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					        Please bring your bus to EFE SHOWBUS International
                  Classes & awards for all vehicle types

                                     The biggest bus event in the world!

Sunday September 28th 2003 EFE SHOWBUS International once again returns to the Imperial War
Museum at Duxford in Cambridgeshire following on from our special Golden Jubilee themed event with
over 400 buses and coaches, over 100 stalls and a crowd of over 10 000.

We are supported by distinguished sponsors from the bus industry, our major sponsors include Exclusive
First Editions, First, Transbus International, Motts Travel, Lutonian and Red Rose. Thanks to our
sponsors the event features loads of prizes for rally entrants, comprising a mixture of cash, presentation
EFE models, trophies and souvenir rally plaques for all entrants. The favourable admission arrangements
for preserved vehicles, which give access to Europe's biggest and best aircraft museum as well as the
world's biggest and best bus and coach rally and are set out overleaf. There will again be the big
attraction of the enormous stallholders' market on the prime site alongside the runway with opportunities
not only to buy regular EFE models amongst the diverse selection of bus paraphernalia, but also to acquire
the special models associated with the rally.

The Duxford site provides unrivalled facilities for enthusiasts, exhibitors, their families and the general
public and you may even see historic aircraft flying and military vehicle demonstrations. The huge display
area available will be subdivided with themed displays. The Olympian Olympiad display of Leyland and
Volvo Olympians will celebrate EFE's new casting. We are hoping to see some of the industry’s latest
offerings with exhibits fresh from the Coach & Bus Show the week before. Displays this year will feature
pairs of new and old buses and prospective entrants are encouraged to arrange pairings before the event.
As each bus is allocated its own parking space, matched to its rally number we obviously need to know
about pairings well in advance to facilitate our reputation for an amazingly huge and attractive display.

Reflecting the International nature of EFE SHOWBUS we are this year looking to welcome a party from
Germany in an early Neoplan Skyliner from the personal collection of Konrad Auwertar, the founder of
Neoplan. There is a special invitation to anyone with a Neoplan bus or coach to join our 2003 Neoplan

A popular attraction is the tours of Duxford Village. If your vehicle is suitably taxed and insured and you would like
to participate in the tours, please fill in the appropriate section on the entry form. Other services include a FREE bus
to Cambridge Station, a disabled access on-site shuttle bus and a service to Whittlesford Station. Access to
Duxford is good. The site is situated at Junction 10 of the M11 near Cambridge. Nearby on the A505 the Ari’s Inn
Hotel offers both motel accommodation and a campsite for buses (Tel 01763 208272). Please note that, because
of air traffic, dogs are not allowed on the Duxford site.

Over the years, one thing stands out above all else at EFE SHOWBUS - it is a time for friends and families. A great
day out, with plenty to do and see, and that opportunity to meet friends and acquaintances associated with Britain's bus
industry from all over the country. 'See you at SHOWBUS' is a familiar phrase, use it and you're sure of a welcome.
                EFE SHOWBUS International PRIZES
Preserved vehicles               Non Preserved vehicles        All vehicles
B Best Bristol/ECW combination F Best post 1990 First vehicle  G Pre 1951 & before
C Best AEC/Park Royal combo      A Best post 1990 Arriva bus   H Best 1951-59 vehicle
E Best East Lancs bodied                                       I 60-69 doubledeck
                                 S Best post 1990 Stagecoach bus
L Best Leyland                   K Best 2003 bus or coach      J 60-69 singledeck
M Best MetCam/Weymann/MCW T Best New Millennium bus            7 70-79 doubledeck
N Best NCME or Plaxton or Duple U Best New Millennium coach    P 70-79 singledeck
W Best Bedford                   X Best New Millennium mini    8 80-89 doubledeck
Y Best Alexander bodied                      less than 34 seat R 80-89 singledeck
Z Best ex LT or LCBS             1 Best Local authority owned bus
                                                               9 90-99 doubledeck
6 Best bus not included in above 2 Best local operator**       Q 90-99 singledeck
Top Rally Goer vehicle at        3 Best small operator**       5 Best Neoplan
Showbus 2003 having attended the 4 Best London bus #           O Best Open topper
most rallies in 2003                                           V Best overseas bus resident in UK
                                 Premier Operator Award        zero Best overseas entry
Most improved (bus must have
                                 For the best pair of entries from
                                                               D Best Transbus modern vehicle
been judged in 2002)             the same fleet                (Dennis chassis or Plaxton or
Best in show, Best Doyen                                       Alexander
doubledeck & singledeck                                        & Best Olympian
   Vehicles may enter for more than one class. The organisers will select your classes of entry.
The top scoring preserved buses will be entered into the separate DOYEN class. These vehicles will also be weighted
for vehicle age and resources devoted to their preservation. On this basis, the top 25 preserved vehicles will be
selected for the Doyen class, they will be eligible for the Preserved Vehicle Awards, but not the awards for all vehicles.
All 25 Doyen entrants will receive special rally plaques.

                                                Admission arrangements
    There is no separate admission charge for the bus rally. Entry to the site gives full access to the rally and all Duxford
                                                          exhibits and facilities.
            The person driving any bus on to the site will be admitted free of charge and no ticket will be required.
For all preserved buses, and those built in 1984 or earlier, there will be 3 FREE admissions available for co-owners to enter
                                                           on board their bus.
 Please send your entry form early as we cannot guarantee dispatch of admission forms in time if your entry is received less than a week
before the rally. Free admissions will only be valid at the far west "SHOWBUS - BUSES ONLY" gate (Gate 1) and are only valid for those
    on board a bus. All other bus passengers, aged 16 and over, on board display buses will pay a standard reduced admission rate of
 £5.50 per person, payable on the day at the far west "SHOWBUS - BUSES ONLY" gate (Gate 1) - the normal Duxford adult admission
is £8.50 , under 16s free. If you or your passengers attempt to enter the museum by other entrances, whether on board the bus or not,
                                                 normal museum admission rates apply.
 Other visitors and excursion buses must enter via the normal public entrance to the Museum where they will pay the normal admission.

    All entrants will receive final joining information and advanced purchase
                          tickets by early/mid September
    All entries will be acknowledged by email, enclose an s.a.e. labelled AC if you require acknowledgement by post.

SHOWBUS Committee e-mail                            Phone 01494 558147 (07970 497848 mob)
Dr Martin Isles                                                       Fax 01494 558147
Mr Dave Reid (Rally Control & judges)                                 The Old Cottage, Hedsor Rd., BOURNE END. SL8 5EE
Mr Rob Passaway (Trade stands)                                        Mr Peter Brown (Entries & Rally Control)
Mr Charlie Nicholson (Parking Display & Duxford tours)                Mr Mark Howgego (Parking Display)

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