Present: Cllr D Stretton (Chairman)
Cllrs M Betts, C Innes, S Malcolm, G Rothschild, K McCarmick, R Marchant
PC Ford (arrived 20.00, left at 20.20)
County Cllr S Hohler (arrived 21.10, left at 21.25)
 Ms H Munro (Clerk)

1. Planning ApplicationsTM/07/00198/FL – Erection of Pole Barn for storage
of vintage machinery and equipment at Holly Cottage, Seven Mile LaneThe
Planning Sub-Committee agreed to send the following response to TMBC:-
Further to receiving the above mentioned application whilst we have no
objections to the principle we are very surprised, given the grounds of refusal
by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council to a previous application for a
similar, albeit slightly larger, barn that there is no accompanying letter of
explanation with this application. Presumably there have been discussions
between the applicant and TMBC. As with the previous application we would
request again that if permission is to be granted then the consent is
conditioned in such a way so that the use of the proposed barn is restricted to
a use ancillary to the host dwelling and that it could not be used/sold off as an
independent unit in due course.TM/07/00231/TNCA – thin and brace two Irish
yews, lift crown of two oaks, one thuja and one walnut to provide 2m
clearance from ground and remove dead thuja at Church of St Michael,
Church Road The Planning Sub-Committee agreed to send the following
response to TMBC:-Offham Parish Council have no objections to the
proposed works but the application form is incorrect on two points:1. Owner –
the church rather than Mr & Mrs Raggett2. Site – Churchyard rather than
Orchard CottageAction: Clerk
2. Apologies recorded and declarations of interest madeApologies were
received from Borough Cllrs Kemp and Balfour. There were no declarations
of interest.
3. Minutes of 9 January 2007 to be approved and signed§ Page 2, Item 5 –
‘and were in the process of agreeing with them the extent of the works that
affect the pub’s forecourt’ were deleted§ Page 5, Item 7 – ‘instead’ addedThe
minutes of the meeting held on 9 January were then approved and signed.
4. Reports from the County Councillors County Councillor Hohler reported that
the traffic calming measures in Castle Way, Leybourne had been agreed with
20mph zones. Cllr Hohler confirmed she had completed her annual report, a
copy of which would be forwarded to the Council.OPC raised their concerns
about KCC’s response to their request for mobile traffic camera signs on
Seven Mile Lane. Cllr Hohler saw no reason why this could not be actioned
and agreed to contact Terry Drury of KCC Highways. The Clerk was asked
to contact Mr Frisby to update him.Action: Clerk
 Reports from PC Graham Ford – PC Ford reported crime figures for January
in Offham was 1 in total, a theft from an unsecured motor vehicle.Cllr Innes
mentioned that there had been bogus callers collecting money on behalf of
5. Action Points
 Footpath outside The Kings Arms, Teston Road – final plans of the footpath
were made available to the Council.Teston Road Car ParkCllr Innes reported
that part of the front fence to the car park had rotted and had fallen down. It
was agreed that in fact all of the low level fencing should be replaced and the
Clerk was asked to contact TMBC to see if this was possible.Cllr Innes agreed
to ask Marchant Garden Services to quote for hedging and turfing the scrub
area and adding bulbs. She would also ask for a quote for adding this area to
the annual maintenance contract.It was suggested that the area around the
boundary of the car park was cleared and wood bark added. Cllr Innes
agreed to get a quote from Marchant Garden Services. Once cleared the
maintenance of this area would be added to the duties of the Village
Handyman.Action: Cllr Innes/Clerk Highways – The Clerk was asked to report
the following items to KCC - Highways: § The hedge down Teston Road from
Spadework to Fartherwell Lane needs trimming§ Clear debris from the stretch
of pavement as above§ Map showing extent of public adopted highway
around the Village Green§ Potholes formed around the drains along Teston
Road towards Wrotham from the Dairy through to little Moorlands§ Large dip
from utility repair on Teston Road between Barfield House and The White
HouseAction: ClerkSeven Mile Lane – details of John Frisby’s email were
circulated. See item 4 for details.Work to the Pound – it was confirmed that
the ivy had been cleared. Councillors agreed that some repointing would be
necessary. Cllr Innes agreed to ask the two contractors back to quote for the
work. Action: Cllr InnesTree Planting – Cllr McCarmick confirmed that the
four trees had been planted.Donations for Village Shop – the letter from
Spadework was circulatedBlaise Farm Quarry – The Clerk reported that Jim
Wooldridge was no longer dealing with matters relating to Blaise Farm Quarry
or the Landfill site. She was asked to contact Bill Murphy at KCC to insist that
a Quarry liaison meeting be held as soon as possible.Action: ClerkLandfill –
Cllr Innes agreed to draft a letter regarding the various planning conditions yet
to be discharged and pass it on to Cllrs Stretton and McCarmick for
