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Chapter 1
1. What happens to Paul Baumer and the other members of Second Company?
2. How many men returned? What happened to the other men?
3. What do Baumer, Leer, Muller and Kropp have in common with each other? How did
they end up together in the war?
4. Who is the leader of the group? Why is he the leader?
5. Tell what Tjaden, Haie Westhus and Detering’s jobs are outside of the war.
6. What is the argument between the cook and the men all about? Which side would you
be on and why?
7. Who is the first soldier to die? How do the men feel about his death?
8. Who is Kantorek? Why are the boys against Kantorek? Why do you think Kantorek
is the way he is? Are the boys justified in their feelings?
9. What has happened to Kemmerich? Why are the boys staying by his side? What is it
that they want?
10. Talk about two horrors of war the boys faced in this chapter.

Chapter 2
   1. What is the difference between what the young men have after the war and what
       the older men have after the war?
   2. How long did the men train for war? What were they taught during this time?
   3. Who is Corporal Himmelstoss? Why do the soldiers hate him? List three things
       Himmelstoss had the men do that they felt was unfair.
   4. How does Paul feel about what is happening to Kemmerich? Why doesn’t the
       doctor come to Kemmerich? What does Paul bring to Muller? Why are they so
       important? What do you think about this obsession with this item?

Chapter 3
  1. What do the men think about the new recruits who join their rank? What is the
     difference in their ages? What is the difference in their experiences?
  2. Why would Paul consider Katczinsky a hero? Explain. Give two examples of
     something Kat does that impresses Paul.
  3. How would Kropp settle the war? What do you think about his suggestion? Do
     you agree or disagree and explain.
  4. How does Kat explain the power of the army over the men? What do you think of
     this explanation? Is it a fair assessment? Explain.
  5. What does Himmelstoss do to Tjaden? What kind of man is Himmelstoss?
  6. What do the men do to Himmelstoss? Did he deserve this treatment?


  1. What is a twelve-inch? What are Tommies? What is the English batteries?
      Explain what all these mean.
  2. Describe how the men feel with the fighting on the front line.
  3. Paul gives us a prayer on page 55. Explain what he is saying.
  4. Describe what happens to the men on page 58-59 when the next bombardment
  5. What happens to the fair-haired recruit at the beginning of the attack? How does
      Paul protect him? What happens to this recruit at the end of the chapter? How do
      you feel about what happens to him?
  6. What upsets Detering after the bombardment? How does the problem finally get
      resolved? How do you feel about Detering’s response to this dilemma?
  7. The men get attacked again. Where do the men seek cover? Why is this ironic?
  8. Besides bullets and shells what do the men have to worry about? What do they
      wear for protection? Are they effective? Explain.
  9. By being where the men were at this next bombardment, how is this protection for
      them? Explain.
  10. What does Kat suggest to do to the new recruit? What is your reaction to this?
      Can you understand why he said what he did? Explain.

              QUESTIONS FOR CHAPTERS 5 & 6
Chapter 5
   1. What are the men doing with the boot-polish tin?
   2. What does Haie say he will do if the war was over? Why?
   3. How does Tjaden act when Himmelstross shows up at their resting spot? What
       does Himmelstross do? What repercussions are the others concerned with?
   4. What happened to the 20 students who came from the same class?
   5. What does Paul steal? Explain one problem he had trying to steal this item.
Chapter 6
   6. What do the men see that is brand new just before going up to the front line?
       How do they feel about this item?
   7. What happens in the dug outs because the barrels are worn out?
   8. What has become repulsive in the trenches? How do the men solve their problem
       with this animal?
   9. What do the men use instead of the bayonet? What damage does the bayonet do
       to the men? Why is the other implement a better weapon?
   10. Besides ammunition what is one very important item they need during the
       bombardment, but they do not have enough of?
   11. What happens to one young man during the bombardment? How do the soldiers
       solve his problem?
   12. On page 113, paragraph 3, what does this paragraph mean? It begins with “We
       have become wild beasts…” and ends with “and to be revenged.”
   13. What has happened to the trenches as a result of the bombardment?
   14. Describe one scene of hand-to-hand combat with the French soldiers.
   15. What is this quote about; “For one of them we search two days in vain?” Why are
       the men upset about this? What happens to the voice?
   16. What is the difference between Battle planes and Observation planes? Which one
       are they more afraid of and why?
   17. Why are the reinforcements more trouble than they are worth? How many
       recruits fall for every experienced soldier? Why do so many recruits dye from gas
   18. Paul finds Himmelstross. Whys is he so mad at him?
   19. What advice do the veterans give to the new recruits? Does it help?
   20. Describe some of the injuries the men suffer from the fight? How many men
       from Second Company survive?

1. Paul, Leer and Kropp meet some women when they cross the river. How do the
   women make the men feel? Are the women’s feelings genuine? Explain. How
   do the men feel about the women? Why is Paul disappointed?
2. When Paul returns home what does he discover about his mother? How does he
   feel about this? What do you think about his attitude?
3. Why does the major become angry with Paul? Why does Paul become angry with
   the major?
4. Why does Mittelstaedt use his authority against Kantorek? Do you agree with his
   belief? Explain.
5. What happens when Paul visits Kemmericks mother? Does he lie? What do you
   think about his lies?
6. Why is Paul unable to share his feelings about fighting on the front line?