; Royal Relays Track and Field Meet Track and Field Meet
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Royal Relays Track and Field Meet Track and Field Meet


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									           Royal Relays Track and Field Meet
                                                        20 2010
                                         Saturday March 20, 2010
                               8:30am – 3:00pm

ENTRY FEE:               $90 for one division           $150 for two divisions
                         (make checks payable to The First Academy)

TEAMS:                   Below is a current list of accepted teams:

                         First Academy (ORL)                        Masters Academy
                         Geneva School                              Central FL Christian
                         Circle Christian                           Pinecastle
                         Faith Christian

ADMISSION: $4.00 per spectator

AWARDS:                  CHAMPIONSHIP and RUNNER-UP trophies for each division:
                         Varsity BOYS, Varsity GIRLS
                         Ribbons will be given to the top 8 team finishers in each event

         Must use ¼” pyramid spikes or smaller.

         Events will be timed using Steeple Timing Hy-Tek systems.
         Entries need to be into www.steepletiming.com by Wednesday, March 17 at 5:00 pm.

         Each participating team will be assigned a field event or relay zone for a coach or volunteer to help officiate.
         Assignments will be discussed at the Coach's meeting prior to the meet.

         There will be concessions throughout the day to serve you and your athletes.

         We can only accept the first 18 teams to send in their entry fee. Please send checks made out to “The First
         Academy” to:
                        The First Academy Athletic Department
                        c/o Ginger Millsaps
                        Bruton Blvd
                        Orlando, FL 32805
                Please annotate that the check is for "the Royal Relays"!

         Parking: Only 1 vehicle will be allowed to park in the stadium lot next to the track. This can be either a team or
         equipment bus. Each school will receive a parking pass for this vehicle. All spectators will be required to park in
         the church parking lot or the Upper School parking lot just outside the athletic complex.

         Tents: All team tents must be set up behind the bleachers on the side opposite of the press box. No tents will be
         allowed on the press box side of the track.

         Each team is authorized and strongly encouraged to have three competitors in each field event. The field events
         will be scored by totaling the three competitors’ marks to obtain a total mark for that 3-person team. Then the
         mark will be compared with other teams’ marks to receive a final placement and score.

         The Shuttle Hurdle Relay will be comprised of teams of 4 hurdlers negotiating hurdles (set at 30” for ladies and
         36” for men) spaced like a High Hurdle race. The difference will be that the hurdles will be set to run to the finish
       line in one direction, and in the adjacent lane they will be set to run to the starting line. We will use lanes 1 and 2,
       4 and 5, and 7 and 8, leaving an open lane between each group of hurdles for safety purposes.

       The Sprint Medley will consist of 100m, 100m, 200m, and 400m.

       The Distance Medley will consist of 800m, 400m, 1200m, and 1600m.

       The Intermediate Hurdle Relay will consist of 4 hurdlers running a 300m IH race, with the next hurdler starting
       their portion of the relay when the previous hurdler crosses the finish line. We ask that you have two coaches
       serve as assistants, standing by to aid their hurdlers in determining their team's finish and start.

Thank you for your participation, and may God bless you as you go through your school year and your track season.

                                           EVENTS AND TIME SCHEDULE

                                    ALL EVENTS ARE FINALS

8:30 AM                 COACHES MEETING

9:00 AM                 4 x 1600m Relay          Varsity GIRLS, Varsity BOYS

                        LONG JUMP          Varsity BOYS, Varsity GIRLS
                                           (simultaneously run on 2 runways, followed by TJ)
                        POLE VAULT Varsity BOYS, Varsity GIRLS
                                           (sequentially run on 1 vault runway)
                        SHOT PUT           Varsity GIRLS, Varsity BOYS
                                           (sequentially thrown from 1 ring)
                        DISCUS             Varsity BOYS, Varsity GIRLS
                                           (sequentially thrown from 1 ring)

10:00 AM                HIGH JUMP                Varsity BOYS, Varsity GIRLS
                                                 (simultaneously run on 2 pits)

11:00 AM                TRIPLE JUMP Varsity BOYS, Varsity GIRLS
                                            (simultaneously run on 2 runways)

                        SHUTTLE HURDLE RELAY
                             30”        Varsity GIRLS
                             36”        Varsity BOYS

                        4 x 200m RELAY           Varsity GIRLS, Varsity BOYS

                        4 x 800m RELAY           Varsity GIRLS, Varsity BOYS

                        SPRINT MEDLEY            Varsity GIRLS, Varsity BOYS

                        DISTANCE MEDLEY Varsity GIRLS, Varsity BOYS

                        INTERMEDIATE HURDLE RELAY
                                        Varsity GIRLS, Varsity BOYS

                        4 x 100m RELAY           Varsity GIRLS, Varsity BOYS

                        4 x 400m RELAY           Varsity GIRLS, Varsity BOYS

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