approval. Action: Cllr Innes/ Stretton/ McCarmickOffham Cricket Club nets –
Cllr Marchant confirmed that the Cricket Club needed nets for the Colts, which
would cost approximately £4,000. The Council agreed that they were not in a
position to make any significant contribution but the Clerk was asked to write
confirming that if the Cricket Club had a shortfall following on from their
fundraising efforts then OPC would reconsider whether or not they were able
to make a contribution as appropriate.Action: ClerkProjector – Cllr Stretton
confirmed that a new projector would cost in the region of £400 and a second
hand projector would cost between £250 and £300. A budget of £300 was
agreed. Action: Cllr StrettonCricket Club lease – the Clerk reported that the
Cricket Club were due to discuss the lease at their next meeting on 13
February. The Clerk will chase for an update following this meeting. Action:
ClerkGrants – Cllr Innes confirmed the TMBC funding of £4,743 for the
Environmental Works to the Village Green, which would include two notice
boards and the fingerpost. The quotes for the notice boards, benches and
fingerpost would be available at the March meeting. It was reported that the
quote from Mr Butler for £195 for refurbishing the bench on the corner of
North Meadow had been received. Cllr Innes agreed to try to include this item
and a picnic bench for Cosgrave Field in the TMBC grant. The Clerk was
asked to acknowledge receipt of the quote to Mr Butler and ask him to go
ahead with the work providing the site will be left level with no protrusions
from the ground or alternatively a temporary post bolted onto the angle iron.
She was also asked to suggest the addition of a strengthening leg in the
middle of the bench.Action: ClerkVillage Maintenance – details of the RoSPA
inspection work schedule from the Village Handyman were circulated.Legal
advice on access and maintenance issues of Parish Council land – Cllr Innes
agreed to reply to Mr Castle’s queries and report back in the next meeting.
Cllr Marchant agreed to talk to Liz Guthrie about the Wellingtonia tree and
whether it is causing the damage to the access road adjacent to Joan Phipps’
property and get her findings in writing. Action: Cllr Innes / MarchantWar
Memorial – the Clerk reported that Mike Rowe had finally received the
information required to include the name on the War Memorial. However,
final approval was still awaited. Damage to Village Green – a flier was agreed
and the Clerk was asked to send this out to the local stables. Cllr Innes
agreed to supply details of the relevant stables in conjunction with Gloria
Pearson.Action: Cllr Innes/ Clerk
6. Reports from other meetingsTraffic committee – minutes had previously
been circulated. The Offham Primary School Travel plan was discussed.
Concern was raised that no reference was made in the plan to using buses.
The Clerk was asked to give Cllr Innes contact details for Norman Kemp of
Nu-Venture in order for the school and Nu-Venture to discuss possibilities.
Action: Cllr Innes / ClerkBlaise Farm – see item 5Newsletter – a meeting has
been arranged for 15th February
7. Draft Reports for Annual Parish MeetingReports were received from Cllrs
Innes and McCarmick. Cllr Malcolm was asked to write a report for the
Offham Society. All other reports should be completed in time for the next
meeting in March.
8. Review of ByelawsAdvice from KAPC was read out. The Clerk was asked
to check with KAPC if was possible to prohibit horses from going across the
Village Green.Action: Clerk
9.a) Financial MattersCheques to be signed:- The Chairman and Cllrs
Marchant and Malcolm signed the following cheques:-
· 672 Helen Munro Expenses £77.55
· 673 Inland Revenue PAYE & NIC £18.98
· 674 Marchant Garden Services Annual Maintenance £120.00

10. Correspondence Received
· KAPC Minutes of Meeting 7 December 2006
· KCC – press release – District and County sign major agreement to achieve
enhanced services and savings
· KAPC Newsletter – January 2007
· Dominic Lucas, resident – complaining of traffic spoiling the village – the
Clerk was asked to reply to his letter.Action: Clerk
11.i) Other BusinessCosgrave FieldIt was reported that a tree had fallen over
in Cosgrave Field. The Clerk was asked to get a quote for cutting the stump
off at ground level and one for grinding away the stump as well as removing
the tree. Access to the site was discussed. Concern was raised as to
whether it was possible to take a vehicle to the tree.The Clerk was asked to
find out if there are any utilities running through Cosgrave Field near the
tree.Action: Clerk
ii) The Clerk was asked to check the frequency that the dog bin on the triangle
between North Meadow and Church Road gets emptied.Action: Clerk
12. Agenda items for the next meetingAnnual Parish MeetingGrantsLegal
advice on access and maintenance issues of Parish Council land

The Meeting concluded at 10.25 pm

Date of next meeting:
Tuesday 20 February 7.30pm Planning Sub-Committee
Tuesday 6 March 7.30pm Parish Council
Helen Munro
7 February 2007

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