Families Turn to Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals for Fun, Enriching and Affordable Spring Break Vacations by associate8


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									Families Turn to Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals for Fun, Enriching and
Affordable Spring Break Vacations

Plan a Spring Break getaway for your family for half the price of an
expensive hotel with a Santa Barbara vacation rental and enjoy exploring
the great outdoors as well as cultural, educational and family-friendly
activities that your family will cherish forever.

Santa Barbara, CA, February 25, 2010 -- While vacations can be notorious
for breaking the family budget, many travelers are discovering that it is
often more enjoyable and affordable to get away in the spring than during
peak summer travel season.

According to Graham Farrar, an owner of Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals, one
little known secret to enjoying all the family-friendly activities that
Santa Barbara has to offer – including great outdoor adventures, shoping,
historical sites as well as cultural and educational opportunities
designed for families – is being able to get twice the square footage for
your family spring break vacation budget,

“If you've got kids in school, your family spring break vacation has
special meaning for you,” said Farrar, whose company provides a variety
of high-end vacation rentals in Santa Barbara. “And staying in a two- to
three-bedroom beautifully appointed home offers more comfort, conveneince
and flexibility than a generic hotel room at a property that may not
necessarily cater to you family's needs. “

Santa Barbara vacation rentals can be the perfect solution for anyone
looking to stretch their vacation budget - plus you can still enjoy a
full range of hotel amenities including having the Santa Barbara vacation
rentals concierge team assist in planning various family-friendly
excursions in Santa Barbara.

Farrar says that Santa Barbara vacation rental guests also like being
able avoid the spring break crowds while enjoying the peace of mind of
hainvg a place where they can be at home with their kids without having
to worry about bothering other guests.

“It’s also important for families to book ahead if they want to secure a
Santa Barbara vacation rental home for the exact week that they have
off,“ said Farrar. “There's nothing like returning home to your Santa
Barbara vacation rental after enjoying all the fun and enriching
activities offered in Santa Barbara that your family will cherish

About Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals:
Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals is your one stop source for high-end, fully-
furnished vacation homes in Santa Barbara including private beach houses,
California holiday villas, and large luxurious vacation homes. Our luxury
rental properties are ideal for romantic vacations, family gatherings and
reunions, or wedding parties and wedding accommodations. We also offer
pet-friendly vacation rentals on select properties. Our full-service
staff and concierge services are available to assist you with all your
Santa Barbara vacation rental needs. We strive to create a memorable
vacation experience of the highest quality, giving all our guests the
utmost consideration and quality service. To view our properties, visit

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