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Antoni van Leeuwenhoek ziekenhuis
Plesmanlaan 121 - 1066 CX Amsterdam
tel.: (020) 512 2595 / 2596 - fax: (020) 512 2599 –
e-mail: ckb-aanvragen@nic.surfnet.nl

Palliatieve zorg

                                                                                        Februari 2009

                                                           Kirou-Mauro AM, Hird A, Wong J, Sinclair E, Barnes EA,
aanwezig in CKB                                            Tsao M, Danjoux C, Chow E.
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Freedman AS, Mauch PM.                                     outpatient palliative radiotherapy clinic.
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                                                           Development of the palliative care needs assessment
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Z, Poulter V, Bruera E.                                    professionals.
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providers at a comprehensive cancer center.
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niet aanwezig in CKB                                           Benzein EG, Saveman BI.
                                                               Health-promoting conversations about hope and
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                                                               Patients' preference for radiotherapy fractionation
Maree JE, Wright SC.                                           schedule in the palliation of symptomatic
Palliative care: a positive outcome for cancer                 unresectable lung cancer.
patients?                                                      J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol 2008; 52 (5): 497-502.
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                                                               Torres-Vigil I, Aday LA, Reyes-Gibby C, De Lima L,
da Silveira EB, Artifon EL.                                    Herrera AP, Mendoza T, Cleeland CS.
Cost-effectiveness of palliation of unresectable               Health care providers' assessments of the quality of
esophageal cancer.                                             advanced-cancer care in Latin American medical
Dig Dis Sci 2008; 53 (12): 3103-3111.                          institutions: a comparison of predictors in five
ISSN: 0163-2116 (Print)                                        countries: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, and Peru.
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Multimodality palliative treatment of (111)In-
pentetreotide negative/(123)I-MIBG positive metastatic         Yennurajalingam S, Dev R, Lockey M, Pace E, Zhang T,
carcinoid - a case report.                                     Palmer JL, Bruera E.
Endokrynol Pol 2008; 59 (4): 342-347.                          Characteristics of family conferences in a palliative
ISSN: 0423-104X (Print)                                        care unit at a comprehensive cancer center.
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Alsirafy SA, Sroor MY, Al Shahri MZ.
Predictive impact of electrolyte abnormalities on the
admission outcome and survival of palliative care
cancer referrals.
J Palliat Med 2009; 12 (2): 177-180.
ISSN: 1557-7740 (Electronic)

Lessard AM, Gilchrist J, Schaefer L, Dupuy DE.
Palliation of recurrent Ewing sarcoma of the pelvis
with cryoablation and somatosensory-evoked
J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 2009; 31 (1): 18-21.
ISSN: 1563-5309 (Electronic)

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Palliation of a malignant rectal stricture and
rectovesical fistula with colonic stenting.
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patients with advanced cancer on palliative care.
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Weber A, Mittermeyer T, Wagenpfeil S, Schmid RM, Prinz
Self-expanding metal stents versus polyethylene
stents for palliative treatment in patients with
advanced pancreatic cancer.
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Why are some patients in treatment for advanced
cancer reluctant to consult their GP?
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