What if the doctor doesn’t offer                                                               
PSA and DRE?
Some doctors do not offer these tests to
men at risk. These men have the right to
                                                    FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
request to be tested annually if so desired
You may have to insist on being tested if
you feel at risk.
                                                    ARIZONA US TOO!
                                                    PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUPS                              Cancer
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Why do I want to be tested?
In 99% of cancers detected early, where             US TOO Sun Health Sun City
                                                                                                          Facts That Every Man
cancer is still just in the prostate gland,
                                                    Contact: Sharon Kamin, 623-876-4999
                                                                                                          Over 40 Should Know
men live at least 5 years. In men                   US TOO Sun Health Sun City West
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diagnosed late, whose cancers escaped
the prostate only 31% live 5 years. Early           US TOO Goodyear
diagnosis becomes an important issue                Contact: Lou Perrinello, 623-935-0886

and testing with PSA and DRE is the only            US TOO St. Joseph Hospital & Medical Center          Do you know that apart from skin cancer,
way to detect early prostate cancer.                Contact: Ralph Valle, 602 242 3131                   prostate cancer is the most diagnosed
                                                                                                         cancer in American males? In the United
                                                    US TOO Phoenix Northeast Valley PCa Support
Take responsibility for your health!                Group                                                States a man is diagnosed every three
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Ask your doctor to test you for prostate            US TOO St. Luke Hospital
                                                                                                         minutes. Only lung cancer kills more
cancer.                                             Contact: Bert Chamberland, 480-839-3634              American men. Yet, most men and their
                                                                                                         families do not know much about this
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Knowing your “PSA number” lets you help             Contact: Monica Krise, 480-728-3613                  disease.
track your own health.
                                                    US TOO Northern Arizona – Prescott                   The risk of prostate cancer varies with
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In Arizona, prostate cancer is the most                                                                  age, race, a family history of prostate
diagnosed cancer among all cancers.                 US TOO Sedona                                        cancer and improper diet.
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3,920 men are diagnosed a year and 560
men die of the disease.                             US TOO Tucson PC Support Group                       Members from US TOO Prostate Cancer
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         ISSUE IN ARIZONA                           US TOO Prostate Cancer Survivors- Sierra Vista, AZ
                                                                                                         value of early detection.
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Free outreach prostate cancer awareness
presentations are available. For more information
                                                                                                         While screening for prostate cancer is
                                                    US TOO Flagstaff
regarding meeting schedules and presentations       Contact: Tom Reid, 928-774-2273                      simple and straightforward, the decision
contact:                                                                                                 to undergo screening is personal.
Ralph Valle 602 242 3131                            US TOO LunchBunch
Rex Zeiger 623 546 0079.                            Contact: Tom Brodzeller, 602-944-2338
                                                                                                         However, we believe it needs to be an
                                                                                                         informed decision. The aim of this
pamphlet is to present some of the basic             Family history of prostate                      AGE           NORMAL PSA RANGE
information about this disease to help                cancer: Men with a family history             40 to 49          0.0 to 2.5 ng/ml
you reach that decision.                              have two to three-fold increase in            50 to 59          0.0 to 3.5 ng/ml
                                                      the risk of prostate cancer                   60 to 69          0.0 to 4.5 ng/ml
                                                                                                    70 to 79          0.0 to 6.5 ng/ml
                                                     Diet: A diet high in saturated
How much of a threat?                                 animal fat can double the risk of            These ranges are guidelines. Even if PSA is
                                                      developing prostate cancer.                  still within the normal range, increases of 0.75
      The probability of developing           What You Should Know                                ng/ml or more from year to year need to be
       prostate cancer from birth to death                                                         further investigated for possible cause.
       is ONE in SIX and over selected         About the PSA And DRE                               Prostate enlargement, infection, urinary
       age intervals is:                       Tests                                               retention or prostate cancer can be possible
       Birth to 39 years: 1 in 10,000          There are two simple tests currently used to        causes of PSA elevation. Sudden changes
       40 to 59 years: 1 in 53                 detect the presence of prostate cancer:             need clarification. Knowing your “PSA
       60 to 79 years: 1 in 7                                                                      number” lets you keep track of your own
                                               The Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) is a           health. Do not accept “your PSA is fine” from
                                               simple physical test. Using a surgical glove        your doctor without getting a copy of the
      Approximately 25% of diagnoses                                                              actual numerical test result.
                                               and lubricant, the doctor feels your prostate
       occur under the age of 65.
      Prostate cancer is the most
                                               through the rectal wall for irregularities and/or   Why do I have to have a DRE?
                                               enlargement. It usually takes less than a           DRE improves the value of PSA testing in
       diagnosed cancer in American men        minute and while uncomfortable, is in fact          early disease detection. DRE and PSA
       and the second leading cause of         painless                                            together are able to detect prostate cancer
       cancer death                                                                                better and sooner than either test alone.
      Although prostate cancer is a           The Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test is a
       progressive disease, it may exhibit     more definitive diagnostic tool which               EVIDENCE IN FAVOR OF
       few or no symptoms. Thus, you           measures the amount of a protein produced           TESTING:
       could have prostate cancer without      by the prostate. High levels may indicate the       Even though clinical trials relating to the
                                               presence of prostate cancer. This test              benefit of testing with DRE and PSA are not
       any alerting indications. This is why
                                               involves drawing blood from your arm into a         complete, preliminary evidence suggests a
       you are wise to request testing         test tube which is then analyzed at a
       even when no symptoms are                                                                   survival benefit by detection and treatment at
                                               laboratory.                                         early stages of the disease:
       manifest, particularly if you fall
       within the risk categories.             Cancers found by DRE and PSA are, on                Annual screening of men for blood levels of
                                               average, smaller and have spread less than          prostate specific antigen (PSA) led to a 55%
                                               those cancers discovered because of                 decrease in prostate cancer deaths in a
Who is at most risk?                           symptoms. Early stage cancers, when treated         comprehensive study in Tyrol, Austria.
                                               result in better treatment results.
      Age: The risk increases with age,                                                           In Olmsted County, MN, the Mayo Clinic’s
       75% of diagnoses are made over          WHAT DOES A PSA TEST MEAN?                          increased screening with DRE and PSA
       the age of 65.                          In the past, the “normal” PSA range was             resulted in a 22% decrease in prostate cancer
      Race: African-Americans have a          considered to be 0.0 ng/ml to 4.0 ng/ml.            mortality between 1992 and 1995.
       rate of incidence double that of        However, since PSA can increase with age, it
                                               is important to know the numerical value. The       The value of PSA testing is in having it done
       Caucasian men and more than
                                               following values are age-adjusted:                  every year.     While a single elevated
       double the mortality rate.
measurement is not a cause for alarm, it
needs investigation to eliminate prostate
cancer as the possible cause. This
formalized, serial testing can predict prostate
cancer well ahead of the appearance of
symptoms. When such symptoms appear,
the cancer is usually advanced and therefore
far more difficult to treat.

Allowing prostate cancer to progress is not
without side effects. Undetected and therefore
untreated prostate cancer can affect quality of
life by increasing the risk of metastasis to
other organs, bone fractures, spinal
compression fractures, urinary blockage, pain

Take responsibility for your own
health! Ask your doctor to check for
prostate cancer

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