3d Modelling Batch 8

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					3d Modelling Batch 8

Competition Design Outline
Mode: Group
Submission Date: November 17, 2005

Project Title: Culture Town

Project Description:
A Filipino philanthropist seeks to improve the cultural awareness of overseas
compatriots in the Middle East by building a Culture Town in the heart of Dubai.
The project will include a Museum to house his collection of Filipino artwork, a
Performing Arts Theatre cum Convention Center, an open air Amphitheatre, and
a Folklore Plaza.

Project Objectives:
   1. To create a vibrant conceptual presentation showcasing Filipino motifs in
      modern context.
   2. To develop a theme that ties together the various components of the

Project Requirements:
   1. Conceptual Models of each building namely
          a. Museum
          b. Performing Arts Theatre cum Convention Center
          c. Amphitheatre
          d. Retail Stores
   2. Perspective Views of each building showcasing its FORM and CHARACTER.
   3. Aerial Perspective of the entire complex.
   4. Perspective of Folklore Plaza (Feature).
   5. Five minute oral presentation per group.

Mode   of Presentation:
  1.   A3 (420mm x 297mm) size Paper (mounted on boards)
  2.   Colored Presentation
  3.   No more than Six (6) boards shall form one entry

  1. Mandatory Requirement for all 3d Modelling Batch 8 Students.
     This shall constitute Twenty Percent (20%) of your final grade.
     This is a Take Home Group Examination. Failure to submit shall
     result to a failing grade. Failure to participate with your group
     shall result likewise.
    2. Grouping shall follow as per original designation – Deira, Karama, Hor Al
       Anz, and Sharjah. All transferees from 3D Modelling Group B-Karama are
       free to join any of the above given teams.
    3. The leader should assign a team composed of a minimum of three and a
       maximum of five members shall be working on a single structure. This
       does not exempt him/her from work. He/she should form part of at least
       one team.
    4. All entries shall be wrapped or packaged accordingly. Such package shall
       not be unwrapped until the designated time for the exhibition is
    5. Entry shall not bear any identifying marks of the participants. Only project
       title and drawing labels shall be printed as part of the text. The Name of
       the participants and their group shall be written on plain paper and
       inserted in an envelope glued at back of the presentation board.
    6. All boards shall be arranged as follows:
             Board 1: Aerial Perspective showing the entire development
             Board 2: Museum
             Board 3: Performing Arts Theatre cum Convention Center
             Board 4: Open air Amphitheatre
             Board 5: Retail Stores
             Board 6: Perspective showing the most interesting feature of the
               Freedom Park and Folklore Plaza
The said boards will be arranged at a designated space per group as per given
set on instruction on the Presentation Date.

A five minute presentation expounding on the design concept and theme of the
project as well design inspirations, views and etc shall be presented by each

All instructions will be announced accordingly.

Criteria for Judging:
    Overall concept                     30 %
    3D Form                             30 %
    Color, Lighting and effects         20 %
    Composition of perspectives         15 %
    Overall Presentation Impact          5%

   Total                                100 %