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					                                                                              Non Chronological Report
                                         Purpose: To document, organise, store and communicate factual information in a clear effective way.

Level                Sentence Structure and Punctuation         Text Structure and Organisation            Composition and Effect                             Handwriting

 1c                 To use capital letters for names and the                                        Some recognisable letters, words or         Forms most upper and lower case
                     start of sentences.                                                              phrases.                                     letters.
                    To begin using full stops to demarcate                                          Word choice shows some awareness of
                                                                                                                                                  Writing is legible, letters are usually
                     sentences.                                                                       topic, but writing has to be mediated
                                                                                                                                                   correctly formed and orientated.
                    To begin to add question marks to                                                by child or teacher to be understood.
                                                                                                                                                  Generally, upper and lower case
        Year 1

 1b                  questions.
                    Writing may be abbreviated or                                                                                                 letters not mixed within a word.
                    Meaningful words & phrases, some of
                     them expressing ideas in sentence like
 1a                  structure.
                    Write clear sentences using capital                                             Can write a simple opening statement        Most letters correctly formed and
                     letters and full stops.                                                          as an introduction.                          orientated in a controlled printed
                    Use commas to separate items in a list.                                         Can write a simple closing statement.
                    Exclamation and question marks mostly                                           Writing addresses given headings with
                                                                                                                                                  Evidence of the ability to join
                     accurate.                                                                        some additional details.
                    Is beginning to use simple present tense                                        Information is clear to reader; simple
                                                                                                                                                   letters, although this may detract
                     statements; is beginning to match verbs                                          vocabulary choices show awareness of         from the overall regularity of the
        Year 2

                     to nouns correctly, i.e. you are.                                                topic                                        handwriting.
                    Can begin to organise information based
                     on known texts into a simple paragraph.
                    Can begin to use third person when
                    Some use of features such as bullet
 2b                  points or line breaks, sometimes
                     corresponds with clause structure.

        Wollescote Primary School – Non Chronological Report
 2a                 Maintains the present tense                                                                  Relevant information is given in                Handwriting is neat and usually
                     accurately on most occasions.                                                                 each section of the report with                  regular in size.
                    Use the third person accurately                                                               limited vocabulary choices                       Ascenders and descender usually
                     on most occasions.                                                                            relating to the topic
        Year 3

                                                                                                                                                                   Confident and consistent joining
                    Can begin to organise/categorise
                                                                                                                                                                    most letters.
                     information into simple
 3c                 Begins to use headings or bullet
                     points to structure and separate.

Level                Sentence Structure and Punctuation            Text Structure and Organisation                       Composition and Effect                                 Handwriting

 3b                 To use commas to mark grammatical           Begins and uses a variety of                    A range of relevant information is given        Evidence of fluency and the ability to
                     boundaries within sentences on most          organisational devices to structure and          in each section of the report.                   join letters.
                     occasions.                                   divide report into sections, e.g. numbered      Development and detail in each section          Handwriting is legible and shows some
                    Use commas, connectives and full stops       lists, bullet points, headings, etc.             provide more interest for the reader.            features of regularity in size and spacing.
        Year 4

                     to join and separate clauses on most        Can group similar information together.         Vocabulary choices draw reader in,               Overall the script is disjointed and
                     occasions.                                   Within sections, pronoun reference or            sometimes using an informal style.               uneven.
                    Uses present tense consistently.             vocabulary choices generally maintain                                                            Overall handwriting is regular with some
                    Consistently uses the 3rd person.            links between ideas.                                                                              flair and movement.
 3a                                                              Brief introduction and concluding
 4c                 Use commas to mark phrases and clauses      Text structure includes an introduction         Information given in each section links         Letters and words usually
                     accurately on most occasions.                paragraph providing a clear sense of             together, i.e. it is covered in spikes. It       appropriate in size and position but
                    Maintains an impersonal style.               purpose and a closing paragraph summing          can be used for attaching predators.             there is some variation.
                                                                  up report.                                      Attempts to use technical or specific
                                                                                                                                                                   Handwriting is consistent and fluent
                                                                 Main points in paragraphs supported by           vocabulary in writing.
                                                                  relevant detail.
                                                                                                                                                                    with letters and words appropriately
                                                                 New sections/paragraphs are indicated,                                                            placed.
        Year 5

                                                                  e.g. using subheadings, bullet points
                                                                  introductory phrases.
                                                                 Connections between ideas established
                                                                  and maintained, e.g. by reference to
                                                                  previous part of the text. (Skipping
                                                                  makes the heart beat quicker…. Running
 4b                                                               is another way to get the heart

        Wollescote Primary School – Non Chronological Report
4a               Use more sophisticated punctuation        Relationships between paragraphs, give         Use of formal depersonalised style.          Handwriting maintains a personal style to
                  marks: colon, parenthetic commas,          structure to report, e.g. engaging             Content is well selected and clearly          engage the reader.
     Year 6       dashes or brackets.                        followed by focused introduction and well       focused on purpose of the report.
                 Can use passive voice if appropriate       controlled coverage of a range of              Detailed descriptions and comments
                                                             information. Conclusion draws together          manipulated to achieve particular
                                                             key features and may include reflective         effect and maintain readers’ interest.
                                                             comments.                                      Use of technical or specific vocabulary
                                                                                                             is used and explained.

     Wollescote Primary School – Non Chronological Report