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					    Brighton & Hove Museums Service
    Key Stage 2
    Mask Literacy Lesson Plan
    (pupils involved have already had a Mask handling session where they found
    out information about the different masks)

Introduction: 5 minutes
 Show photographs of mask and re-cap with class what they remember
 What were the masks used for, how did it feel to wear them / see your friends wear

Setting up: 10 minutes
 Tell class that we will be writing a newspaper report about the robbery of a mask
   from the Museum
 Re-cap the characteristics of a newspaper report
   - non-fiction
   - describes the way things are
   - factual
   - sensational
   - interesting
   - informative
   - read by someone who doesn’t know anything about the subject
 Explain to class that we will be role-playing in pairs. One person will be the museum
   security officer/curator and one person will be the journalist. (have sticky badges,
   with job titles on)
 As the journalist, what sort of questions do you need to ask? Whole class input,
   teacher to write questions on board. As the museum person, what sort of robbery
   could you imagine happening? What details do you need to include?
 Decide on your pairs and your mask. Then spend 5 minutes on your own thinking
   about what questions you want to ask/what story you have to tell.

Role-play: 15 minutes
Journalist has to interview the museum person to find out as much detail as possible.
They only have 7 minutes time with them so they need to focus on getting as much
information as possible. After 7 minutes, they need to swap over their labels their roles.

Writing Frame: 5 minutes
Organise your information into the order you will write your report

Writing: 15 minutes
Class now has the time to write up their report in the style of a newspaper. They can
add columns, images and an interesting headline

Plenary: 10 minutes
Invite members of the class to read out their report.
Newspaper Report

Brief introductory paragraph:

Details of the robbery:

Details of the mask:

Plea for help: