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project management report


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									Terence Burns
Project Management
CIF 300

                        TERENCE BURNS


                              CIF 300

                         MISTY WATERS


Terence Burns
Project Management
CIF 300

                             Project Management Report
Within the module “digital project management” I was asked to create four separate
documents all evolved around the final year project. My task was to take on a
managerial role through out the whole assignment and creation process. The
documents I was asked to create where as follows:

       A Project Management CV
       A Poster promote the Project and the client
       A website to hold the documentation
       A project management report

The Project management website that has been created has been designed to hold
information on the client and of myself, the URL is shown below:


For my final year project I had the task of creating a website for a up and coming
fashion designer Named Tracey Waters of Misty waters. Tracey had very specific
requirements for the look and the reason for wanting a website, this involved the
website helping to boost awareness of her unique talents of dress making and
promoting Misty Waters in a way that is professional but relatable. The website is
intended to promote as well as to increase client knowledge and understanding of
the type of services Tracey waters offers. The website in question has been designed
to showcase exclusive garments designed by the designer, as well as holding
information on the company and background information on Tracey waters herself.
The website is structured into sections these sections include a prom Dresses page,
Bridal wear, swimwear and dresses pages.

Project management-
The CIF301 project management module has been based around the final year
project. Throughout the module I have been project managing from the very
beginning, I have also been managed by 3 fellow students and managed myself
along the way. The whole project has taken around 7 months to complete and in
that time span I have learned to self manage myself accordingly. This report will
include references to learning logs for 3 separate stages of the project cycle, The first
is the early stage which was before the 23 rd November, the mid stage between the
24th November and before 31st January and the finally a late stage which is
sometime in March.

The first activity carried out before November which as a project manager I had to
endure consisted of a well structured schedule as well as setting up meetings with the
client and project leaders. Being involved with pitching ideas really helped the whole
group out as a whole. By doing this it helped me to manage my time accordingly
and stick to certain tasks and deadlines and improve my pitching skills. I firstly
created a project proposal which highlighted what requirements the client had for
the project and what the client actually wanted creating. This gave me a basis to
work from.

The next thing which I created was a definitive brief; this highlighted the problems
which the client was facing at that time i.e. advertisement issues, not very well know
failure to draw in new clientele etc. This was a very good starting point for me as a
project manager. Once I knew the types of problems the client was facing I could
them start to plan how I was going to resolve them. In order for this project to be
successful a number of milestones and deliverables had to be accomplished, this is

Terence Burns
Project Management
CIF 300

where the Gantt chart was useful as it held the different tasks and deliverables which
had to be undertaken throughout the production stages.

Once I had sufficiently planned the project as a whole and understood what was
expected of me I could then begin the next stage which was my research analysis
chapter which started to be undertaken before the end of January sometime. I
decided to base the research on the effectiveness of promoting online for a small to
medium sized organisation as it was a good way to research into how effective
website promotion is for a small business like my client Misty Waters. Whilst researching
into online marketing I came across some very useful pieces of information, the first
being how effective a Business to customer relationship (B2C) is for a company of
Misty Waters Size as apposed to a Business to business relationship (B2B) which is all
business related and does not take the customers needs in to account. I found by
doing this research analysis it gave me a strong basis to work from and a better
awareness of customers needs and the types of requirements they are looking for.

Whilst researching online marketing I came across an article which discussed Web
“personalisation”. I found this rather interesting as it tied in well with the whole unique
personalised designs of Tracy waters garments. I found that a lot of business to
customer organisations use website personalisation to attract clients to there
websites. Once my knowledge of online sales and promotion and customer
satisfaction was to do scratch I could then move on to the next phase of the project
cycle, the development process. Once I had researched into useful areas of online
marketing I then started to create the 4 main deliverables set in the assignment. I
started to get these deliverables underway in early to mid march, I would then move
on to testing and evaluation methods

Being managed-
As a project manager I was also giving the chance to be managed by 3 of my fellow
students. This was a great opportunity for me to get some constructive feedback and
help me improve my work further. All together there were 3 people managing me the
first Suman Kandola, the second Jason Lewins and the third Christopher Watson. The
areas in which I was to be managed consisted of the following:

       My CV
       The look of the Poster
       The look and feel of the Website

The project management website has the same look and feel as the final project
website; the reason behind this was I wanted both websites to be consistent and I
think it’s more professional to keep the look and feel the same so it has a sense
consistently. The design of the website was some what of a challenge to me; I found
it hard at first to choose suitable colours and imagery, so I decided to stick with blacks
and greys as it gave the whole look of the site a professional and polished look. At first
I had went for dominant colours of white on black, which from the feedback I
received from my fellow students looked too harsh and unwelcoming. I soon resolved
this by changing the accent colour to grey, which gave the website an overall better
look and feel and a more inviting experience.

