are               Expected travel rate should be shown but not included in the
      asked to give a total tender price. Does this include proposed         total tender price.
      travel costs?