FY08 Phase I TOPIC by sofiaie


									Topic Number                        Company
  A08-T001     MirumToo Corporation
  A08-T002     Ontar Corporation
  A08-T002     Aptima, Inc.
  A08-T003     Aptima, Inc.
  A08-T003     eCrossCulture
  A08-T004     Remcom Inc.
  A08-T004     Wave Computation Technologies, Inc.
  A08-T005     VDG Inc
  A08-T006     Agave BioSystems, Inc.
  A08-T006     Eon Corporation
  A08-T007     CellTech Power, LLC
  A08-T007     Lynntech, Inc.
  A08-T008     Physical Sciences Inc.
  A08-T008     MO-SCI Corporation
  A08-T009     Mainstream Engineering Corporation
  A08-T009     Aspen Product Groups, Inc.
  A08-T010     Superprotonic, Inc.
  A08-T010     Materials & Electrochemical Research (MER) Corp.
  A08-T011     Enogetek, Inc.
  A08-T012     Enabling Energy Systems
  A08-T012     TDA Research, Inc.
  A08-T013     GMATEK, Inc.
  A08-T013     J. A. Woollam Co., Inc.
  A08-T014     Cbana Laboratories
  A08-T015     Materials Modification Inc
  A08-T015     TDA Research, Inc.
  A08-T016     Triosyn Corp
  A08-T016     NanoScale Materials, Inc.
  A08-T017     EPIR Technologies Inc
  A08-T019     Safety Dynamics
  A08-T019     Brush Mountain Technologies, Inc.
  A08-T020     High Precision Devices, Inc.
  A08-T021     Precision Photonics Corporation
  A08-T022     Physical Sciences Inc.
  A08-T022     C3 Propulsion
  A08-T023     Creare Inc.
  A08-T024     DBC Technology Corp.
  A08-T025     Particle Systems
  A08-T025     Nanocomposix, Inc.
  A08-T026     South Bay Science and Technology Corp
  A08-T027     Translume
  A08-T027     EPIR Technologies Inc
  A08-T028     Advanced Materials and Processes
  A08-T029     Hummingbird Scientific
  A08-T030     Resodyn Corporation
  A08-T030     Leonardo Technologies, Inc
  A08-T031     Odyssian Technology, L.L.C.
  A08-T032     BioDetection Instruments, LLC
  A08-T032     BioSTAR West
  A08-T033     Venture Gain
  A08-T033     BodyMedia Advanced Development, Inc.
  A08-T034     American GNC Corporation
  A08-T034     Hstar Technologies
  A08-T035     Agave BioSystems, Inc.
A08-T035   Infoscitex Corporation
A08-T036   Diagnostic Vision Corporation
A08-T037   pHast Sports (Reflectance Medical)
A08-T037   Bamboo LLC
A08-T038   Light Age Incorporated
A08-T038   Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems Corporation
A08-T041   Immunotope, Inc
A08-T041   AndroBioSys, Inc.
A08-T042   Mechanical Simulation International
Application of Critical Thinking to Interpersonal Interactions
Training Leaders to Manage Emotions in an Interpersonal Context
Emotion Management Orientation and Training Exercises (EMOTE)
Military Advisors Training System (MATS)
Training Tools to Improve the Teaching and Coaching Skills of Military Advisors
Field/Circuit Computational Modeling and Simulation Software Tool
A Multiscale Software Tool for Field/Circuit Simulation
Trustworthy Execution of Security-Sensitive Code on Un-trusted Systems
Cell-based High Throughput Screening of Compounds Improving Mitochondrial Energetics
Identifying compounds that increase mitochondrial performance
Liquid Metal Anodes for a JP-8 Fuel Cell
Advanced Low Temperature Liquid Metal Anode Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Improved Physical Security through Perimeter Tagging
Infrared Retroreflective, Visible Absorbing, and Electrostatically Adhesive Microsphere Taggants
A Nanotechnology-Based Hydrogen Generator for a Compact Fuel Cell Power System
Low-Temperature, Hydride-Based, High Purity Hydrogen Generator
A Compact Solid Acid Electrolyte Fuel Cell Generator
Lightweight Fuel Cell Panel Utilizing High Temperature Ionic Polymer
A Novel Oxygen Separation and Storage Apparatus for Underwater and High Altitude Fuel Cell Applications
Electrostatic atomizing fuel injector for small scale engines
A MEMS Pulsed Injection Electrostatic Atomizer for Small Engines
Three Pole Auston Switch Terahertz Ellipsometer
Terahertz Ellipsometry for Reflection-Mode Material Characterization
Micro-burner Based Flame Ionization Detectors for Micro-scale Gas Chromatographs
Development of a Novel Chemically Impervious and Breathable Membrane
Breathable Elastomer Membrane for Chemical Agent Protection
Devices and Textiles for Broad-Spectrum Protection
Engineered Reactive Metal Oxyhydroxides (ERMO) for Detection and Decontamination of Toxic Reagents
Ultra-Low-Noise Infrared Detector Amplifier for Next Generation Standoff Detector
Development of a Soldier Battlespace Auditory Analyzer System
Development of a Soldier Battlespace Auditory Analyzer System
Dilution refrigerator technology for scalable quantum computing
Eye-safe Optically-Pumped Gas-filled Fiber Lasers
On-demand, Rapid-response, Ionic Liquid Monopropellant Gas Generator
Ionic Liquid Monopropellant Based Gas Generator
Reactive Flash Volatilization JP-8 Reformer
Advanced Point Sensor
Bi-spectral (Visible & Infrared) Material for Smoke/Obscurant Munitions
Broadband Obscurants for Visible and IR Countermeasures
Advanced Algorithms For A Combined Chem-Bio Standoff Sensor
Super Hardened, EMI and Vibration Immune Chemical Biological FTIR Sensor
Super Hardened, EMI and Vibration Immune Chemical Biological Sensor
Development of a Fire-Resistant, Thermal Barrier Coating with Low-Temperature Flexibility
A Continuous Flow Liquid Cell Holder for the Transmission Electron Microscope
Vegetable Oil Conditioning for Combustion
Straight Vegetable Oil Modification for Combustion
Advanced Distribution and Control for Hybrid Intelligent Power Systems
Bacteriophage-based Aerosol Decontaminant for Use in Patient Care Areas
Aerosol Decontaminant for Use in Patient Care Areas
Bioinformatics-enabled wearable vital signs monitor for combat triage
Bioinformatic Based Wearable Critical Care Monitor
Robotic Standoff Neck and Spinal Injury Assessment Device
Robotic Noninvasive Neck and Spinal Injury Assessment Device
Ante-Mortem TSE Diagnosis by Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing
Aptamers for Ante-mortem Diagnostics of Prion Infection
Automated Microscopic Malaria Diagnosis
A Real-Time, Portable Non-Invasive Monitoring System of Muscle Oxygen and pH in Trauma Patients
A Real-Time, Portable Non-Invasive Monitoring System of Muscle Oxygen and pH in Trauma Patients
Dual-Functionality Laser System for High-Contrast Diagnostic Imaging and Precision Surgery
MRI-Compatible Fiber-Optically Sensorized Surgical Tools for Precision Removal of Solid Tumors
Novel Biomarkers Assessment in the Progression from Androgen Dependent Prostate Cancer to Androgen Independent Prostate
Circulating Prostate Cancer Progenitor Cell Assay Development
Advanced Vehicle/Terrain Interaction Modeling to Support Power and Energy Analysis

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