This was also the case for poster. I wanted the poster to reflect the look of the website
so I stuck with the same black and white colour scheme, this too was comment on as
being too out of date looking and had a harshness to it, so that’s when I decided to
chance the look of the poster to reflect the look of the new and improved website.
The new colour scheme changed to black with a grey accent and an attractive
Flower motif was used as a template for each page, which seemed to go down well

Terence Burns
Project Management
CIF 300

with manager one Miss Suman Kandola who commented immensely on the use of
imagery I had chosen. I finally started to create the project management CV, which
again was examined by the 3 members of the management team. I received
constructive feedback by each member who gave me pointers as to how I could
improve my work further. At first the CV was not as detailed as I had intended
however from close inspection By Manger Two Jason Lewins I was able to add more
detail and improve the document further.

Managing others-
Throughout this whole project management process I was fortunate enough to be
giving the opportunity to manage not only myself but 3 fellow students along the
way. This gave me the opportunity to learn new managerial skills and help develop
my project and my fellow student’s projects further. I was giving the chance to
express my views and thoughts on what I though of each of these 3 members’
projects and help manage there production in a way that was beneficial to them.
This included each members CV, poster and website. I did this in a positive beneficial
way so that my opinions came across as constructive and not harsh or abrasive. This
gave each member a chance to see what other people though of there work and
not just what they personally though themselves.

The first project member I was fortunate to give feedback to was Miss Suman
Kandola. Suman coincidently is designing a CD-ROM for the same client as me,
Tracey Waters. This was beneficial to Suman as I was able to give constructive
feedback as to how she could improve her website further and informed her once
again of the requirements set by the client, who asked for a professional looking
application. I was able to help Suman tie her website she designed for the digital
media project management module with her CD-ROM she designed for her final year
Project. At first Suman had used very bright domineering colours which seemed to
over power the whole web page, this was resolved by making the colours more
subtle and reducing the number of accent colours to just one. I also suggested to
Suman to change the imagery on the first page to a more welcoming photograph
once these comments where took on board Suman was able to turn her website into
a more professional, eye catching website which in turn reflected her promotional
CD-ROM she had previously designed for her final year project.

The second project member I was fortunate to manage was Mr Jason Lewins. Jason
was designing a website for a pub/restaurant named The Unicorns Head. The Pub is
situation in the village of langar near Nottingham and already has a steady stream of
clientele. When first entering the website it does seem rather unprofessional looking,
the colour scheme was quite harsh and he used very dark colours which in turn made
the website quite uninviting. However Once Jason had made these changes and
implemented different colours to the interface the impact it had instantly changed to
a very professional looking website. The dark colours where toned done by using
accent colours of grey and white which gave the website a very clean cut polished
look. Toning down the colours and changing the imagery really turned the website
around. The overall look of the site reflects what the website was all about. The use of
images really helped tie the whole look and feel of the website come together and
gave it a more universal look, which I believe will definitely draw in custom for his

The Third project Member I was fortunate to manage was Mr Christopher Watson.
Christopher was designing a website for an online interactive art and photo gallery.
On first inspection Christopher’s website wasn’t really clear as to who and what the
project was about. The whole website lacked structure. I suggest Christopher adding
a section on him and of his client on an opening page; this would make it easier for

Terence Burns
Project Management
CIF 300

anyone using the website to get a sense of what the client and he himself do. Once
these few changes where made the whole website was much more structured and
user friendly.

Management overview-
Being managed by a team really helped me improve my quality of work and
enabled me to take onboard other peoples views and opinions of my work. I was
able to channel the constructive criticism I received into something that was very
productive. I was able to take on board individual views and opinions and use them,
to an advantage. I really believe I have grown not only as a project manager but as
a person. It can be difficult to sit-down and listen to criticism especially when you’ve
worked so hard on an application only for it to be torn apart, but they you realise it
isn’t really like that at all. I realise now that the comments and views of others can be
used in a positive way. Managing a team really helped me increase my confidence
and enabled me to use my skills to help others in the same situations as myself. It has
enabled me to express my own views and opinions on different types of situations.


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