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[International Exchange Partner], whose principal address is at [insert address]


Glasgow Caledonian University, whose principal address is at 70 Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow,
G4 0BA, Scotland, United Kingdom


[International Exchange Partner] and Glasgow Caledonian University wish to establish a
framework for a mutually beneficial institutional academic exchange programme which will
support the promotion of a broader educational experience, goodwill and cultural ties for
participating students and both institutions, and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the
following sections of this agreement.

The aims of this exchange agreement are:

          to provide opportunities for students to enhance their learning experience through study
          to provide opportunities for staff to develop links with overseas institutions to foster
           collaborative research and scholarship;
          to enhance the reputation of partner institutions; and
          to set out the terms of the exchange agreement in respect of admissions, fees, credit for
           academic study, support and pastoral arrangements

In keeping with their respective regulations and policies both partner institutions agree to manage
the programme of exchange according to the principles outlined below and in keeping with the
following definitions and interpretations.


       1. In this agreement the following terms and expressions will have the following meaning:

            “Academic Exchange Period” means in respect of any Exchange Student, a maximum
            period of [insert period] and normally [one semester or other] unless otherwise indicated;

            “Agreement” means this International Academic Student Exchange Agreement and
            additional documents incorporated by reference;

    This agreement is to be used for all other countries not included under the Socrates-Erasmus Exchange Scheme

      “Working Day” means any day except a day that is a weekend day or a statutory holiday
      in [insert country/regional/city details as relevant];

      “Exchange Programme” means the institutional academic co-operation exchange
      programme between [International Exchange Partner] and Glasgow Caledonian University;

      “Exchange Student” means a student enrolled in the Exchange Programme;

      “Exchange Programme Liaison” means the person (normally academic) appointed by
      [International Exchange Partner] and the Home institution administering the agreement on
      behalf of each participating institution;

      “Home Institution” means the institution at which the Exchange Student is registered as a
      full-time student (Glasgow Caledonian University);

      “Host Institution” means the institution that receives the Exchange Student on exchange
      during the Academic Exchange Period;

      “Student Learning Agreement” means the agreed programme of study the Exchange
      Student will undertake during the Academic Exchange Period.

Term of the Agreement

   2. This agreement will become effective upon [insert date] and shall be effective for [insert
      period of agreement, in words e.g. three years]] or until earlier termination by either party
      in keeping with the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement will automatically be
      renewed for successive additional periods of [insert number, in words] years unless either
      party advises in writing the other at least [insert number, in words] days prior to the
      expiration of the particular term of its intention not to renew.

Termination of the Agreement

   3. Subject to paragraphs (4) and (5) below, either the Host or Home institution may terminate
      this agreement at any time for any reason by providing [insert number, in words] days prior
      written notice of its intention to do so to the other institution and allowing any student
      cohort to fully complete the term of study and is fully supported, before the termination of
      the agreement takes place;

   4. The Host and Home institutions agree that notice of the termination of this agreement will
      be provided in writing. Where such correspondence is provided by fax, the institution
      being advised of the termination of the agreement is to be provided with originals of the
      correspondence within ten working days of receipt of the fax.

   5. Notwithstanding the termination of this Agreement for any reason, each institution agrees
      that it will continue to fulfill its responsibilities to Exchange Students registered at their
      institution until the completion of the academic term during which the notice is given.

Student Exchanges

   6. Each institution shall designate a person or office to serve as Exchange Programme
      Liaison, who will liaise with his or her counterpart appointed by the partner university for
      the purpose of managing and implementing the Academic Exchange Programme. It is
      understood that the Exchange Programme Liaison will draw on available resources from
      their respective institutions to carry out this function.

   7. Each institution agrees in principle to exchange an equal number of students per academic
      session for an Academic Exchange Period not exceeding one year and not less than one
      academic semester. The number of students to be exchanged will be a maximum of [insert
      number, in words] students.

   8. The Home Institution will consider applications from its students and recommend students
      to the Host Institution for invitation. The Host Institution must be notified of the
      recommendation at least six (6) months prior to the intended commencement date of the
      Academic Exchange Period. The Host Institution shall make final selection and shall
      notify successful candidates via the Exchange Programme Liaison not later than four (4)
      months prior to the exchange period.

   9. Each Exchange Student will register and pay tuition fees at their Home Institution.
      Exchange Students will be registered at the Host Institution for the agreed period of study,
      and the Host Institution will not charge the Exchange Student any tuition fees for that
      period. Upon completion of their Academic Exchange Period for one (1) or two (2)
      academic semester(s) at the Host Institution, transcripts of their academic results will be
      submitted by the Host Institution to the Home Institution. Participation in the Exchange
      Programme does not constitute later admission as a registered student to the Host
      Institution nor does it establish residence.

   10. While at the Host Institution Exchange Students will take courses in subjects with the
       approval of their Home Institution’s Exchange Programme Liaison.

   11. The Host Institution will make available to the Exchange Students those student support
       services generally available to all students registered on their academic programmes of
       study during the period of study under the Academic Exchange Programme.

