President of A by dfhercbml


									Meeting 1                               A.R.S.E                         20/10/05

President of A.R.S.E – Alex Taylor
Vice President – Peter Riste
Secretary/Activity advisor – Francis
Treasurer – Stuart Rankin
Trip organiser – Nick Colyer
Safety officer/fund raising insp – Michael Curry
Holiday contact – Paula
Transportation – Greg

When to meet?

Subject to change

- general meeting every month.
(1st Thursday of the month)

Where to meet?

Mez to begin with, then expand


20 members
Email the whole elect. Engineers
Recruit on website (still to be done)
Record names (construct a database)
Require an official name.

“University of Brighton Student union electronic engineering society” AKA A.R.S.E

Social and academic activities


-   sports (badminton, football, tennis, etc)
-   beer walk
-   bowling
-   paint balling
-   movies
-   games night
-   fish and chip night
-   barbeque
-   chesington
-   rock climbing
-   race track


project review
group project

Meeting 1                               A.R.S.E                             20/10/05

BBC – trip organiser
Help/support group

 - Small statements explaining the main purpose of the society

Bring together electronic eng. For the purpose of promoting and increasing the
awareness of modern day engineering

Contact us

Website – web address (Vice President on case)

Transports manager, Greg must undergo assessments in order to drive mini bus. Must
be over 21 with clean drivers license

Only members of the union can hold their position

*get copy of the student union policy

Meeting must be announced at least 3 working days before date.

*get financial regulations of student union.

Stuart Rankin – treasurer –
Nick Colyer – trip organiser -
Alex Taylor – President –
Peter Riste – Vice president –
Ross kellick – n/a –
Greg Caseley – transport manager –
Michael curry – safety/fund raising –


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