   12. The Host Institution will assess the academic performance of all Exchange Students using
       the same criteria used for students registered in the programme of the Host Institution.

   13. All academic credits earned by an Exchange Student at the Host Institution will be
       transferred to the Home Institution for inclusion in the Exchange Student’s academic

   14. Prior to departure from the home country, the Home Institution will provide the Exchange
       Student with a detailed briefing on the Host Institution. This briefing will include: relevant
       information on the Host Institution; the Student Learning Agreement; academic
       requirements; assessment and marking criteria; details of how credit and marks are to be

      transferred back to the relevant Assessment Board at the Home Institution; anticipated
      costs relevant to the Exchange to be incurred by the Exchange Student; as well as, other
      general orientation materials provided by the Home Institution.

   15. On arrival at the host country the Host Institution will provide the Exchange Student with
       the appropriate orientation to the host country and induction to the institution.

   16. The Host Institution will provide incoming Exchange Students with assistance in making
       accommodation arrangements for the exchange period provided application procedures are

   17. While participating in the Exchange Programme at the Host Institution, the Exchange
       Student will be solely responsible for the cost of travel expenses to and from the host
       country, accommodation in the host country, all books, equipment, consumables,
       hospitalisation, health insurance, and other incidental expenses. The Host Institution bears
       no responsibility for providing funds to an Exchange Student for any purpose.

   18. Participants agree not to prolong their stay (without authorisation) in the host country
       beyond the conclusion of the Exchange Programme. Furthermore, it is understood that
       participants may not seek employment opportunities on their own initiative, while residing
       in the host country.

   19. In the event there is a student complaint or academic appeal by the Exchange Student,
       while participating in the Exchange Programme, the student complaint and academic
       appeal process of the Host Institution will apply.

   20. If a student decides to withdraw from the Exchange Programme while overseas,
       arrangements must be put in place to liaise with the Exchange Student regarding the impact
       of the withdrawal on the continuation of their academic programme of study at the Home

   21. In the event of any dispute arising between parties which cannot be resolved, the matter
       should be referred to the Director of Quality at the Home Institution for resolution.

Staff Exchanges

   22. Staff exchanges between the Host Institution and Home Institution are permitted and
       encouraged. The specific terms of each exchange are to be approved by the relevant senior
       personnel of the appropriate academic departments of each institution and the respective
       Human Resources Department.

General Provisions

   23. No modification or amendment to this Agreement may be made unless agreed to by the
       Home Institution and Host Institution in writing. The Home Institution and Host Institution
       agree that any modification or amendment to this Agreement shall become effective upon a
       date agreed to by the respective institutions in writing but shall not affect those Exchange

        Students, participating in the Exchange Programme on the effective date of the said
        modification or amendment unless otherwise agreed to by the Host Institution and Home
        Institution in writing that the said Exchange Students shall be subject to such modification
        or amendment.

   24. This Agreement and the rights and obligations and relations of the parties hereto shall be
       governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction of the institution
       which is the student's home institution. The parties hereto agree that the courts of the
       jurisdiction of the institution which is the student's home institution shall have exclusive
       jurisdiction to entertain any action or other legal proceedings based on any provisions of
       this Agreement. Each party hereto does hereby attorn to the exclusive jurisdiction of the
       courts of the jurisdiction of the institution which is the student's home institution.

   25. Neither the Host Institution or Home Institution shall incur any debt or obligation on behalf
       of the other institution except for the ordinary course of matters or as permitted by written
       authority of the other institution.

   26. The Home and Host Institution agree that this Agreement may be executed and delivered
       by fax provided that each page of this Agreement is initialed by the institution seeking to
       execute and deliver this Agreement by facsimile, and that the reproduction of signatures by
       facsimile will be treated as binding if the institution undertakes to provide the other
       institution with a complete copy of this Agreement with original signatures within ten
       working days of the date of execution of this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF this Agreement has been executed by the parties hereto and shall take
effect when it is signed by both parties.

Signed on behalf of                                  Signed on behalf of
Glasgow Caledonian University                        [International Exchange Partner]

Professor M Mannion                                  Insert name of signatory
PVC International                                    Position

Date:                                                Date:

                          EXCHANGE CONTACT INFORMATION
                           (to be included as appendix to agreement)

Name of Institution         International Exchange   Glasgow Caledonian
                            Partner                  University
Address, Fax and                                     International Office
Telephone Numbers of                                 Glasgow Caledonian
office overseeing                                    University
Exchange Agreement                                   Cowcaddens Road
                                                     Glasgow, G4 0BA
                                                     Tel: + 44 (0) 141 331 8675
                                                     Fax: + 44 (0) 141 331 8676
Contact Person, Title and
Email address overseeing
Exchange Agreement
Participating Academic
Units/Name of School
and/or Faculty
Programme/s of study
Exchange Programme
Liaison Contact
Name, Telephone, Fax
and email address
Web Address on info for